The Guardian of the Girl

Hello dear reader(s)!  This is a FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE from the awesome site (I call his a site, rather than a blog, not sure why) of Dan Alatorre.  You can click on his name if you’d like to be transported through the magic of the intertubes to his post.

Basically, you go to this website, hit the button to give you random titles, and then choose a title of the six and write a roughly 1000 word story about it.  Sounded like fun, so here we are.

These were my choices.

Screenshot 2015-10-11 at 11.40.15 AM

As you can see by my title, I chose The Guardian of the Girl.

The Guardian of the Girl

Chad from Sig Ep was planning the party to end all parties.  It would be a themed party on Saturday, right after the last WolfPack game of the season.  Usually, Sig Ep parties were simply word of mouth, but this one would have tickets printed.  It would be heavily controlled to ensure only the right people were allowed in.

The theme for the party was a White Party.  Chad laughed about the double meaning of the theme.  The only non-whites at a Sig Ep party were some select student athletes or the token pledges.  Additionally, since a couple of entire sororities were invited, and they had to have their token members, there would be just enough to claim that they were not excluding minorities.  In actually, Chad wished that he could keep out anyone whose parents were not WASP’s, but he had to recognize the limits of even his power.

Chad popped the collar on his Banana Republic polo and strutted out the door of the house.  As he walked along University toward the classes, he passed Stephanie walking in the other direction.

“Hey Stephanie Sweet Thang,” he leered.

“Fuck you, Chad!” she replied without so much as glancing in his direction.

“Dyke!” Chad said trying to cover the sting of her millionth rejection.

Stephanie was a Junior.  Her entire time at the university was a constant barrage of sexual harassment from entitled fratboy douchebags such as Chad.  She never once went to a frat party, stayed away from sororities, and did her best to stay out of the spotlight so many of her peers sought out.  She was there for an education, and was heavily involved in many of the social causes that pop up on campus.  Stephanie’s mother was an Indian woman, and her father was a fourth generation Irish Bostonian.  Her father was essentially kicked out of the family for his love of her mother and worked hard until he died her Freshman year in an accident at the plant.  Her genetic makeup made her very attractive to douchebags like Chad, even if they would freak out if they knew her mother was from India.

Chad and his kind started as soon as she arrived on campus.  At first, before she knew who they were, Stephanie was flattered by all the attention.  After hearing the same graphic jokes and racist tirades, she quickly realized that attention from them was attention she’d rather not have.  When Sig Ep marched through campus under her apartment building chanting, “No means yes, yes means anal,” Stephanie saw them as the threat to humanity they were.

Stephanie was very popular and the non-douches around campus used her name as a description for all beautiful and kind women.  The better guys at the university would occasionally be heard saying things like, “That girl Tawny is a total Stephanie.  I think I’m going to ask her out.”  And, “I had fun with Veronica, but she’s too one-dimensional.  I’m looking for a Stephanie.”

David was in a massive one-sided love affair with Stephanie.  He had many shared interests with her, they were on a lot of organizing committees together, and he loved everything he knew about her.  He didn’t know if Stephanie would have given him the time of day or not, because he never got up the nerve to talk to her in any kind of non-academic or cause related way.  He didn’t know that Stephanie actually found him to be attractive when they first met, but dismissed him as uninterested.

Chad knew though.  Chad could tell that David had a huge crush on Stephanie.  Chad didn’t like that this kid was better at talking to Stephanie than he was.  Chad got laid all the time, but he thought he should be able to have everything.  Chad was especially mad that this punk could talk to her.  So he started to mess with David.  He would kick his leg out when David was walking in front of him.  He would tell people that he saw David and some other guy fucking around one day.  He would make a smart-ass joke anytime David said something intelligent in Western Civ.

Stephanie got her invitation and tickets to the party and threw them in the trash.  It was the anniversary of her father’s death that day and she was debating on whether or not she could even make it through classes.  She decided she could and left her apartment for the short walk to campus.  When she walked passed the Sig Ep house, Chad was waiting.  He was standing on the sidewalk and grabbed her ass as she walked by.

“You’re going to give it up to me one day,” he said menacingly.

Stephanie reached into her purse and pulled out her pepper spray, hitting Chad with a full blast right to the eyes.  As she ran away, she heard Chad yell, “Bitch, you’re fucking dead!  We’re going to all give it to you before I cut your fucking throat!”

As Stephanie was running with tears in her eyes, she smashed right into David.  David tried to calm her down and got the story of what had happened.  She told him she wanted to go home, and asked her to go with her to make her feel safer.  Together, they walked the back way to Stephanie’s apartment and he listened to Stephanie cry as she told him all about how much she hated Sig Ep and Chad.  She told him how they never let up.  When Stephanie calmed down a little, David told her not to worry, that he would take care of it.  He went to the kitchen and grabbed her a beer.  When he went to throw the bottle cap in the trash, he saw the tickets.  He quietly pocketed them.

Saturday night, David put his two handguns into the pockets of his new white suit.  Tickets in hand, he looked in the mirror and told himself, “You are the guardian of the girl.”


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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