Sundays are Lame

Hello dear reader(s)!

I don’t like Sundays.  For one thing, I am usually tired, and possibly hungover from the night before.  For another thing, all of every breakfast restaurant in the world is packed full of people unless it just sucks.  Then there is the slowness of WordPress.  Nobody is on because all of the people are watching the sporting games on their television boxes.  People are hard to get a hold of because they don’t want to do anything but watch the sporting games on their television boxes or are also hungover.  Sometimes they are in a church-type-building doing religious-type-things.

I’ve done a good job of feeling less lonely on most days, but Sundays are those days when I really miss being with someone.

At some point in the day, hopefully I will get up enough energy to start doing more things I have to do to move.  I was planning on two weeks from this weekend we are at now, but in looking at the weather forecast, I realize I may need to push it back one more week or at least a portion of it.  (I wouldn’t want to make the drive on a weekend anyway.)  There is a balance I have to do, however.  I need to make it early enough in the month that I don’t spend more money down here than necessary, and try to get everything done properly and time the weather so my long drive doesn’t turn into weeks.  Right now, however, I am too tired to do anything and am just wanting to sit and talk to people.  On Sundays, that isn’t easy.

However, it is another day.  I am alive today and should do the very best I can to make this day the best it can be.  What that will entail is beyond me, but I shouldn’t hate Sundays, because I am alive to experience them.

I think the problem (not including all the while I was sick) is that I remember what Sundays used to be like.  Making breakfast, having a mimosa, throwing the football down at the park, or trying to shoot hoops.  Laying in bed talking with someone, or doing other activities in the bed.  It didn’t matter that everyone else was watching football or going to church or restaurants.  In fact, it was nice to have those days to ourselves.

The rest of the week I don’t even really notice anymore.  I don’t notice that I am here by myself.  Sundays don’t leave me much choice.

Last night I went and hung out with a few friends.  Because there was alcohol involved, at some point the topic of sex came up.  (Not with each other, for the record.)  It was a winding conversation but at some point during it, I realized that I am just a relationship type of guy.  I really enjoy being in a relationship.  Single life to me is overrated, unless the person you were in a relationship with was completely wrong for you.  I have excluded people from hooking up with me because I knew they would not be someone right for me in a relationship.

I’m not desperate for one either though.  Like I said, most days, I don’t even really notice that I am alone.  I don’t care because I have enough interests, hobbies, things that have to get done, and friends to never really feel all that alone.  But then there are Sundays.

But tomorrow is Monday.  The day everyone else complains about.  The day where I will have a list of things to do a mile long because businesses are actually open and I need to get a few things done before the move.  The day where people will be back in touch because at around 2:00 at their jobs, they will mentally check out for a while and start looking to talk, or post or just do their own errands so they will be out and about.  And I will be so busy, it won’t even really matter.

So Sundays are lame, but they lead me to Mondays, which are better.  And they are only 1/7th of my life.  If I am only ever lonely and sad 1/7th of my life…I think I am going to be just fine.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

15 thoughts on “Sundays are Lame”

  1. I feel you…definitely more noticeable than other days, but sometimes a duvet Sunday with yourself on the sofa can be just as fun with yourself 🙂 you’re right you’re going to be fine. And here here for being a decent guy! x

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  2. I am having a pretty lame sunday as well as hubby is on travels. I remember those single days – they usually consisted of partying saturdays and sleeping away the sunday. I think I prefer the lame sundays instead of the hungover sleepy sundays:)

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  3. Johnny Cash, right on.
    Lemme say, as a single person, my Sunday was always wake up hungover, give brunch at noon, clean up, spend the afternoon at the laundromat and the evening reading. As a married mama person, I think that sounds freakin fantastic, but I can’t go back. lol
    I would go to our kinda religious-type thing a lot more if it wasn’t in the morning. I just couldn’t do it today. Or last week. Or in November.

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  4. It is the exact opposite for me. Sundays are the best day of the week. My family comes to my house and we have brunch, sit around and talk and laugh all afternoon. I don’t own a tv so nobody goes off on there own to, everyone stays involved. I love it.

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