The Letter

After the defeat at Araphany, the Goddess retreated to her home in the Orange Forest.  With her army in disarray and the Mauradites closing in, she dispatched a letter to the kingdom of Darrealm.

Your highness,

As your scouts have likely informed you, the Northern Realm is now occupied by the Mauradite forces.  My people have been dealt a critical blow at Araphany and without reinforcement, the Mauradites will be on your doorstep in a fortnight.  As we have coexisted in relative harmony, I ask now that you join us in the defense of these lands for our peoples.

Despite our differences, I know your kingdom to be just and good, and morally opposed to the barbaric Mauradites and their destructive nature.  Together, we can defeat them.  Apart, we both shall surely fall.  Please help.

Goddess Sha’ne’a

By the time the letter reached King Connis, half of the Southern Realm had fallen as well.  The Mauradite forces were nearing the Orange Forest but were being held at bay by the elite guards of the Goddess herself.  King Connis sent his fastest rider with his reply.


Are you out of your fucking mind?  After you have forsaken me?  Banishing me to Darrealm after I led your armies to victory over the last group of barbarians you pissed off?  Now you just expect me to come to your rescue again?  Who the fuck do you think you are?  Oh yeah, a Goddess…  That’s sarcasm in case you couldn’t figure it out.  What kind of Goddess can’t just wipe out her enemies anyway?  My forces were personally trained by me, and you know that I was able to make this shit hole my own after you sent me here with nothing.  Don’t worry about us, we’ll kick the shit out of these bitches.  Good luck to you though.


“Wow,” the Goddess thought to herself when she read his reply, “That man is bitter.”

Sha’ne’a and Connis had a history.  Sha’ne’a met Connis just after her ascension, when he was General of the Army of the Northern Realm.  After witnessing the way that Connis fought so bravely, she fell in love with him.  When they met, he fell for her too.  Their passionate love affair remained secret until a traveling minstrel happened to witness their love-making in the Purple Meadow.  Sha’ne’a, as a member of the divinity, was strictly forbidden from relations with a mortal.  Connis, wanting to save his love, claimed he had taken the Goddess by force.  He convinced her to go along, and she banished him, stripped of all weapons and supplies to Darrealm.  She had attempted to contact him numerous times, only to be ignored.

Connis did not wait for the original letter from the Goddess to reach him.  As soon as his scouts learned of the Mauradite invasion, he prepared his forces against them.  Along with the forces from the Clov’ah Realm across the sea, he would land in the Northern Realm behind the Mauradite forces, opening up a two front battle and virtually encircling the Mauradites.  He could only hope that Fohlom, the demon king of the Mauradites would be too busy planning to overrun the remaining stronghold of the Goddess to notice his attack.

With the counteracting magic of Fohlom, Sha’ne’a’s powers were all but neutralized.  With her attentions directed at the defense of the Orange Forest, the remaining unoccupied lands, and her own existence, she did not see the ploy from Connis for the disguise for her rescue that it was.  She sent back an angry letter as she prepared to face the end to the realms.

King Connis,

You disgusting mortal.  I come to you, seeking your aid, and you allow a situation you created to prevent the rescue of not only myself, but all of the peaceful innocents within the realms I oversee?  As I am a Goddess, I shall be alive forever, unless I’m taken from this existence by the demon king.  If somehow I should continue to exist after the fall of the realms, I shall grant you everlasting life, so that I may torment you for eternity.

Goddess Sha’ne’a

Connis landed with an army of 25,000 on the shores of the Northern Realm.  They marched for days until they were within sight of the rear of the Mauradite lines, 100,000 strong.  Connis estimated the remaining forces of the Goddess to number at about 10,000.  Connis smiled at the situation he faced.  Outnumbered, he relished the opportunity to prove heroic against a superior force.  As darkness fell, he threw his army into battle.

Of the 35,000 fighting for the realms, only about 5,000 remained.  The Mauradites were completely destroyed however, and the realms were again safe.

In her home in the Orange Forest, a rider brought the Goddess the letter from Connis.

My Goddess Sha’ne’a,

I worship thee to this day.  Banished to the Darrealm lands, was not a sacrifice in that I was away from my home, but that I was away from your love.  I have not forgotten our time together, nor would I ever.  With time and distance between, you remain my driving force.  It is an honor to prepare to fight for you once again.  I have lived for you since before you ever knew me.  I volunteered to fight so that I might fight for you.  I accepted punishment for a crime uncommitted to spare you the consequences of my desire for you.  If I should die in this battle, if I should die fighting for you, then I die in love.  If I should live, I ask that we face the gods together; confident in our combined strength.  My heart has always been with you.


The Goddess didn’t need the rider to inform her that the letter was taken from the body of the king.  The blood stains where he clutched the scroll revealed it as she read.

A day later, Connis arrived at the home of the Goddess, having been granted immortality by the Goddess in anger.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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