Hello dear reader(s)!

Regarding last night…  Yeah.  Um, I didn’t pee me pants, so that is good.

I was shot at.

I had (notice the past tense) a friend who I was aware wanted to be more than just friends with me.  So much so, that I told her I didn’t really think we should spend anymore time together.  I wouldn’t have done this, because I do believe that you can be friends with someone you are attracted to, or when they are attracted to you.  That is, I believe it when they can take no for an answer and quit trying until you give them a reason.

However, in the last couple of days, something triggered that lonely feeling and I really didn’t feel like being here alone last night.  And though I had been ignoring her texts since I told her it was probably best if we didn’t see each other, I answered back yesterday evening.

She said she was seeing someone else now and she was having some friends over to play Cards Against Humanity.  She said she liked hanging out with me and could keep things friendly, and like an idiot, I believed her.  Had the last two days not happened, I wouldn’t have been stupid enough to think that would be okay.

But I was stupid and didn’t want to be alone in the house so I went.

And it was fun for an hour.  But she was really drinking.  And so was everyone else.  And after everyone left but her and what I thought was her friend, she jumped me.  I pushed her off and called her a psycho (which I know isn’t PC, but I was just attacked by a woman who did not know the meaning of no.)  She started crying, and I left.  When I backed out of the parking spot, I turned to look behind me and saw him coming out of her apartment with a gun.  I floored it, but not before I heard the POP! POP! POP!

After I got a few streets away, I pulled into a parking lot and called the police.  They met me there and I had to answer questions and fill out a report.

That’s all I knew about it until this morning.  I put her number into my rejected call list, but I got a text from her brother.  After his friend was arrested, she called him.  According to him, his friend didn’t shoot at me, but shot in the air (which would explain why neither I, nor my car was hit) and he was in jail for assault with a deadly weapon and discharging a firearm in a congested area.  (Sounds like the assault charge won’t stick to me, but what do I know?)  The brother is taking her back to live with her parents in Sacramento.  He apologized for both of their actions, and I just told him he wasn’t responsible and I’m just happy it is over and nobody was hurt.  He also told me that his friend knows what he did was stupid, knows I didn’t hurt her, and doesn’t blame me for going to jail.  Which is nice, because I don’t want to have to be looking over my shoulder.

I was home by 11, when everything kind of hit me.  I had a couple of drinks alone (which is never a good thing when you have lost someone from alcoholism) to calm my nerves.  It of course, didn’t work and just kind of made me depressed.  (A depressant?  Imagine that.)

As I was trying to wind down, a friend messaged me on Facebook.  I talked to her for a bit which was fine, but it was one of those conversations you have with someone where they inadvertently show you everything you’re unhappy about in your own life.  After saying goodnight to her, I just surfed online for a while.  And then the internet went down.  And I was still wide awake.

So I surfed for bit with my phone, before putting it down and reading a friend’s book.  The book was about a person imprisoned inside a transparent bubble cell, able to see everything he wanted, but prevented from obtaining it.  He breaks the bubble at the end, and then realizes he still needs to figure out how to get the things he wanted.  He just couldn’t walk up and take them now that the bubble was broken.  That is the note it ends on.

This is me.  My bubble is all but destroyed (there are some bubble aspects left) but now that it is gone I still don’t know how to get all of the things I want.  What I continue to get reminders of, however, is that there is no way I can get anything I want by staying here.  Tomorrow I’ve got a lot of work to do on the move.  I’m going to have to hurry though, because they are calling for 1-2 inches of snow on Monday, which means winter is here.  I need to time the roads right.  Today, I am going to sleep.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

37 thoughts on “WTF”

  1. First thing, glad you are okay – that could have ended much worse. You just never know nowadays.

    It is situations like that which continue to give safe and sane gun owners a bad name.

    Eejit was right, tomorrow is another day and perhaps you will have better perspective on everything.

    Take care!

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  2. Holy cow! Thank god you are alright and nobody is holding you at fault. Just have to take life one day at a time (not too sound cliche) you can’t jumped to the future without first laying the groundwork.

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