Good Times At the Hospital

Hello dear reader(s)!

Last night, my IV blew out.  Basically that means it fell out of my vein and was pumping fluids subcutaneously into me causing great swelling and pain.  After they removed it, they tried to place a new one, but after 4 sticks and some digging, were not able to put one in.  This started at about 1am.  So about 3, they tell me they are waiting on a nurse who is really good with IV’s to come help.  I drift off until labs come in at 4 to suck my blood.  They took about 12 tubes.  They leave and I drift off for another half-hour when the nurse comes in and places the new IV.  One stick, one kill.  Didn’t seem that tough.  I fall back asleep until 6:30 when nutrition comes in and decides now is the time to take my menu selections.  I finally fall back asleep until 8:30 when the same lady from the lab comes in for more blood.  I ask her what for, they answered a CBC (complete blood count).  I asked, “Didn’t you take one at 4?”  Her response, “Well…”

Well what you fucking idiot?  Why again?  If you don’t know, find the fuck out!  I still don’t know, since the results are in from 4.  Possibly due to a drop in numbers and they want confirmation?  You know when my counts really go down?  When I don’t fucking sleep!!

Today I will be getting more antibiotics through the IV.  They have yet to help so far.  I had a chest CT last night to see just what kind of infection we were dealing with in my lungs, but so far there are no conclusions.  I know I’m not getting any better, and if my counts are any sign, I’m getting worse.  Beginning to wonder if it wouldn’t be better to be home on pill antibiotics and to get the fuck out of here, since they seem to be so clueless.

The downside to that is if I really do have sepsis, things can change very quickly and I’ll need a hospital to keep me alive.

Hopefully I’ll know more as whatever doctor rounds decides to tell me something I don’t already know.

On top of all of this, I really want to talk to a friend of mine who right now is literally impossible to get a hold of.

I want my cats.  I want my health.  I want to get the fuck out of here.

I thought most of this was behind me, but I guess not.  Frustrated doesn’t begin to cover the way I’m feeling.

How are you?


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

46 thoughts on “Good Times At the Hospital”

  1. Oh Josh! I have just caught up with what’s happening! I was worried about you a week ago. Disjointed sleep is the worst, and to be woken up in such a jarring manner is terrible! You need all the rest you can get! I hope the doctor who comes to see you has a definitive view on how best to treat you! Sending love from Oz.

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  2. Wow, what complete and utter horseshit. I’m sorry, Josh. Sorry you’re going through this, sorry you’re dealing with incompetence and (literal) rude awakenings, and sorry you still don’t have any answers.

    I’d say “hang in there,” but that’s lame. Besides, what else are you gonna do? Not hang in there? Puhleez.

    Rooting for you to get the hell outta there and soon.

    P.S. This is what happens when you INSIST on getting sick. Cut that shit out, I said! 🙂

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  3. Crap Josh, I’m so sorry. I hope you demand that they figure out what they’re doing instead of guessing–I swear, some medical “professionals” are the absolute fucking worst. Sending good vibes your way and hoping you get better soon.

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  4. I hate it when I’m in the hospital and they don’t let me sleep. After second c-section, especially. I’m like, “Woman, I got two kids, a toddler, and a baby now, let me fuckin sleep all three days!”
    And the beeping and the blood pressure machine, and good gravy, I needed rest!
    I’m sorry you’re still so poorly. I like these updates though. Hopefully your numbers will go back up as the meds work.

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  5. Dude. I haven’t been staying on top of your blog, didn’t know you are sick. Sending healing juju your way. Fuck germs. Fuck hospitals. Yay health. Mine sucks, but it doesn’t suck any way as bad as yours, so I’m rooting for you, man. Looking forward to hearing good news from you.

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  6. Geez Josh if we didn’t know you better we would think you were willing to go to any measure to get out of having to organise a move all by yourself! That or you have some kind of sleep deprivation, needle fetish. All teasing aside, stay positive and Kiha Kaha, Arohanui which means stands strong and sending you love and best wishes. Not the best lead in to the festive season but hoping you are home for Christmas. Take care friend.

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  7. Hope this is over for your soon, I hate hospitals, and I can only imagine how much worse you might feel in them. Hope the days go fast, but yes, try to rest. Hope your friend gets in touch soon xx

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  8. Kep the thoughts on a positive vibe as much as possible, brother and the body hopefully will follow as well as those administering the care! We’re all thinking of you wishing you a speedy return to health and wellness…

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