Reasons to Be Happy

Hello dear reader(s)!

With the terror attacks across the world, the general violent hate you hear on a daily basis, idiots yelling out hateful things during moments of silence for victims, and just the general douchebaggery of people you may encounter, it is easy to get down on the world.

Some of us have endured things that make it understandable we would want to close off and sit in misery for a while.  Some of us have actual medical reasons we have to.  This post is just for people feeling a little down.

For every tragedy, there are thousands of flowers growing, or blades of grass, or babies being born.  Even if you live in the Northern Hemisphere like I do, there is still the Southern Hemisphere to consider.  As nature rests here in preparation for the creation of Spring, it is in full-force somewhere else.  Something to consider as our days in the Northern half of the world become shorter.

There are babies being born.  There are cats.  Cats.  And dogs.  And bunnies.

There are awesome cars and gadgets.  There are people who are doing things to help other people each and every day.

There is love.

There is music.

Yeah, it is easy to get down on the world sometimes, but the world is beautiful.  For every hateful choice a handful of people make, there are many more making the choice to act out of love.  For every act of destruction, there are many more acts of creation.  For every bad night’s sleep, there is a cup of coffee.

Here are some reasons to be happy, in case you need to hear them.

  • I am here on Earth.  I mean, duh.  Really, that should be the only reason you need.  I am that cool.
  • There is music.  There is.  Not just auto tune.  Turn off pop radio and listen.  There is good music.
  • There is dancing.  Even if, in my case, it is really, really bad dancing.  Yes, I dance horribly.  Despite being a drummer and having good rhythm, dancing just seems to be out of my wheelhouse.  Especially considering I don’t even have a ship, so I don’t have a wheelhouse.  Even if I did have a ship with a wheelhouse, I don’t know how much dancing I would be doing in it.
  • There are baby animals.  Who doesn’t love a baby animal?  No, you should not LOVE baby animals.  Or any animals for that matter.  Or babies.  You know what I mean by love, sicko.
  • There is this new lousy editor.  Seriously, this is annoying.  If I wanted to type on my phone, I would type on my phone.  How many words do I have?  Can I revert to the old one?  Oh well, at least I have an editor to type in.
  • Sex.  It exists.  Which is a good thing, because we all wouldn’t be here without it.  As much as our culture loves to pretend it is not good, sex is pretty awesome.  Or so I remember.
  • Coffee.  The universal energy bestowed upon us this gift of wonderful coffee.  Our human ingenuity sought to brew this into a wonderful drink.  Coffee is a gift from the universe and should be revered as such.  And by revered, I mean it should be consumed.
  • Freedom.  A lot of our freedoms are being eroded.  But I can still criticize my government without fear of persecution.  I can still type my thoughts and feelings in a blog-type-thing.  I can still wear the clothes I want, listen to what I want, read what I want, and for the most part, do what I want if it doesn’t hurt another.  I can also research and learn about any religion or lack thereof I choose and practice those beliefs or lack thereof if I choose.  Plus, where I live, bald eagles n shit.  Cheeseburgers (veggie for me, thanks), and monster trucks!
  • Equality.  Okay, stick with me on this one.  The world we live in, and not even my own country which loves to claim otherwise is not an equal society.  To paraphrase the Red Hot Chili Peppers, It’s not yet what it ought to be.  But there are people who are striving to make it that way in the face of great opposition from the powerful.  Any person who believes that any sex or color is superior to another is an idiot.  The universe requires a balance between the feminine and the masculine.  The natural world exists in a variety of colors.  Perhaps it is time we learn to do the same.  Besides, inequality prevents equations from solving things.  If E>mc², you would still have work to do.
  • Because if you aren’t, the terrorists win.  I’m serious on this one.  I live in a society with music, and joy, and laughter.  I live in a society with a goal that people should be allowed to do as they want, provided they aren’t harming anyone else.  (Even if not everyone agrees.)  I am allowed to have that belief.  I am allowed to attend death metal concerts, and there will be more death metal concerts in Paris…despite what ISIS might want.  I don’t really listen to much death metal, but that is inconsequential at this point.  I can.  I will go out to any show I think might be good.  Because I can.  I can watch movies.  I can have sex with any consenting adult I choose.  Because that is our free society.  It makes people happy.  I’m sorry you live in miserable dogma and hate.  But that isn’t here.  It is why we automatically win until everyone single one of us is gone, or we all bow down to your imposition of your views.  And that shit ain’t gonna happen.  We are happy, we win.  We go out, we win.  Maybe we do it with increased security, but we will do it.  We will endure.

We are happy, and you obviously are not.  Neener-neener-neener!



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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