Profits Over People

Mob rule took over outside the Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday, when a crowd urged an armed man to shoot someone in the head — and he listened.

Source: Cowboys Fans Told Gunman To Shoot Victim In The Head, So He Did Exactly That (VIDEO) «

Now, this site is a little too much liberal propaganda for me, (coming from a Democratic Socialist) but the facts of this story are correct.  Ignore the spin.  To break them down simply you have:

  • Two people get into a fight in the parking lot of a Cowboy’s game in Dallas.
  • One person pulls a gun and puts it to the head of another person.
  • Witnesses say the bystanders were egging on the shooter to shoot.
  • Shooter shoots the person in the head.

This will not be a post about gun control.  It will mention guns, but that is far from the point of this post.

What the fuck is going on with people today?  A lot of people blame Texas because high-profile acts of ammosexual stupidity seem to happen a lot there; but the truth is, this could have just as easily have been San Francisco, San Diego, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or anywhere else with a major sports team.  It could have been anywhere anyone gathers in pubic and people bring in their little dick extensions.  Whether it be a gun, a knife, a bat, or just their fists, this kind of shit is becoming all too common.  The gun just makes the results more severe.

A fucking football game, an argument, and a sign of disrespect are not reason to go after someone’s life.  Your rep is nothing.  Why would you care about looking how hard you are when you are just going to end up looking like a homicidal asshole after it is all over?  Congratulations, people now think you are a piece of shit.  Hope that helped.

And the people egging them on?  Who the fuck do they think they are?  A man might die.  How do they sleep at night?  What kind of person wishes for that?

Football fans?

Maybe.  Maybe the hard-hits of the soon to be concussed gladiators are not enough for people when the game is done.  We’ve seen it increasingly in stadiums all over the country.  It has become so bad that I would have to caution anyone I knew against going to a game.  A game.  They are fucking games,  Your team is not your team.  The executives, coaches, and players make up the teams.  You cheer.  The only time you help a team win is by being so loud the other team might get a few false starts.  You didn’t win, you didn’t lose.  When someone says your team sucks ass, they are talking about the team you cheer for.  Only the team employees and ownership should have a right to be offended, and they hopefully aren’t going to come after your life.  Get over it, and grow up.

I spent years not watching football, but decided to give it another chance this year.  I will not watch another game.  The NFL has demonstrated time and time again they will put money over the lives of the fans who pay them.  Cowing to their corporate alcohol sponsors, allowing excessive drinking in their stadium’s properties, and hiring people violent enough to warrant suspensions from their own league.

Take Dallas owner Jerry Jones.  In a very short time, he has shown in a few different incidents that he has no regard for the people who pay him.  By hiring Greg Hardy after he allegedly (and was convicted but only let off because the victim refused to cooperate) committed violence against a woman, Jones showed that he welcomes a violent mindset into the league.  He has made clear to the world that he places profits before people.  Then, by allowing tailgating in the parking lot, with alcohol and weapons (whether there are rules or not, it is not enforced) to what used to be a family event, he is slapping the fans that pay him right in the face.  Jerry Jones has plenty of money to beef up the security in his parking lot, I guarantee it.

But it isn’t just football.  It seems as though the people in this nation can not leave home without their precious weapons.  Their pride is more important than their lives.  The US is once again the laughing-stock of the world not because of the guns, but because of our inability to attempt to solve problems without them.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if we can’t use the right without doing stupid shit like this…maybe it shouldn’t be a right.

I will bet there were many people in that parking lot with guns.  Why didn’t the good guys intervene?

The good guy with a gun theory is a crock of shit anyway.  You have the person who accidentally shot the car-jacking victim in the head, you have the fact that nations had armies before Hitler sent them to the gas chambers (they didn’t willingly give up anything), let’s also not forget the Warsaw uprising (heavily armed citizens that just were no match for a fully equipped army, no matter how brave they were), and you have Michigan.  Michigan, with its formerly massive militia and a large amount of gun owners.  Michigan, where Governor Snyder was allowed dictatorial powers against the will of the people to bypass the locally elected officials that resulted in the poisoning of the city of Flint’s drinking water supply.  Where are your guns standing up to tyranny there?

The idea that your rifles can take on the better equipped and better trained government forces is fallacy and you know it.  And your inability to act responsibly with weapons granted to you hundreds of years ago just shows that maybe you shouldn’t have them.

Of course, nobody can get rid of guns.  The gun-lobby and the gun fetishists won’t allow even the most basic controls.  There is simply no point in talking about it.

But what about our culture?  Why do we feel we need these guns?  What the hell are we so afraid of?  Why can’t we take an insult as words that, while sometimes too harsh, do not require an escalation to physical violence?  Why can’t we let people play a game, and watch and cheer?  Can we change that?  Can we take reasonable steps to act like fucking adults?  Can we just go out to our schools to learn, our games to cheer, and our movie theaters to pay way too much for concessions?

Maybe we could start by not glorifying violent behavior.  Maybe we could quit looking at bullets and aggression as dollar signs.  Maybe our businesses could quit allowing violent people a place in their workplaces and spotlights.  Football will always be a violent game, but that is between the athletes on the field with some rules.  We should not allow them to be violent off of it.

We should at the very least secure our public places from those who wish to compensate for their emasculation with violence.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

3 thoughts on “Profits Over People”

  1. That’s crazy! Yes I am a diehard Cowboys fan but this isn’t cool. I don’t like Jerry Jones though. I’ve liked the Cowboys before Jerry Jones. People are crazy too! The whole gun control thing is also getting out of hand. Thanks for sharing this!

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