The Other Secret

Hello dear reader(s)!

Do you know that movie with a similar title that is all about The Law of Attraction which actually makes a little sense except for the cheese factor of the production and the lame story-line about the Australian finding it in a trunk and the Egyptians hiding it after stealing it from Pharaohs?

Well, that secret which incidentally had not been a secret for quite some time before that movie or book (wasn’t it a book at some point too?) is all fine and dandy, but I have an even more powerful secret to share with all of you.  For being so loyal to my blog-type-thing, I am going to share this other secret with you.  It may just change your life forever.

I know you are wondering why I would possibly do this.  I know you are asking yourself what value I would gain by sharing this other secret with my dear reader(s).  There is no personal gain for me.  I am doing this to give back to those of you who have made this here blog-type-thing something that might get read by people other than my mom from time to time.

You have given me a great gift, and it is only fair that I share a gift with you.

This other secret is very powerful.  It was originally discovered by the ancient computer geeks on BBS.  BBS, is an ancient computer hieroglyph that means Bulletin Board System.  It was a primitive form of communication that some archaeologists think was a precursor to our modern day intertube webs.  Those geeks kept this knowledge to themselves until the mid-90’s, when a few more geeks began to catch on.  Now, with a rather intelligent mobile device in nearly everybody’s pocket, this other secret should be known the world over.  However, it remains an other secret.

Though the symbol for this secret is in modern use, the true meaning and power of this symbol is not fully understood by most people.  The other secret has been closely guarded by those who wish to keep all of the power it supplies to themselves.

Why do you think all of the riches of the world belong to the 1%?  Is it because the game is rigged that way?  Well, yeah, but that’s not the point.  The other secret likely has nothing to do with that, but it sounded good…right?

But what about power that goes beyond the material?  What about the power that exists beyond financial gain, happiness, love, friendship, and all that other good stuff?  Can the other secret help you with that power?

You bet your cotton/wool blended socks it can!

I know some of you are saying, “Josh, we get this other secret is amazing, so what is it?”  And trust me, I’ll get to that.

But first I need to let you know of a time I actually used this secret.  It was earlier today.  I thought it was funny.

And I’ve done it before with similarly positive results.  Each time I used this other secret, I thought it was funny.

Isn’t that amazing?

Now, when I first figured out this other secret, I was a highly successful life coach.  My sessions were booked six months in advance and my rates were astronomical.  People were clamoring for a chance to learn this other secret and apply it to their daily lives.  Read this testimonial from a man we’ll call J.W.

“I used this other secret.  I use it from time to time, actually.  And each time I do, I think it is pretty funny.  I’m not sure if anyone else does, but I don’t really care.”

Now let’s read another from someone we’ll call M.F.B.

“So just today I used this other secret and it totally worked.  I didn’t get chewed out, and I thought it was funny!”

Now, my assistant, when she realized the breakthrough of this other secret, tried to convince me that I needed to make a lot of money off of it.  She told me that it was too valuable to be given away.  And she was right.  I sold a DVD series for this other secret for $99.95, and I don’t have to tell you that it did pretty well.  I don’t.  I looked it up.  I wouldn’t have to tell you that it didn’t do pretty well either.  So there.

But you all are my dear reader(s), so I’m not going to make you order DVD’s or pay for this other secret.  In fact, I’m not going to make you wait one minute longer to learn it, unless this sentence takes you unusually long to read.  (No judgement.)

The Other Secret is:  You can text or message anything you want to someone as long as there is a winky-faced emoticon behind it.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

15 thoughts on “The Other Secret”

    1. LOL, as if putting out positive energy to bring positive energy to you is some sort of secret! That whole scene in the beginning with the lady in the trunk and the egyptians and the whoever else hiding it and burying it…just wow.

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      1. Oh sure, I mean, it is pretty standard really. But I think that is the whole thing that I found so absurd. It is standard. Karma. Sometimes bad things just happen, but your attitude can prevent a lot of it and can also bring some good things.

        Liked by 1 person

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