An Open Letter to Hard-Core Atheists

Your hatred of religion and the religious borders on the same delusions as fundamentalist believers.  Your belief that only your way of viewing things is the correct way is just as laughable as any believers who believe everyone should have to believe in their God(s).

And when you come onto my page, spouting such a belief…that the problem isn’t in the way people interpret the often contradictory texts, but is rather the fact that the texts exist at all, you are belittling all of the millions of decent and peaceful people with a belief in something larger than your scientific tests and analysis will EVER be able to prove.

The entire scientific method does not hold up to the idea that something can from nothing.  It does not hold up to the idea that somethings always were or are.  You will continue to search for what started everything and never find an answer.

A particle grew so dense in its own gravity that it exploded and created the universe?  Okay, what created the particle?  What created the building blocks of that particle?  What created the nothingness?

You will never, ever be able to answer those questions, and if you do, there will always be more questions.

But even if you never believe that something can be more than you can understand, to come on my page and belittle those who have come to that conclusion is tantamount to hate speech.

Not on my page, motherfucker.

I can handle a little debate.  I can handle someone saying that they disagree with my unknown beliefs or someone’s beliefs.  What I will not tolerate is being ridiculed for them, or you ridiculing anyone else for theirs.  I will not tolerate you blaming the intense complexities of the problems of the world on the billions of people who just try to live their lives in peace and have something larger than themselves to believe in.

So what if they are wrong, when it hurts nobody?  So what if people cherry-pick when the things they choose do not hurt anybody?

Bash the people who hide behind religion to hurt people all you want to.  But you will not use my page as a vehicle for your hate.

This goes for anyone religious that wants to bash tolerant atheists or tolerant members of other religions as well.  Not on my page.  Use your own shitty blog for that.  


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.