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Hello dear reader(s)!

As any regular reader(s) of this here blog-type-thing might already know, I have been historically anti-promotion.  It isn’t that I didn’t want people to read my posts, it was that I didn’t want to play any games to make it happen.  Recently though, I noticed half of my followers have disappeared.  It didn’t happen all at once, but it has happened and a big chunk was recently.  Oh, they still follow my blog in the sense that their blog profile follows mine, but nobody is behind the keyboard.  They themselves seem to have stopped blogging.

So as my Reader has become empty, and my page views have remained steady despite a lot more followers than I ever thought I would have, I decided to do a little promotion.  I miss the interaction in the comments and being able to read blogs that I could get to know in an intertube webs not knowing kind of way.

It is starting to pay off as I have noticed my views per post have been on a slight rise since I began, and am finding more good blogs to read.

There are still things I will never do.  Let’s start there, because I hate these tactics.

  • I will never comment just to be visible.  While I try to like people’s posts and will comment if I genuinely have something to add, a lot of times I just don’t.  Maybe it takes me a while to grasp the post.  Maybe it is straight-forward and a comment would just seem weird.  “Look at me, I visited your page.  Give me a cookie.”  Will.  Not.  Do.  It.  But if I have to say something, I will.  I also try to acknowledge your comments on my posts, and usually at least “Like” them, but sometimes I miss them (especially recently when they don’t seem to hit my notifications).
  • I will not continually repost the same thing many days in a row.  This is my number 1 WordPress pet peeve.  Occasionally, I will go back into the archives (at least weeks later) and push a post that is important to me or has a message I want heard, but nothing is more annoying to me than seeing someone repost something for 5 days in a row.  I have unfollowed over that, and I will again.  Do you really want to be the “As Seen On TV” infomercial of blogging?
  • I will not spam the Reader.  I limit my posts to 4 within a 24 hour period.  Usually 2 or 3, sometimes 1.  On slower days, you might find me more often, because screw it, nobody else is posting anyway.  But I don’t want someone to have to scroll through my posts for 20 minutes before seeing anyone else’s.
  • I will not follow everyone who likes one of my posts or follows me.  I have to look at your site first, to see if there is anything I can see myself reading when your next post pops up in the Reader.

So far this is just a list of things I won’t do.  I realize these are just my lines and everyone has different ones, but to preserve the integrity of what I create, I just can’t cross them.  However, I would like to share with you the things I have recently done that has helped increase my views.

  • Cross-platform sharing.  You know how I said I won’t continually repost things on WordPress?  Well, on Twitter, all bets are off.  The Twitter feed moves so fast, I don’t care if I share posts 10 times a day.  It might net only one or two more page views, but it doesn’t annoy people because of how full the feeds are even after following your first 10 people.  Also, I tweet about other things than my blog, that helps a wider variety of people know my page.  I am trying to learn other sites (like I still have no idea what good Bloglovin’ does), but I’ll try to learn them when I get the time.  You can follow me on Twitter @MyFridayBlog.  I think I am a duck on there.  Unless you are a pay for followers site, I will almost definitely follow you back on Twitter.  Also, adding hashtags in the sharing section has helped.
  • Meet and greets.  I am a lot more open to these again than I was in the past.  Mostly, it is a chance to find new material to read, but the dual-benefit of getting my posts out there is nice too.  A win-win for everyone.
  • Sharing the work of other bloggers.  I prefer to do this by linking to their sites in one of my posts, but will occasionally reblog.  I like to link because the reblog can make it seem like they are spamming the Reader, and I don’t want anyone to get that impression.  Even if they can see it is a reblog, the impression of seeing the same post 4 or 5 times in a row can be negative.  When something blows my mind (dude), I will try to let people know about it  At the very least, it lets them know I do read their stuff and am not just following for numbers.  At best, sometimes they share mine.  I also tweet good posts quite a bit, if you have your Twitter linked correctly.
  • Community Pool.  I used this when I first started blogging regularly-ish.  I like the idea of getting and giving feedback.  Think of it as one big meet and greet, only sponsored by WordPress.)  The sexiest press, in the world.™

So those are just some of the things that I have been doing recently that has helped breathe new life into this blog-type-thing.  But now, I would like to share with you my guaranteed easy steps for promoting your work.

  1. Hire your work.
  2. Create a position above your work’s current position.  
  3. Interview your work.
  4. Offer your work the promotion.  

Easy as that!!!

What about you, dear reader(s)!  Are there any special tips you use to promote your blog that you would be willing to share?  Do you think your work deserves a promotion?  What about a wage increase?  Is it already part of the 1%?


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

34 thoughts on “Promoting Your Blog”

  1. I continue to do my blog “free of charge” because it is a passion. Once it become work and I feel like I need to be paid, time to close the laptop for good.

    Like you I find that I self promote though being active with my posts and active with other bloggers. I don’t need 50k followers like OM but I am content with having a very vocal and active core of commenters.

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    1. Yeah, I know I will never make a dime from the blog-type-thing. And it would be great for it to lead to some other paid writing gig, but this is just for fun and self-expression. I’d take 50k followers, understanding that only about 5% would ever be readers (for me, anyway), but I wouldn’t want to do anything crazy to get them. Anytime anyone thinks of promotion, they think of OM, but I am certainly not bashing his style. He has a true following in those numbers. It isn’t the way I choose to do my page, but that doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with how he does it.

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      1. Oh don’t get me wrong, not bashing at all. I just don’t think that my typical content (mental health) and style of writing will ever attract those type of numbers.

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      2. Oh, I didn’t think you were. I was just saying that when his name comes up in relation to promotion, a lot of people bash him. I was kind of pre-empting that possibility from someone else.

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  2. I agree with you on all of the above. I thoroughly enjoy reading your stuff. I’m not here on wordpress to promote myself but love sharing my thoughts. It’s my release. I can be myself without even a selfie to prove who I am. The blog community is so welcoming and I’m learning so much reading so many different topics. Thank you for posting this and keep up the fantastic work my friend!

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  3. I like your list, especially not commenting every time doesn’t mean=did not like and the chain mail posts/reposts of certain blogs (either by the blogger themselves or a circle of friends…pace yourselves already!)

    The best way I have found new blogs to follow is by reading comments on the blogs I already follow or when someone I interact with often does a blog award-post-thing where they list other blogs they like. Quality, not quantity, or something like that.

    (I would totally random comment the WP world all over for cookies though)

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  4. I am fairly new to blogging but I post on random subjects containing humor, personal stories, opinions, informative, helpful etc. I try not to do a lot of serious topics in a row so that people will find my posts interesting and not sensationalism or depressing. I, too, don’t want to be a part of the numbers game. I don’t have a huge amount of followers but a good amount and my numbers are increasing slowly. I have decided not to let myself get hung up on the numbers. Of course, I want my followers to increase as I go along but because they find my writing entertaining or beneficial. If I get bogged down in the numbers, my enthusiasm and therefore my writing will suffer. I miss out on a big vehicle in that I am anti-social media. That being said, I would prefer to have people who see my name and can’t wait to read what I have written than people who click follow just to build up followers. The hardest thing for me so far has been un-following a blog. I am not a big fan of heavy religious posts or blog sites and I have to wonder if I got into the you follow me so I will follow you frame of mind. It was a lovely site but not my thing. I considered just staying on their list and not reading the posts but decided against it. What is your guidance on un-following?

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    1. Unfollowing is something that always really feels rough in the beginning, but after a while, it becomes easier. Just do it in the sense of any cost-benefit decision. Does this blog give me more enjoyment that it annoys me? Is there something that makes it worth putting up with the annoyances? Occasionally, WordPress will just unfollow blogs you have followed. It isn’t a numbers thing, it just happens sometimes. So bloggers know this after a while and if they see their a follower drop, they usually aren’t offended. Eventually, even if you know they purposely unfollowed, it doesn’t bother you because you know your blog wasn’t for them anyway. They’ll think the same of you. So I ask myself why I followed in the first place, whether that is still happening, and whether it makes up for whatever reason I’m considering unfollowing. Then I give it a little while for it to get better, and if it doesn’t, I just unfollow.

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  5. I just wanted to say I appreciate all your likes on my blog! And your horse face really stands out lol 🙂 I am bad at reading other people’s blogs. I interact mostly on FB and Twitter and need to remember that blogs are social, too! Great post ❤

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  6. i know what you mean. you don’t deserve any unfollows because trust me those would be pathetic to leave an amaing blog like yours. i know this is my first comment but ive been reading your posts for a while. Stay happy and keep on blogging. ❤

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  7. I like your list, appreciate it and agree with it! Especially the one about SPAM…. grr! I will stop following someone who posts the same blog over and over in a skinny minute! Self promotion is ok I think. I have done a few things to self promote but I hope I haven’t been annoying. Like you, I also will not automatically start following someone just because they liked or commented on mine. But I am a big believer in going out and visiting others…

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  8. Hmm. I’ve gone on a “blog read for pleasure and information” journey, and this is what I’ve found:

    1/2 blog for their passion
    1/4 blog for their interests
    1/4 blog for sheer numbers, as in, “I MUST have ten million readers (and thousands of “likes,” and hundreds of comments), or I’ll throw a curse on you all, and also stab you with poisoned knives!”

    These last, I would suspect of being narcissists, but I’m not sure.

    I myself am probably just being stupid, but you know, I don’t give a rat’s ass whether anyone follows, reads, likes, comments…yes, I know I’m a throw-back, a Luddite, and worst of all, an old hippie who just doesn’t care. Isn’t that awful?

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  9. I never noticed much traffic from Twitter (I didn’t repost though). The thing that got me more followers was searching for and commenting on other blogs that I’m interested in. A few folks have mentioned finding me in a tag search, so there’s that.

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  10. I’ve been guilty of over-posting and over-re blogging. I think some of it has to do with wanting to make up for lost time. But it’s all about learning. I don’t know why people bash OM. He says pretty much what he wants and he’s honest about his intentions. He’s a great teacher and I can see his influence in the way many people approach their blogs. I think eventually we must find our own voices and what works for us. I feel very good about the people I know through word press and the evolution of my blog.

    I agree with Laura though I don’t consider this the stance of a Luddite.

    To play on the turf of those people in the blogging community who do it solely for narcissistic reward is to turn a rich social experience into an arid numbers game. Numbers games are fine for people who simply want to play blogging as a game; but what matters to me is the quality of the interactions I have with other bloggers. I will always try to visit the blogs of people who visit mine and to respond to every comment. I don’t follow every one who follows me; but I will look at their blog. Sometimes I follow someone as an act of encouragement; especially if the person is new…I’ve met some great people that way.

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  11. As always, great post! I comment on blogs when I feel I have something of value to add to the conversation. I won’t reblog – just not my thing. But, I if I really like a post, I will share other’s people’s posts on my social media, especially on Twitter. I went from blogging 3 – 4 times a week, to now once or twice a week…and I’m ok with that. I think Bloglovin or whatever it’s name is a waste of time…haha…isn’t the purpose for them to find your site and stay on your site?

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