Hello dear reader(s)!

Within an hour it should be the 72 hours required to see if anything grew in the blood cultures.  Nothing will.  I’m not septic.  I know it.  It was an overreaction on their part.  The sinusitis is real.  The pneumonia is real.  Everything else is paranoia.

They stopped the vancomycin, which isn’t surprising, since my MRSA screening came back clear.  My C-diff screening came back clear too, which I knew would happen, because I wasn’t in the hospital long when they took it.  You don’t come in with that.  You get that at hospitals.

So the only antibiotic I’m on now is Levaquin, which is available orally.  To me, this means there is no reason I need to be in this loud, germ-infested cesspool any longer.

The nodules on my lungs are up for debate.  Most doctor’s believe that they are inflammation from the pneumonia.  One, thinks it could be cancer.  Most suggest I follow up with CT scans, but it has been suggested I get a biopsy.  Nobody has suggested that to my face, but it is in someone’s notes apparently.  I could do CT scans outpatient.

The Neupogen kicked in like it should have and my neutrophils are close to 1300.  That is low-normal for most people, but absolutely beautiful for me.  I don’t think they understand that my counts won’t be normal when I’m better.

I’m hitting 3500 most times on the spirometer.  Not bad for a guy with pneumonia.  I haven’t had to go on oxygen once.  Basically, I am now at higher risk here than I would be at home.  And more bored.  Without my cats.

The doctors round fucking late here.  So even if I can make my case for discharge, I likely won’t get to go until tomorrow.  My assumption is they will try and fight it.  They tried to fight my discharge to fly up to Seattle for my transplant which is the only thing that has made it possible for me to be here today.  Their caution would have caused me to die here.  As long as I can’t ever sue, I guess.

The nurses, as always are fantastic.  Unless they are the type who don’t understand I know the drill, but so far, I’ve had people I am mostly already familiar with.

The doctors on the other hand, are so out of their league they really should be forced to give back their degrees.

If they are concerned about my lungs, why haven’t they thought about scheduling a bronchoscopy?

I wonder if my insurance is just really that good.  Maybe they remember how long I was in last time and see me as a cash-cow.  I think they got millions from my insurance company.

At any rate, I’m not exactly feeling better, this will take a while.  But I am feeling like there is no reason to be here anymore.  And that perhaps, there never was a reason.

How are all of you?  Are you glad you’re home?  Are you home?  Can you smuggle in my cats?


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

25 thoughts on “Ineptitude”

  1. Hospitals, ugh.

    Must be a bit scary though, the nodules? Yes, bronchial washings for acid fast bacteria, because you are at risk for several different strains of mycosplasma, as I’m sure you’re aware.

    My worst hospital nightmare was in Israel. I had a nasty GI bleed, was stuck in the ER for two days, and by the time they got me a bed all the Jewish doctors and nurses had left because it was a holiday. If you haven’t heard, Arabs hate Jews, so I was berated and ignored by turns. I was glad not to get my blood transfusion because who knows.

    In the meantime my two roommates were: a French Jewish prostitute with AIDS, and a truly delightful Arab woman with such brittle diabetes that on three separate occasions I had to run down the hall dragging my IV pole because she was having a seizure. There are no call buttons in Israeli hospitals, and if there were, no one would answer them anyway.

    The day she was discharged, she asked me, “You’re Jewish and I’m Arab. Why did you save my life? Three times?”

    After I spit out the flies that had flown into my mouth as my jaw hit the floor I said, “Because you’re a human being, that’s why!!!”

    We hugged, and never saw each other again.

    Have you noticed that the standard of medical care on the doctor side has tanked? I wouldn’t go near a hospital unless there was absolutely no other choice. I hope you can get the fuck out of there and do what needs to be done as an outpatient.

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  2. Ugh. I’m sorry you’re going through all this, and I wish I could smuggle in cats. Since I’m inept in finding how to comment on your blog (sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes I don’t see it), I also wanted to mention I empathize with your IV woes. I’m an IV-blower, and a difficult blood giver. Whenever I come out of the hospital or have any kind of procedure done, I always look like somebody beat the crap out of my arms. Sending healing vibes and vicarious kitty love from my kitties.

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