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The more I look back on the last year, the more I realize that, for the world, it was not the horrible year everybody thought.  For me personally, that is a different story and we all know why; but for the world, it might not have been as terrible as everyone seems to think.

Yes, there was violence, there was racism, there was sexism, there was homophobia, there were major cracks developing in the entire world economic system.  There was government destabilization, a massive refugee crisis, terrorism, protests, riots, uprisings, the rise of fascism in the mainstream of one major political party, and many other negative things.

And if any of those things touched you personally, you have my condolences.  Personally, 2015 was the worst year of my life so far; so I would not want to invalidate your feelings about the year.

However, on a larger scale, maybe this was good.

If you take a larger look at the events on the whole, you can see that what occurred this last year was mostly a reaction to the positive changes taking place within society.  The sad thing about change, is that there will always be people resistant to change who will fight and kill in a vain attempt at keeping the status quo.  But we all know that change is inevitable, and cannot be stopped.

One positive thing disguised as a negative has been the reaction against feminists.  The reactions, while horrible, are very representative of the death throws of a patriarchy that has kept women under the heel of its boot since the rise of agriculture.  Yes, you read that right.  I am a man who recognizes that women should have an equal place in society and celebrated for their contributions in whatever form they choose to contribute in whatever role they choose to contribute.  Deal with it.  One thing I can tell you right now, is if you look at all of the places where women have no say, it should be obvious by their living conditions that it is a pretty fucking backwards thing.

Another positive thing has been the awful open racism.  Once again, this is simply the death throws of the power regime of the old, white, male club.  They’re dying, and they know it.  Younger people, regardless of color of skin are rejecting the ideas of using that as a basis of judgment.  They have enjoyed being on the top of the food chain for so long, that they are lashing out at the fact it is going away.  And no, not all of them, so quit vilifying everyone old and white.  No amount of lying in text books is going to reverse these trends until someone figures out a way to truly eliminate the free exchange of ideas.  Good luck with that.

Religious terrorism.  More and more people are rejecting organized religion.  They are rejecting the dogma associated with those religions.  Even the religions themselves are beginning to show a willingness to change the strict interpretations of their texts.  A tolerance among people is starting to emerge, where people are having faith in their God(s) or lack thereof that it will be sorted out in the end and they don’t need to worry about who is right or wrong.  So naturally, the fundamentalists who have something to lose are going to react.  They will fight, and awful things will happen, but they simply cannot win.

Sex and sexuality.  In 2015, there was more talk of gender identity, sexual orientation, and other identifiers than I have ever heard before.  When I was growing up, people were either straight or gay.  Sometimes you heard about people being bisexual, but usually they were written off as being gay.  Despite the fact that the Kinsey scale was created in 1948, nobody when I grew up even believed there to be such a spectrum.  Now, in 2015, the Kinsey scale seems almost too limiting.  And of course, people are freaking the fuck out over it.  But why does it matter?  Does it hurt you, or can you just change the channel or turn off the TV if you don’t want to hear about it?

Which leads me to the fall of traditional marriage.  Traditional marriage is an institution that should fall.  Hear me out on this one.  Everyone knows that I was happily and monogamously married to Hannah.  Everyone knows that had she not died I almost certainly still would be.  However, our monogamous, one man-one woman marriage was far from traditional.  Traditional marriage is a property arrangement.  Traditional marriage required the consent of the father of the bride.  Traditional marriage was not about love or romance but of ownership.  Traditional marriage was a form of slavery, or even prostitution with the bride’s family acting as pimp.  Hannah and I redefined marriage to fit our needs.  We met each others needs while we were together and that is how we chose to live.  But traditional?  I think not.  And so two people of the same sex want to live together in the same way?  So?  And maybe more than two people want to live together in the same way?  Again, so?  I’m not suggesting there is anything wrong with one man and one woman living together monogamously as husband and wife.  What I am suggesting is that unless there was a dowry paid, traditional marriage has been dead for some time, and good riddance.  I think different things work for different people and it is none of our fucking business, unless we are in it.

The destruction of the world financial system.  More countries are in debt than is possibly sustainable.  The way money is created and moved is not real.  There is no real link between supply and demand, there is no controls on how wealth is created, there is nothing to it but our continued willingness to believe in it.  It will fall.  It already has in some places.  There will be a period of chaos until we come up with a more just way of exchanging services and goods, but it will happen.

This will be a process.  The issues of 2015 didn’t resolve with the change of the calendar.  It may take years, or generations, or even lifetimes, but it will happen.  Provided we still have a working planet to sustain us, we are entering an age of fairness, kindness, compassion, and working together.  Change can be delayed, but it cannot be stopped.  Things might get worse before they get better, but they will get better.  I, for one, am looking forward to the future.




Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

15 thoughts on “Changing”

  1. I agree, change is a certainty and I love the way social issues are at the forefront of discussion. There’s so much to be learned and shared and progress must continue.
    I feel like my kids have a much better grasp on the unlabeling of people. I love this for them. Seeing people as they are, without much thought to color, religion, sexuality. Compared to when I grew up, it seems much more fluid in all respects.
    I think we need new labels for spouses, partners, lovers, what have you. I’ve thought this for a long time. Something more mature than boyfriend/girlfriend, something less business-like than partner, some new words that sound as sacred or precious as the relationships themselves. I have a very traditional marriage, but even I hesitate to define it. I certainly don’t want anyone else to define it for me.

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  2. I wish you the best in 2016 and trying to show the world, through your personal journey, how we all could live better lives and be better people.


  3. Hey Josh,

    Some food for thought, some observations, and a bit of a rant from an old man (get off my lawn you darn kids).

    I remember when we had to wait for Walter Cronkite to tell us what was happening in the world at 5:00 PM every evening. And he did it in 30 minutes. When there was breaking news, enough to break into the the programming that was on the air at that moment, it was NEWS! Kennedy’s assassination was one I remember.

    Now, with Twitter and Instagram and all the rest, we know what’s happening halfway around the world before CNN can even get the copy started to break it into the current half hour news cycle. And they tend to break in for anything that they feel will get them a ratings bump.

    It’s not that the things back then weren’t news, or that the things now aren’t news. It’s that now everything is breathless breaking news 24/7/365. Things aren’t really happening faster. They just seem that way because the breaking news “things” now probably wouldn’t be breaking news “things” back then. And even if they were, they wouldn’t be breathlessly repeated every half hour.

    I love all the things that are happening right now in the United States. I think we’re finally catching up socially with the rest of the world. And it’s about damn time! We spent most of the years from WW2 to 9/11 wrapped in a patriotic plastic cocoon that has only just been opened. But we’ve still got a long way to go.

    And I agree 150% that a lot the backlash we’re seeing today is the old, entrenched power bases, read “old white men, top tier religious leadership (current Pope a notable exception), and men in general”, who are scared as hell about losing their place at the feed trough. The phrase “institutional bias” comes to mind. The people who benefit the most from the built in bias in the systems of the United States are scared and screaming about it.

    But some of the backlash is coming from John and Jane Q Public, too. They’re overwhelmed. For the last 30 years they’ve watched everything they’ve worked for go down the drain. They’re not real high information to begin with, they don’t really have all that much time to get to the bottom of what’s going on, and they’re constantly bombarded by sound bites that offer nothing but emotion without any context or intellect. So they do what anyone would do, they find the most emotional bit from someone they identify with in their “tribe” and they repeat it.

    We’ve come a long way these last few years. We’ve got a lot more “row to hoe”. And we will.

    Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming!


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  4. Well put, couldn’t have said it better. Old systems breaking down so the new can come in. Or a metaphor i like to use it: in order for the boil to heal it has to be lanced to release all the pus….. 🙂

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  5. I honestly hadn’t thought about it in that manner. I tend to get really beaten down by all the ugliness I see, but thinking of it as the death throes of backward thinking makes it more tolerable. I still don’t like it, but if it’s progress…

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