Quit Your Whining

Hello dear reader(s)!

One of my refrains when friends don’t want to tell me their problems because of everything I have been through is, “the size of my problems do not negate the reality of yours.”  And for the most part, I truly believe that.

Yeah, I got cancer, I had a peripheral blood stem cell transplant that never quite took all the way and a million complications thereafter.  And then I lost my wife.  And just as I thought I was past really needing to worry about my health, a simple sinusitis turns into pneumonia and I spend 5 days in the hospital.  Fine.  Your problems still matter, and I know you still feel them, so if you want to be a friend, I am happy to listen to them.

…to an extent.

Because, let’s face it.  Some people are just fucking negative and nothing will ever be good enough for them.  If they were handed the keys to a Tesla they would complain because they wanted a Ferrari.  Everyone is out to get them always, and life sucks.

Those fucking people need to shut the fuck up.

These are the people who when feeling down decide they are depressed or have something wrong with them other than a negative outlook.

And I know depression is real.  I also know the difference.  If your GP gave you some anti-depressants to shut your fucking whining up, you might not be depressed.  You do know your GP gets free shit for pushing those on complainers such as yourself, right?  You do also know that many actual psychiatrists think they are pure placebo and that is why they take two weeks to kick in even though the effect should be immediate because of the flood of serotonin in your brain the second the reuptake is blocked, right?  That with too much serotonin you actually become more depressed until your brain adjusts which takes roughly two weeks and suddenly you feel better.

Here’s a pro-tip:  If you have to ASK your doctor about a medication, you probably don’t need it.

But hey, at least some of you saw your GP instead of just declaring yourself depressed because you don’t wake up feeling like everything is always great every day.

All smiles and sunshine.  A prefect world on a perfect day.  Everything always works out.  I have never felt so fucking great.  Life isn’t like this.  Life isn’t like this.  Life isn’t like this.  Life isn’t like this.”  – Rise Against.

It’s not.  You shouldn’t squash your fucking emotions unless you are legitimately bipolar.  You are supposed to feel sad, angry, and occasionally just blah.  It is called being human.  We react to stimulus.

If you don’t like something, you have two choices.  Accept it, or try to change it.  You will not succeed every time you try to change something.  You won’t even most of the time.  Do it anyway.  Quit your fucking whining, get off your ass, and do something about your situation.  Even if you fail, you’ll probably be happier for trying.  And unless you’re dead, you can always try again.

It isn’t that I don’t want to hear about people’s problems, or I believe that just because some people have it worse that their problems aren’t real and upset people.  It is just that I am so sick of listening to the people who do nothing but complain all of the time.  The people who hate life, hate humanity, hate the world, hate everything but somehow manage to think they are better than other people.

If you hate everything so much, get the fuck our of the way of the people who don’t.  Does that sound like I’m condoning suicide?

Well, overpopulation is an issue.  Although I’d prefer if those people just changed their fucking attitude.

We all get down, or angry (like me now, angry I mean) and need to vent.  But seriously, when it is every day about things that if they happened to me I’d probably be thankful for, it gets a little old.

Don’t like your job?  Quit.  I wish I were well enough to work.  I thought I was and this last illness was a big, fat reality check that I am not.

Don’t like where you live?  Neither do I.  So I’m moving.  Slowly, because I got sick, but I’m going.

Don’t like feeling the way you feel?  Try something else.  Anything.  If that doesn’t work, try another thing.  Sometimes there is nothing you can do.  But you can try.

I can’t make my B-cell line grow.  But I can hope.

I can’t make myself less susceptible to infection, except for just trying to live healthier and remembering to wash my hands.  But I can hope.

I can’t make the woman of my dreams feel the same about me.  But I can move the fuck on and dream about someone else.  7 billion people, you really think there is only one person out there that you could love or be happy with?

So your heart was broken.  Are you really going to be a chicken shit at the prospect of anything real because it happened before?  My heart was broken.  One bad breakup and another person I was happy with taken from my life.  You think I’m scared to be in love again?  Who has the better reason?  Fuck that, unless you want to be alone (in which case that is your decision), quit whining about the past and make a future.

Life is going to kick your ass.  We’ve all been knocked down.  Quit crying on the mat and get up and hit back.  At the very least, let a couple of days go by between whiny posts on my Facebook if you want to have any friends.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

50 thoughts on “Quit Your Whining”

      1. Is that a hmm hmmmmmm you don’t believe me that I was messing with you, or a hmm hmmmmmm you don’t know what you’re going to do to mess with me now? Because you can ask anyone who’s read me for a year or more, whenever someone says “you people” including me, I say, “What do you mean by you people?”

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      2. Not from my phone, but I’ll check when I’m back on the computer later. UPDATE: Yes, I can see it. It would get its ass kicked by my watermelon. My watermelon has claymores which would slice right through the wussy kiwi blades.

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  1. Right on. Man, those whining people drain me. They complain and complain and are never happy about anything. They’re always putting imaginary obstacles in their own way. I can only take so much of that. I agree, everyone has their own shit, and no matter the scale of the woe-is-me, we all have to deal with it. It’s a state of mind thing.
    I get self-righteous and indignant about those people who can NEVER see the positives in life. I do. I don’t want to get bitchy about it, but I do. I want to be compassionate and accepting and comforting, but I have limits. People tell me it’s easy for me to see things in a positive light. “Well it’s easy for you, you don’t work.” DON’T I? “Well it’s easy for you since you have a big family.” Clearly they have no idea what a large family entails. “Well it’s easy for you since you have a lot of friends.” :ding ding ding: Gee, I wonder, why don’t they have a lot of friends?!? There are people a lot worse off than I am with even brighter outlooks, so don’t tell me it’s fuckin easy at any goddamned turn. Take your ‘my problems are worse trophy’ and just GTFO. Gah, sorry to get rant-y. I may have needed this outlet. Heh.

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