Stood Down

They decided to meet at a bar right in his neighborhood.  Apparently, it had a good rating on Yelp.  He’d talked to her a few times and seen some pictures she sent, but had never met her in-person.  He wasn’t nervous, knowing that even if it didn’t go well he would be getting out and meeting someone.

She had a cute face and a really beautiful smile.  She seemed fun and had a good sense of humor.

But he couldn’t stop thinking about the woman he always thought about.  The one with the dark eyes that looked so deeply into him it made him feel like she could see into his soul.  He couldn’t stop thinking about their conversations they had and the connection he felt.  He couldn’t stop thinking about how much he wished it was her that he was meeting up with.  But she was there, and he was here.  And he felt for her, but he didn’t know how she felt for him.  So he did his best to continue with his life.

On Tuesday night, he put on a nice shirt and a non-grungy pair of shoes and left to meet her.  He walked into the bar and looked around.  She was not yet there.  He got a beer and grabbed a table to wait.  About a half-hour after she was supposed to arrive, he began to suspect that she stood him up.

Rejection wasn’t the soul-crushing experience for him that it was for some people, but of course, he was a little upset.  He finished his beer and went back up to the bar to close the tab he opened when he expected to buy her a drink too.

The bartender was surprised to see him back to close out so soon.  She asked why he opened the tab for one beer.

“I expected to be buying more,” he replied.

“Oh,” she said as she turned her back to the touchscreen to close him out.

He signed the receipt and added a generous tip.  He walked back to the table and put on his jacket to head for the door.  As he did, the bartender called out to him, “Wait, I think I have a message for you.”

She asked him his name and he told her.

“Yeah, I do have a message for you,” she told him.  “Some girl called and said for me to tell you that you give up too easy.”

“What?  I was here.  How did I give up?”

The front door opened and she walked in.  Her dark eyes looking deep into his soul.


Photo courtesy “Bar-P1030319” by Rama – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 fr via Commons –


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

12 thoughts on “Stood Down”

  1. Love the photo angle as well as the story. That bar makes me want to go visit it, wherever it is.

    Changing subjects, thanks for the like over on my site, Josh. I’ve been wondering how you were and I don’t know why I’m not receiving your posts Glad to see that you’re in good health.

    Liked by 1 person

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