Hello dear reader(s).

I had this silly little post planned out for Friday the 13th.  I walked to a coffee shop to meet a friend and was planning to post it when I got back.  I checked my Facebook feed before I started typing and learned of the terrorist attack in Paris.  Suddenly my silly little Friday the 13th post seems out-of-place.

Terrorism happens a lot.  Innocent people are killed way too often.  I find the type of people who would knowingly kill someone just trying to go about their daily lives or enjoying themselves to be the absolute worst of the worst.  Scum.  It is bad enough when innocents are used as pawns or are called “collateral damage” when they may or may not be around enemy combatants. but to knowingly, deliberately target innocents is beyond reprehensible.

Just remember though, the bad news and horrible atrocities always make the most headlines.  And for every one of these horrible wastes of DNA, there are hundreds of people who strive to do the right thing.  The vast majority of people on this Earth would not intentionally hurt another.

Cling to that as you follow the news.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

4 thoughts on “Paris”

  1. Josh,

    Thanks for reminding us of the good out there that doesn’t make the news. And it is often in times like these, during a terrible crisis, that we see the best in humanity…the good samaritans that lend their help to those in need.

    Prières pour Paris, mon ami,

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