Making Her Fall

I can’t say that I didn’t intend it
Who doesn’t want to be loved
So I called her over that night
I never questioned if it was right

She came over, I think she knew why
The song we danced to playing softly
I needed to know she was still mine
I grabbed the bottle and poured the wine

You remembered she said to me in surprise
I’ve never forgotten a detail in all these years
She smiled as she took a drink
She was already at the brink

I pushed the buttons I knew would work
Years before I learned her soul
Soon I could feel her desire
Then I let out my true liar

I asked about her life now
Whether or not she was happy
I told her I hadn’t been since we were together
I told her I knew I’d love her forever

Her husband wasn’t the man that she thought
Her life hadn’t turned out the way she had planned
I played on each of one of her fears
Using what I’ve learned over the years

Before her glass was empty
She was in my arms
Kissing, touching, removing clothes
Caught up in the passionate throws

I want you in me
She said sliding to the floor
But I hadn’t yet gotten it all
I still had to make her fall

I slid down her body
Between her legs
I buried my face between her thighs
And felt her back arch and her hips rise

She came over and over
Again and again
I moved back to her face
Still fresh with her taste

I pushed inside her
She let out a gasp
Her nails gripped into my skin
As she pulled me further in

She came again
A few more times
I love you she cried
As I stayed inside

I got what I wanted
It worked like a charm
I sent her home
But she wasn’t alone

I dodged her calls
And her visits too
Then nine months later
I was served with the paper


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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