Life Lessons From Last Week

Hello dear reader(s)!

This last week was rather major as far as weeks in my life within the last couple of months are concerned.  (Are they concerned?)  As you may know, I got shot at.  (Well, not really at, I guess.)  I made some major progress toward moving.  I went out.  A lot.  I turned another year older.  I reconnected with a friend who I’ve missed.  I’ve finally finished all of the revisions to the song I’m going to sing on Tuesday night.  Just finished this morning.  Oops.  I’ve gained a bit of confidence in some abilities I have.  I also got contacted by someone about something that may just change everything…but it is too early in the process to reveal anything.  I have learned a lot about myself, and other people this week.  I also realized that I need to trust my instincts more.  That when something or someone appears as important to me, I can’t just dismiss it based on timing or circumstances.

It is strange how life is like that.  You can go months…sometimes years in a static situation.  Then, suddenly, you have a breakthrough.  For me, life has been extremely eventful the last few years, but the last few months have been anything but.  Then things exploded this last week.  Unlike the last few years, the things that have happened this last week have been mostly good.  (The getting shot at (near?)…not so much.)

So here are the life lessons I have learned in the past week.  Feel free to apply them to your own lives, if they are applicable.  They might not be, and they might not be any big deal for you.

  • There is nothing like having Happy Birthday sung to you in the style of Marilyn Monroe.  Even if it is in an empty casino cabaret on the first winter storm for your area, making it even slower than it would have been on a Monday night.  Oh well, it was my birthday and I was NOT staying home.
  • Sleep is important.  Having been out as much as I have this week, sleep has been scarce.  I feel it.  I slept until noon yesterday (except for a short time to feed the cats) because the nights before I was out too late.  Then last night I was out until 1:00, but couldn’t get any sleep until 3.  I was up again at 7.  I was going to go out again tonight, but I’m not so sure I can or should.
  • I have awesome friends.  Enough said.
  • People in my area have no idea hows to put on a music festival.  When one of the most popular bands in this area 16 or so years ago does a one-time reunion show, it should draw.  But it didn’t draw near as well as it should.  Why?  Too many competing shows, a time-slot that was too late given the natural overruns of any shows, a lack of specific promotion (tons of names, tons of dates, many venues…all on one graphic), and the fact that it was done shortly after the time change in 20 degree weather.  Oh well, it was still a blast and I remembered almost all of the songs.
Phat Couch
Phat Couch
  • People’s problems can be worse than yours.  But they are strong, and it will get better.
  • When someone lets you into their dark corner, it makes you feel good.  Not because they have a dark corner, but that they trust you enough to let you in.  Hopefully not an actual dark corner.  There could be spiders.
  • It is okay to show up alone.  Sometimes it is actually better.
  • You’re never to old to jump to music.  Unless you actually are, and your doctor advises against it.  Maybe you have osteoporosis, which I actually do because of my diminished kidney function.  I don’t think I run the risk of breaking a hip just yet though, and was jumping like I was in high school.  In my heavy work boots.  No wonder my legs are a little sore.
  • There is nothing wrong with making a fool out of yourself.  See above.  With the jumping, and horrible dancing.  The stereotype is true, people.  At least for me.
  • You’re not as old as you think.  I got carded last night.  I already had a beer in my hand from the bar, who didn’t card me; but when I went into the show part of the venue, the guy carded me.  When I had trouble finding my ID, he got mad and wasn’t going to let me in; despite the fact that I had already been served a beer from the other side.  Also, despite the fact, that I just do not look anywhere near underage.  Or so I thought.
  • Taking risks isn’t just fun, it is necessary.  I have been slowly forcing myself to get out there more.  And to put myself out there with the things I care about.  It is why I am singing on Tuesday, despite the fact I don’t like my singing that much.  It is why I am writing more.  It is why I am going out.  It is why I am willing to take even bigger risks if I see the potential for any gain in them.  I am remembering that I know how to make things happen.
  • The WordPress Reader is filtering out blogs I follow.  I thought I was just missing the times they posted, or maybe they dropped off the face of the Earth; but after cycling through a couple of days back to where I started, and then seeing some of them on the Meet and Greet…I realized they just aren’t showing up.  Maybe I should follow more by email.

Okay, so maybe these aren’t all life lessons, but they are things I have learned.

What about you?  What (if anything) did you learn this week?  I would love to hear about it.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

25 thoughts on “Life Lessons From Last Week”

  1. I like this. I was jumping to music just today in the BJ’s parking lot…singing jump around to the hubby and jumping….made me laugh…think I may have scared some old people though….thanks for finding me….singing is awesome….not so good myself at it though…do a good Marilyn to all my friends for their birthday 🙃K

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  2. Great list! But umm…like…how dare you gain a little confidence i your abilities…pfft lol 😉 j/k Glad you have had an eventful week! I can feel I can relate to this. Thank you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello Josh,
    What a great list. As others have mentioned, they are all great.
    I think the one that resonates with me particularly strongly (at this point in my life) is this one:
    Taking risks isn’t just fun, it is necessary.


  4. I learned a lot this week, but nothin I wanna share. Learning is good.
    I’m glad you had an awesome birthday, with your awesome friends at the awesome music festival. 😀
    Gut is everything. Some people learn this early and try to dismiss it, but the gut never lies.
    I get carded all the damn time and it annoys me. I know it shouldn’t, but it does. And the last time I was carded was when I stood next to my son, who was buying bourbon. I was not buying anything, but I was making suggestions, and in Indiana, you must be 21 to enter the liquor store. I don’t know which creeps me out more, that someone thinks I look younger than my 22 year old son, or that someone thinks I am his ‘bossy girlfriend.’ Bleh.

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