Too Happy?

Hello dear reader(s)!

I am wondering as I type this whether or not I will be able to post it today.  It seems WordPress is unreachable at this point in time.  I have comments to respond to, according to my email, blogs to read, people to see and things to do, but noooooo, that would be too easy.  

Despite the glitch in WordPress so far this morning, I am still in a very good mood.  Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, so, being the amazing and wonderful son that I am, I decided to take her to lunch and to see Star Wars, The Force Awakens!  So really, it was more like my birthday.  Yes, she wanted to go see it, but I think I may have been a little more excited about it.  I will not spoil anything, except to say that it is amazing.  Even if you know exactly what is going to happen (I thought it was a little predictable), it is predictable in ways that you are still glad they did the things you predicted in the way they did them.  You see it coming, but you’re still excited when it happens.  That is rare in a movie for me.  It was a great way to bring back the franchise.  The feel of the original was there for me, unlike the re-releases and the prequels.  

And I’ve been fairly busy.  I’ve done more things this week than in quite a while.  In fact, today is the first day I really don’t have any real plans.  And on the Thursday, Josh rested.  

I’ve realized I have a hard time writing when I’m in either a very good, or very bad mood.  When I’m in a bad mood, all I can think about is whatever is causing it, and I usually want to write about that, but then I reconsider because of this new thing I’m trying out called “tact”.  Whenever I am in a really good mood, it could be the same thing, or it might just be that I don’t feel the need to pour words on a page.  Basically, I think my best writing is done in times of “meh”.  

So I hope all of you are in really good moods today as well, but I also hope that you are better at writing during those good mood days than I am.  

Sorry for the short post, I’m going to go do happy, active stuff, or maybe happy napping.  Or maybe just read your stuff for a while before doing happy, active stuff.  Followed by a nap.  We’ll see.  


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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