3 Day Quote Challenge, Part III…Return of the Quote

Hello dear reader(s)!

It is hard to believe it is over.  I can honestly say, that back when I started this journey, I was a much different person than the man I am today.  Much different in that I was three days younger.  This challenge, and the growth that came with doing it, I can dishonestly say, was the most influential part of my life.

I would once again like to thank Leanne for nominating me to participate.  Please check out her blog.

With this challenge I’ve previously stayed away from the usual historical or literal quotes that people so often think of when thinking about quotes.  And today is no exception.  Not that this quote wouldn’t fit into the annals of great literature.

“So I trick myself, like everybody else.  I crouch in fear and wait.  I’ll never feel again.” – Robert James Smith

That’s right, this is part of Sinking by The Cure.

I am usually a fan of harder music.  Not metal, but more on the rock side of rock.  But The Cure is one of my favorite bands.  Unapologetically poetic, incredibly artistic, and introspective…if you want a song to explain or enhance an emotion, The Cure probably has one.  The music isn’t overly complex but is just enough to create the feel each song needs.  The arc of the vast majority of their songs is like a good book.

Maybe it is the hopeless romantic in me, or maybe the fact that I have always believed that music should be an expression in emotion as opposed to a technical exercise (despite my love for Rush, who are extremely technical), but I really enjoy their music and am extremely excited they are touring next year.  I hope they have a show close enough to where I will be at the time to go.

The funny thing, is that I used to despise them.  I think it was because my sister would play their music when she was an angst-ridden, mopey teenager.  We used to call her Sandra (because of a Cosby Show episode where Sandra is walking around with headphones singing a depressing song after a break-up.)  Maybe my sister was just listening to good music and we didn’t know it.

So now it is time to nominate my three nominees for the day.  The last time for this challenge.  It really is a bitter-sweet moment.

But first, let’s bow our heads and observe a moment of silence for the passing of this challenge.





Okay, I’m not going to nominate three people.  Fuck it, it’s my last day.  I’m not going to do extra work on my last day.  I already have my letter of recommendation.  My nomination is anyone who would like to participate.  Let’s do a music quote!  What lyrics do you want to quote and why?  Is there a band or musician outside of your favorite style that you particularly like?  If you want to do this, and want me to see it, just post your link in the comments.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

3 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge, Part III…Return of the Quote”

  1. My sister has informed me that she was not a fan of The Cure, just one song. Which is still enough for me to remember her listening to it and thinking she was emo (before emo had a name) but I wanted to share her side of the story. Although, I don’t see why, because liking The Cure is not a bad thing.

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