The Lady and the Hunter

The endless knot is something that people have a hard time reconciling.  They look for a beginning to all things.  To understand that all things are intertwined, may double back on itself, overlap, and have no end is something that eludes our linear way of thought.

The knot does have lines, however, so our perception of time is not entirely incorrect.  Each line in the knot, is a separate realm.  We can seek a beginning to some things.  A beginning to one portion of the knot.  We will never find the beginning of the knot, because it doesn’t exist.  It always was.  It will never end.

Son, I have told you the beginning of this line of the knot.  I’ve explained the infinite darkness when the Goddess drew upon herself and burst forward in creation of the stars, the planets, and us.  I have told you of her creation of the God who helped her to create the animals, and us.  I have told you that whenever you are present in their creations you are basking in their love.  I have told you how important it is for us to care for their creation.  Do you remember that?

Good.  But what about another line or realm of the knot?  Have I told you about the line over here?  Just before you get to our realm?

Over here, we have the divine.  They come from other lines and turns in the knot.  Past, present and future.  But in this line, they exist alone.  There is no sky.  There are no trees.  No ocean.  No stars.  No moon.  The Goddess was unhappy after a time.  She was not content to exist in a hollow world.  She needed to use her infinite love to create.  She knew of the knot.  She knew of the continuing span.  But she wanted to build in it.  She wanted to help create the knot.

Afraid to leave the realm of the divinity, she formulated a plan.  She would create a companion.  He would travel the realms, seeking ideas for the Goddess.  He would need to be strong, and fearless.  He would need to charge recklessly into things she was much more deliberate and reserved to do herself.  He would be tasked with acquiring the best from all of the realms and bringing them to the Goddess so she could use those things as inspiration.

And so she created the hunter.  She explained to him what she wanted.  Taken with her infinite love and beauty, gifted with the attributes she created for him, he had no other mission other than to provide for the Goddess.  He immediately began traveling the knot.

Over thousands of years, he moved from realm to realm.  He would hunt the best he found from each realm, and bring it back to the Goddess.  He captured animals, strange beings, vegetation, liquid, soil, fire, ice, air…anything he could acquire.  He hunted for the best from the realms and returned it to her.

The Goddess was delighted.  She began to design her own ideas for life, and soil, and liquid, fire, ice, and air.  She changed colors, density, added here, removed there.  She began to plan an entire realm based on what the hunter had provided.  Each time he returned to bring her more, she was becoming happier and happier to see him.  He complemented her in so many ways.  His bravery, willingness to face the unknown, and dedication were things she desired in herself.  Each time he prepared to leave, she found herself not wanting to say goodbye.

The last time he returned, he was not well.  He had become exhausted through his journey across the knot.  In the final he realm he visited, he brought her back the realm’s greatest feature.  Death.  He fell to the floor, showing her the end to his existence so that others may take his place.  In death, he moved to the realm of beyond.

The Goddess was devastated.  She threw her plans for creating the knot away, and went into a deep mourning.  For a thousand years, she mourned.  She forgot herself in the process.  She erased her divinity from her mind.  She was a Goddess no more.

No loner divine, she was banished to a realm of infinite darkness.  She was nothing, because she felt she was nothing.  And for another thousand years, she remained as nothing.  She questioned how this happened to her.  How did she become this?  How could she become what she felt?

And then, she realized it.  She was a Goddess.  She became nothing, because she felt she was nothing.  So if she felt she was a Goddess, she would be Goddess once more.  And she burst forth in joy.  Dancing into creation the heavens, and the Earth.  She created the mountains and the seas.  She created the soil.  She gazed upon the beauty of the realm she made.  She was happy for many ages.  But soon she felt alone.  What good were her creations if she could not share them?  So she brought back the hunter.  This time, she made him the God.  Together they populated the Earth with the forests, the animals, and us.

Their love can be felt in the wind.  In the flowing rivers.  In the serene lakes.  Their love can be felt in every song of the birds.  Their love for each other, brings their love for us.  They created us together, in love.

So pick up that damn water bottle and throw it in the recycling.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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