If I scheduled this right, it is just now your birthday in your timezone.  In case you don’t understand how important your birthday is to me, think of all of my other friends who have had birthdays and didn’t get a dedicated post on this here blog-type-thing.  I know, I know, a dedicated post on this here blog-type-thing, what an amazing honor!  Still, I saw it fit to write a full birthday post to you so that you can know exactly how happy I am you were born.

Since July, I have talked with a lot of people.  Many of them simply talked at me.  My better friends listened.  But you heard.  You heard what I was saying.  I’m not saying you’re the only person to have heard me, but you heard me every time I wanted someone to hear me.

I know you hear me, because when I tell you of my thoughts on things, and the world, you don’t simply say, “Oh, that’s nice,” and move on.  Instead you say, “You know, that sounds a lot like…” and it does.  And thanks to you I am learning new things about myself, about the world around me, and about things and feelings within me I could never pin down.

You also allowed me to listen and to hear you.  In doing so, you helped me to once again feel like I had value.

That’s not all.

Remember when I told you that you inspire me?  And you kind of freaked out a little, and I told you not to because it wasn’t a big deal?  Well, it is a big deal.  Since you reached out to me, I have realized that whenever I write about a strong and beautiful woman, I am writing about you.  And you already know I based the character in my book on you in many ways.  You will get that dedication page you joked about.

That’s still not all.

You inspire me in life.  The honesty you have given me, the caring without expectation, the strength and determination you show have made me want to better myself in each of those ways.  The way you speak, is deeply poetic in a completely conversational way.  Bad punctuation and all.  The way you attempt to see things and hear things even when you massively disagree with them.  All of that.

Still, still not all.

You know that when you reached out to me, I was going through some pretty dark days.  I’ve told you the details.  I’ve told you about how your messages to me would stop me from looking at that bottle of pills.  I don’t think I told you about the tears streaming down my face until I’d hear that notification, and find myself laughing by the time we said goodbye.  Or how that happy feeling would stick with me for long enough to get through.

Most importantly, when you reached out to me, I was dead inside.  Somewhere along the lines of our conversations you made something in me wake up.  You helped me realize that I could feel connections again and look forward to someone’s time.

Soul-mates don’t have to be romantic in nature.  Although whoever does end up romantically involved with you is one lucky person and better appreciate you.  I see you as a soul-mate.  A rare, wonderful soul who brings mine more joy than you may ever understand.

I am so happy you were born.

Happy birthday, Miss.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

8 thoughts on “Miss”

  1. Aw Josh… what a sweet tribute to your “soul-mate”. I really hope it is someone who reads your blog and knows it is about them! I’m glad you have someone who inspires you and helps you to put one foot in front of the other on those dark days. We all have them… but when you have support, it can make all the difference in the world! 🙂

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