Her Trip

She landed at about 9 am.  It was her first vacation in a long time, and her first time traveling alone in her life.  She went to the rental car counter and picked up her vehicle.  She then tried to follow the signs into town, but had to make a few drastic lane changes in order to make it on the right freeway.  As she neared downtown, she got off on the exit and drove to her hotel.  When she got to the hotel, she pulled in front and the valet grabbed the bellman.  She saw as the bellman gently put her bags on the cart and handed the valet driver her keys and a tip.

She walked into the five star hotel and could not believe that he put her up there.  She went to the front counter and checked in.  She was told by the front desk person that her room had been upgraded to a suite.  Her and the bellman got on the elevator and took it quite a few floors up.  They got off and he wheeled her luggage (which didn’t amount to much) on the cart to her room.  She unlocked the door and was stunned at the size and the beauty of it.  The bellman dropped her bags off and she tipped him and thanked him for helping.  She closed the door to her room and looked out the window at the amazing view of the city and the water.  She was very excited, but also tired.

She texted him to let her know she had made it to her hotel safely.  She told him she was going to nap for a couple hours and would call when she wanted to meet up with him.

He had agreed to show her around his city and entertain her.  He was very glad she made it to the room.

She closed the curtains and laid down on the soft bed for a nap.  Around noon, she woke up and decided to get ready.  She texted him.

“Where is a good place to eat?”

“I know about 50.  What are you in the mood for?” he responded.

“Something that screams Seattle!” she replied.  “How long before you can get here?”

There was a knock at her door.  She checked through the peep-hole and saw him standing in the hallway.

She was not really ready and was shocked.  She opened the door.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I’m on a mini-vacation.  I’m down the hall.” he smiled.  He pulled some flowers from behind his back and handed them to her.

“I need to get ready still!” she laughed.

“I can go back to my room.  It is three doors down, 1420.  Come knock when you’re ready for an escort.  I charge by the hour,” he joked.

He turned and left her room.  She shut the door behind her.  She put the flowers on the table by her bed and hopped in the shower.  She got dressed and did all the things one does when one gets ready to leave.  She grabbed her room keys and walked out of her door towards his room.

She knocked on his door.  He opened the door and smiled.  “Are you ready for this?” he asked her.

“Starving,” she replied.

“Then let’s go.  We’ll take the Beastess and I’ll show you some cool stuff along the way.  I made a reservation for us as soon as you said you were hungry.”

The valet saw him coming and ran to get the Beastess from the garage.  He handed him the keys and he handed the valet a tip.  He opened her door.  She said, “I’m not helpless.  I can open my door.”

He replied, “Yes, but I can open it for you, so you don’t have to.  I need to be a good host.”

They drove to Ballard and to Ray’s.  They sat on a table by the large window overlooking the Sound.

He ordered some champagne and they looked over the menu.

She had a giant smile on her face.  Then her smile turned into a slight frown.

“What is it?” he asked her.

“Everything is so expensive,” she said.

“Don’t worry about it.  I’ve been saving up for this ever since you told me you were really coming.  I got it.”

“I can take care of myself, you know.”

“I know you can.  I know you are capable and independent.  I know that you do not need anyone.  But…isn’t nice to have it sometimes anyway?” he asked without expecting a response.

She smiled.  Then she frowned again.  “I’m not used to this,” she told him.

“That’s a shame.  You don’t have to expect it or rely on it you know.  Just enjoy it when someone wants to do something nice for you,” he told her.

“You’re just trying to get into my pants,” she laughed.

“No.  If that was my concern I would just try to get in your pants.  And I’d probably succeed because I know what I have to offer.  Being nice to you is just because it makes me feel good.  Which isn’t to say I don’t want to get in your pants, just that the two things are completely unrelated.”

She giggled.  She thought about all they had been through.  She thought about the ups and downs.  She thought about her fears of letting him get close.  She thought about the time he got mad at her for cutting him out when she wanted to run away and doing it at an unfortunate time and in an unfortunate way.  She thought about how stubborn she got when he was upset and how she was ready to write him off completely rather than admitting that she could have been more tactful with her going into her hermit mode.  She thought about that one last time he reached out, trying to save something he knew was special.

She looked into his eyes and her heart started pounding.  She couldn’t believe she almost let that stop her from this moment.





Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

5 thoughts on “Her Trip”

    1. Sorry. It waas based on a real life dream I had yesterday when I napped about whether or not I was too hasty in cutting out a friend who kind of disappeared without giving her more time for an explanation and the regret and then wondering if I shouldn’t reach out one last time. So, the short answer, is because I woke up.

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