Song Cooties

Hello dear reader(s)!

Long before the term “ear worm” entered the popular lexicon, my family used to speak of Song Cooties.  Song Cooties were much like ear worms, only given to someone on purpose as a way to annoy them and assert your dominance over them.  A good example would be Rick Rolling someone if you knew that Never Gonna Give You Up was a song that would get stuck in their head and make their life miserable until they could somehow get it out.  We used to regularly attack each other with songs we thought were terrible in order to accomplish this.  We are a sadistic group, I guess.

So yesterday, I woke up with an ear worm.  It was a song I hate.  Terribly.  I will not mention it, so as not to offend the delicate sensibilities of my reader(s) who may like it.

Fortunately, after years of being attacked with Song Cooties by my beloved family, I found a cure.  I could listen to one song that I like.  One song in particular, that will displace the terrible song from my head and only last in my mind for an hour or so, before it left leaving a song-free environment.  One hour of that song is not enough of a problem that I get sick of it.  Call it a song palette cleanser.  That song, is this.

So I played the song.  I love the song.  And it worked.  Stayed with me for about an hour, and then it went away leaving my brain free to focus on important things like why I ate so much and when would be the correct time to contact someone I’d just met again.  You know, the really important things.

And then I decided to leave the house.

And this is where the battle turned.

In a shoe store, by the lake, casually looking at shoes, I was ambushed.  Not by my family, no…by the PA system of the store.  My army was decimated by the attack, and only a few of us made it out.  I am writing to let you know that we are in terrible condition, and I fear for our safe return.  Worse yet, our plan has been found out by the store, and used against us.

Because at the store, on the PA, my palette cleanser was played.

That’s right.  Brown Eyed Girl was used against me.  It has been in a constant loop in my head ever since.

Still, there is hope for my survival.  At least it isn’t a bad song.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

16 thoughts on “Song Cooties”

  1. I’ve always thought of the song in my head (it’s always there) as the soundtrack to my consciousness, Josh. And frankly, sometimes soundtracks suck! Earworms, song cooties, bad soundtracks. BTW, my favorite cootie eraser from early Van has always been Into the Mystic. Just me. I heard so much of Brown Eyed Girl on the AM radio rotation as a kid that it’s a bit of an earworm now. Still, it’s Van Morrison. Great post! Thanks.

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  2. Beautiful Song-I love music. Had my first turntable at 4-5 years old. Love to play DJ. Stop by on Thursday, I do Throw Back Thursday and take suggestions anytime. There is lots of participation, makes it more fun. People know my taste.
    I can tell you are a music lover, you may enjoy my music choices and those from WP friends.

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