10 Reasons Why Being A Blogger Sometimes Sucks

Hello dear reader(s)!

Good thing for me I am a blog-type-thinger, and not a blogger.  Because being a blogger can suck sometimes.  Of course there is the stigma associated with bloggers.  A lot of people wonder who the hell you think you are to share your thoughts, feelings, and opinions with the world.  Of course, those people usually bitch about bloggers on Facebook, which really is a mini-blogging site in and of itself.

So that particular reason is usually something I can easily dismiss.  Facebook and Twitter do not allow me to post entire short-stories, or poems, or listicles that make the world the better a place.  And by “make the world a better place” what I mean is that they potentially give someone something to pay attention to when wasting their lives.

But there is a darker side to blogging, or blog-type-thinging.  And unfortunately, our dark side does not get its own Imperial March.

So before you new reader(s) and bloggers decide to plunge in, I thought, as a public service, I would warn you of the dark side of blogging.  With all the posts that highlight how wonderful the blogging universe can be, I thought it was time to bring a little balance back to the force.

  1. Your blogging platform will constantly push updates to perfectly functional tools for no other reason than to justify their continued existence on the payroll.  Now, I’m not saying this last update to the editor sucks, but…no, that’s exactly what I’m saying.  I’m not a change resistant person, but when you take away a spelling and grammar check feature, a word count feature, add an auto-save feature that can best be described as “mostly glitchy”, and shorten the width so you can’t even see your full titles…you aren’t really adding something to the experience.
  2. You can no longer play the “mysterious” angle.  Now, I don’t know if you believe in astrology, but under those things I am a Scorpio.  Scorpios are described as mysterious.  I used to work that angle quite well.  It did wonders for me.  Since I started with this blog-type-thing, it is hard to pull off.  Nobody thinks you are mysterious when they know you just finished your second cup of coffee.
  3. You get preached to.  A lot.  Your belief system is important to you.  We get it.  Mine is increasingly clearer and important to me.  Do you really think I want to read everything about it all of the time?  Would you like it if that’s all I wrote about?  Some of you tricked me, by not doing it all of the time when you first showed up.  Like a serpent, or whatever the hell it is you believe.
  4. Your friends and family occasionally read and think they know things they don’t know.  I know that I’ve gone over this one a few times, but it really seems to be a huge issue.  So much of an issue, I have considered changing the name of my blog-type-thing and not sharing it on my social media anymore.  But I can’t do that now, because for some odd reason, some of you read and I wouldn’t want to confuse you.
  5. You worry.  There are so many reasons a person might stop blogging.  Sometimes they have good reasons, sometimes bad.  Sometimes it is just too time consuming or not rewarding enough for them.  But sometimes you get to know someone through their posts to a degree, and then they drop off the face of the Earth.  Maybe when you know things aren’t going that well for them.  Not only do you miss their writing, but you end up worrying for them.  Or I do anyway, because I am not a heartless bastard.
  6. Jealousy.  You don’t mean for it to happen, but sometimes it rears its ugly head.  Maybe you read some post that just had you cracking up.  Maybe you just read some post that made you think in a way you never thought to look at something before.  Maybe you just read a story so descriptive or with such good twists that you think you should just hang up the keyboard (would you hang up a keyboard?) and stop.  But the only person you should compare yourself to is a past version of you.  Or to me, since I am so great.
  7. Blog crushes.  If you are anything like me, a good sense of humor, a good intellect, and versatility can be quite attractive.  So sometimes, on occasion, despite your best efforts, you may find yourself particularly attracted to authors who display such traits.  Maybe they look good in their blog pictures too.  It’s okay though, just remember you are not dealing with the actual person and you can’t all have me.
  8. Playing the game.  Marketing.  Networking.  All of that crap.  The work part that comes along with writing if you want your writing read.  I like the social interaction here in the land of WordPressville.  I will comment when I feel I have something to add or something that just must be said.  I like to read a lot of blogs on a lot of topics.  But I don’t ever want to do follow-for-follow.  I don’t want to have gimmicks and a million re-posts for views with no actual content.  I know there are some days I am not going to be all that present and I really hate seeing the way people manipulate others into viewing their things.  I don’t hate the playas, I hate the games.
  9. Distraction.  Today I woke up and went through the garage consolidating boxes and emptying storage tubs.  I have a lot more work to do.  I still need to get outside for my walk.  Tonight, I may just want to go out.  My guess is that only about 1/4 of things I want to get done will get done because of all of your posts and my addiction to reading them.  Thanks a lot!

What about you, dear reader(s)?  Do you have anything to add to the lists?  Do any of these ring true for you?  If a train leaves New York going 85 mph and another train leaves Los Angeles going 60 mph and the train from New York is heading toward Florida and the train leaving Los Angeles is heading up to San Francisco, does Amtrak still rely on public subsidies?


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

40 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Being A Blogger Sometimes Sucks”

  1. Totally agree on the “update.” Also on the jealousy. And pretty much everything else. But mostly, it’s the whole networking nonsense. I don’t automatically follow anyone who follows me, and running a business (while having a myriad of health issues, not the least of which is chronic fatigue) leaves precious little time for reading and commenting on a ton of other blogs, so my networking is virtually nonexistent. And then I get mad that I don’t get more followers and likes, even though it’s really my own damn fault. Works the same way for my art. I don’t network, so I don’t sell. I need a magic wand to cleverly promote me so all I have to do is create, not market.

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  2. Josh, I loved this post. Really, it was just the storm trooper playing the Darth Vader march.

    No. I’m being silly. I just started blogging in July, so I am slowly experiencing many of the things you listed. I think the biggest one for me is learning that I don’t need to play the follow to follow game. I am slowly finding and building followers and readers, and slowly doing the same thing — finding people, like you, who I enjoy reading.

    Oh, and the answer to your train question is: 78. Logically.

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    1. That follow to follow game is tough for me, because I have a guilt complex. I feel genuine guilt if I don’t follow someone who follows me. I hate that, though, because – quite frankly – there is content in my feed that doesn’t interest me. I’m working on it, though.

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  3. I’m one of those follow-to-follow people. It’s not something I’m proud of, ha. I genuinely enjoy a myriad of blogs, so I read all sorts of random things. A lot of the time I like reading someone who has a great writing style whether I care about their content or not. Like Stephellaneous, I also feel pretty guilty if I don’t follow someone back. I actually go through and unfollow a lot of people which makes me feel even worse lol. I’m such a wuss. And, the preaching thing — holy crap. This happens to me a lot. I have a foul mouth, and I get emails about it all the time. Great list.

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  4. That last bit read like math, Josh, and I really can’t be arsed. I read it twice. I’m not reading it a third time and I’m fer damn sure not gonna bust out a pencil.
    I love the bloggosphere, and your blog-type thing. Fuck networking. I’ve drastically reduced who and what I’ve read in the last two months, and it’s amazing how much more I get done. It leaves me time to polish my shrine of Joshes and Google search ‘where the fuck is the sticky clicker’ in that asinine editor we have now.

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  5. Good list! I usually follow back, except if it’s in another language aside from English or Spanish. I have to also like some of the content. I don’t like it when religion is discussed and preached too much. I don’t mind once in awhile but not all the time! If it becomes a habit…goodbye!

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  6. If someone follows me I feel it’s good manners to look at their blog. If someone leaves a comment I try to at least read the latest post. I know that many people use the reader to like people and that’s ok with me…What I like about the people who use WordPress is that so many of them really do care about treating each other with respect. WordPress is not perfect (thanks to the new update) but it seems that the people who gravitate toward WordPress want to accomplish more than simply being ‘liked’ and ‘viewed.’

    Another excellent post, Josh.

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    1. That’s good. Most of these are light and not to be taken too seriously. I still love blogging. They just have all been slightly negative situations that have come up. The friends and family reading too much in was horrible for a while, but it has eased up.

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  7. Yes, Amtrak does still rely on public subsidies. So, however, do the interstate highways. And our local streets.

    I appreciate what you say about being preached at. I do a lot of (a) eye rolling at and (b) quick-clicking my way out of the blogs that do that.

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    1. Yeah, I wasn’t sure if they still relied on it or not. I don’t mind, although it would be nice if we’d invest in upgraded rail. I was just using it for the nonsense math joke.
      And about the preaching thing…especially when they start out not doing it. That is the worst. You feel like you’ve been suckered into a revival tent.

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  8. You want to know whats crazy is I was looking up ideas and I googles “10 reasons why it sucks to be a blogger” just for a fun headline. You have the number 1 spot on.

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