Generic Music Post

Hello dear reader(s)!

I have accepted a challenge of sorts…it is not formal or anything, from Stephanie over at Stephellaneous.  Check out her blog, because it is damn good.  Damn good.  Like…damn.  Anyway, I was commenting on the fact that I appreciated her variety of taste in music, and how I didn’t usually see that kind of range of appreciation outside of myself.  She took that to mean that I think I have a more varied taste in music than her (which I do, by the way) and basically challenged me to duel.  So I told her it would be on at some point.  That some point is now.

I don’t think the point is to out-obscure the other one, or to punish the other one with badness (unless specifically stated in the Polka Clause of subsection B in the Comments), but to show just how varied our taste in music can be.  That was the original comment I made.  There are so many songs I like in so many different genres, that this can only come out one of two ways.  I win decisively, or we tie.  I will not be defeated.

So here are just some of my favorite things to listen to…in no particular order.

And of course, I have to add this, but only because I play drums on it.

Okay, that is round 1. Plenty more where that came from. It’s on!


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

17 thoughts on “Generic Music Post”

  1. You’re in big trouble now, mister. And you’re totally going down. Allow me to fetch a beverage, and I’ll be back. Oh yes.

    And you TOTALLY threw down the gauntlet. Don’t play. Hmph.

    P.S. Thanks for the shout-out. Lemme get that niceness outta the way so I can put you in your place!

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  2. OMG I love Ween! Buckingham Green is an interesting choice. My favorite from that album is Mutilated Lips. That Red Hot Chili Peppers song is cool too. I’m disappointed in myself for never really giving them the time of day. I need to explore their stuff.

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  3. Visiting from Stephanie’s blog. 🙂

    DJ Jazzy Jeff–! 😀

    And we now flash back to my tweens: PARENTS JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND!
    If I was making a random genre list, that tune *definitely* would be on it.

    The Chili Peppers have some serious California funk. Though I’m a bit more inclined to ride the Morello bus when it comes to guitar.

    Dwight Yokam came as a bit of a surprise.

    Interesting list. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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