When she walked out of the door, she stepped on his heart…literally.  She had to wipe it off her heel on the welcome mat as she walked into the sunrise on the quiet street where he lived until last night.  After she eviscerated him, she slipped back into her human skin and the little black dress she wore the night before.  She was happy to take one more douche off the streets.

Scott didn’t mean to be a douche, he just was.  He was the kind of person who felt ultra possessive of any woman he was attracted to, whether there was anything between them or not.  He felt women were fragile princesses who needed rescuing.  He wanted to put them on a pedestal.  He compensated for his lack of confidence by pretending to be ultra macho whenever he felt like another man may have interest in one of his targets.  He even referred to the women he liked as targets.  His lack of confidence was clear in his direct interaction with those women because he would choke and would not be able to tell them of his attraction.  He hoped that by agreeing with everything they said and “liking” all of their social media posts, that they would pick up on it.

She knew exactly how to play them.  She would constantly go on fishing expeditions to see who would bite.  And she was so beautiful in her human skin, she had them lining up to do so.

Two thousand, two hundred, and sixty-two miles away, he saw one of those fishing expeditions.  He wondered if she was that lonely or if she was playing a game.  All of the douches would come up with one form or another of saying, “Pick Me, Pick Me!”  But not him.

He did like her.  He liked her a lot, actually.  But there was no way he would treat her like a princess.  He would not line up to compete for her affection.  When he thought she was wrong, he would say so.  He didn’t agree with every little thing she ever said, and didn’t try to pretend that everything she did was something he liked.  He didn’t know if his honesty and refusal to be her lapdog hurt his chances, but he didn’t care, because he would not change who he was for anyone.  He expected real, and so he gave real.  Besides, she was two thousand, two hundred, and sixty-two miles away.

So he’d occasionally send her a message, telling her to have a good day or something basic.  He knew she knew it was just a way to tell her that she was on his mind.  Sometimes they would talk for hours on some days, and sometimes they would hardly speak for weeks.  He wondered if the douches talked with her in the same way.

Scott didn’t.  Scott wasn’t going to talk to anyone anymore.  After playing the friend card, and trying to slide in from the outside, he tried to make her his princess.  She had a bad day and he finally convinced her to go out.  They went for drinks and had a relatively good time, except she was mostly just telling him about her day while he listened with fake concern.  She wanted to go home, but he convinced her that she should go to his place to talk some more.  When they got inside, he tried to kiss her.  It had been a while since she used her powers, but he was begging for it.

She gave him one last chance to be a man, but he tried to force himself on her.  She fought as he took off her dress.  She could have stopped him, but it would make it easier for her to shed her skin and unleash her power anyway.

And then it happened.

An explosion of white light shot from her eyes as her human skin fell off and the goddess was revealed.  She didn’t have to lift a finger for Scott’s entrails to be strewn across the floor.  It would have been a pretty gruesome sight were it not something she had seen quite a few times before.  She waited until sunrise so as not to raise suspicion and left feeling a sense of accomplishment for the favor she had done the female population of the world.

She messaged him that night.  They talked for a while and he told her that he wanted to see her.  He told her he had enough money and could book a flight.  She told him that would be nice and he booked the flight for two weeks out.

During those two weeks, she struggled with whether or not to tell him about her true form.  She didn’t want to scare him off, and she could think of no better way to scare off a man than revealing that she occasionally eviscerated people.

He arrived in her city.  He couldn’t wait to see her.  He had been thinking of this day for a long time.

They spent the day together and had a great time.  They were very comfortable with each other, but there was no doubt there was a fierce attraction just below the surface.  As the day turned to night and he knew that their time together that day was drawing to a close, he looked into her piercing, dark eyes and said, “It’s okay.”

“What’s okay?” she asked, taken aback.

“I know you want to kiss me.  It’s okay, I want to kiss you too.”

He leaned in and they kissed.  He didn’t want to go any further that night.  He liked her, and wanted to do things right.

They stopped kissing, hungry for more, but he controlled himself and wished her a good night.  He asked to see her again the next day.

“Of course!” she replied.

The next day they spent more time together.  As the night drew in, she took him back to her house.  They were kissing and things were progressing.  He couldn’t have stopped it if he tried, so he didn’t.

She stopped and turned away from him, crying.  “I have something to tell you.  I understand if you want to run away after this,” she sobbed.

“Oh, you mean the goddess thing?” he began, “Yeah, I know.  Why do you think I never tried to treat you like a princess?  Now let me get you out of those clothes and that skin.”


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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