Josh went to the store to get some pants.  All but two of his pairs had developed holes in them just before he moved.  He was looking at jeans when he sensed her.

She walked down the center aisle and froze across from him.  She turned to look.

She was breathtaking.  Her dark eyes seemed to gaze right into him.  He couldn’t even manage a smile.  He didn’t even try and make it look like he wasn’t staring.

She was staring right back, intently.  She thought he was attractive, but she just seemed to be drawn to him.  She walked up to him.

“Hi.  I don’t think those pants would work on you,” she said.

He looked down at the pants he was holding up between them and laughed.  He hadn’t noticed they were skinny jeans.  “Do guys actually wear these things?” he asked her.

“I guess everyone has their thing,” she replied.  “I’m Stacia.”

“Stacia,” he repeated as he stared at her mouth.

“Yeah…and this is the part you usually tell me your name,” she said, interrupting his focus on her.

“Josh,” he started.  “I’m Josh.”

“Do I know you from somewhere, Josh?” she asked him in complete seriousness.

“I think you must.  I feel like we’ve met.  Oh, sorry if that sounds cheesy, it’s just when you were walking, I…”

“Felt you,” they said in unison.

“What?  How did you know?” he asked.  “Is that some line people use now?”

“No, I felt you.  Your presence.”

“Are you busy right now?” he asked.  “I feel like we should go somewhere and try to figure this out.”

“Aren’t you Mr. Forward?” she asked sarcastically.

“Oh…I’m sorry, it’s just, I usually don’t sense people’s presence and have them feel mine.  I’m not trying to try anything.”

“How about we meet in a half hour at Neptune?  Do you know where that is?” she asked.

“Yeah, it’s not far from me,” Josh replied.

“That’ll give you time to get your jeans.  The blue ones, right there.”

He told her he would be there and took the blue jeans to the dressing room.  He tried them on and they were a perfect fit.  His style too.  Not too baggy, not too skinny.  He changed back into the clothes he was wearing and took the jeans to the front to make the purchase.

Josh walked out and got into his car.  He drove to Neptune to meet Stacia.

He walked in to find her in line.

“Since you gave me the jean hookup, I got this,” he said as he walked up behind her.  “What’s your poison?”

“Large white mocha,” Stacia replied.  “Almond milk.”

“Okay, I must know you already,” Josh laughed as the line advanced.

“Can I get two large white mochas, almond milk, no whip?” he asked the barista.

He paid the barista and sat down at a table that Stacia picked out by the window.  He asked her what she did.  She replied that she was an artist.  He asked her if that was professionally, or just who she was.  The barista called the drinks before she could answer.

“Hold that thought,” he said.  “Be right back.”

He returned to the table with their coffees and she told him that she had a day job in reception for a real estate company but that art was her passion.  She told him that she moved there six months earlier from South Carolina.  She told him about her travels.  As she talked he continued to feel as though he knew her, though nothing she mentioned aligned with his life.

They sipped their coffees and continued to talk.  Soon their coffees were empty and they were still talking.  He noticed the light out of the window beginning to fade.  He asked her if she wanted to get some food.

She replied that she needed to go.  He told her he wanted to see her again.  She appeared to be suddenly scared, and told him that he would.  She grabbed her purse and jacket and practically ran out of the door.  He didn’t even have time to get her number.  He left Neptune and walked out onto the street to see if he could catch her at her car, but she was nowhere to be found.

He got into his car and drove the short drive home.  He spent that night dreaming about her.  Strange dreams that seemed to take place in different times throughout history.  Each dream in each phase of time they were making love to each other.

He put her out of his mind.  A week later at Discovery he was on the loop when he felt her again.  She came running at him from a side trail and jumped into his arms.  Her legs wrapping around his waist, almost knocking him down.  She didn’t say a word and kissed him.  He didn’t resist and kissed her back.

“It is you!” she said after she pulled her lips from his.

“It is me, what?” he asked her.

“I remember you.  I’ve always remembered you.  I didn’t think we’d find each other in this life,” she said.

If it were anyone else saying that to him, he would have dropped her on the ground and called the police, but he knew she was right.

“Come home with me,” she told him.

“My car is here, and I live up North,” he said.

“I can bring you back to it,” she persuaded.

She got down from his arms and led him to one of the parking lots and her car.  She opened the passenger door and he got in.  They drove a short distance to a small house, one of the few left standing in the neighborhood.  They got out and she led him into the front door.  As soon as the door closed behind them, they were all over each other.  They made their way to her bedroom.

It was as if they had made love for the first time a hundred times.  He knew each curve of her body.  She knew him as if she had studied him for a lifetime.  Or more.

The sex was beyond amazing.  He had never felt so good and didn’t think it was possible.  He thought that he must be in Heaven.  It was the last thought he had.

She looked at the corpse lying in her bed.

“Not again!” she cried.  “Why does this happen every time?”  She pulled a dagger from under her pillow and plunged it into her heart.  She collapsed dead upon him.


Joshua just arrived in Dublin.  He was walking near St. James’s Gate when he sensed her.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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