Brandon, Part 2

{Continued from Brandon, Part 1}

The letter she wrote back to the asshole arrived back a few days later.  She figured because there was a handwritten letter, that it did not come from the payment center of his bank, but apparently it had.  She wondered how on Earth he got the handwritten letter to go out with a draft that was almost completely automated.  She also wondered why he would go to such lengths to include the note, and have it sent from his bank; hiding his address from her.  She began to worry about her and Brandon’s safety, though the asshole had never been violent before.

Meanwhile she had enrolled Brandon in online classes.  She wanted to advance him into regular school, but Brandon protested.  He was talking now quite a bit.  It seemed his outing as a genius made him realize there was no point in hiding the truth from his mom any longer.  So they reached an agreement, he would stay with his friends but after she picked him up, he would do an hour of online classes a day.  He burned through the coursework so quickly, it soon became clear she would need to start enrolling him in online university courses.  After completing all of the free courses offered by MIT with no errors, she decided to actually seek to gain him admittance.

She took him to the school and they interviewed with just about everybody who had ever worked there.  Each time they would realize Brandon’s genius they would call in their superiors to see the youngest, greatest mind they had encountered.  When the child began correcting their materials and theories, and explaining to them where they went wrong, they were simply dumbstruck.  They were worried about having a child that small learning along side much older students, so the staff volunteered to teach him privately after-hours.  He had his first PhD within a year.

The press caught hold of this and had been bothering Brandon and Amber for interviews.  Neither one accepted any offers and shunned the attention.  After getting harassed by the press for a month or so, there was a knock on the door.  Amber went to answer it, prepared to tell another reported to find another story.  She opened the door to two police officers.

“Amber Martin?” the officer asked.

“Yes,” Amber replied, wondering why the police were at her door.

“This is for you.” he reached out with the summons in hand.  “Can you sign this clipboard that you have received it?”

“Yes, of course,” she replied as she signed her name.

The officers left and she went back inside to read whatever she had been served.  It was a notice of suit, from the asshole, saying that she had stolen money from his account, and a date to appear in court.  She couldn’t imagine that the asshole was trying to get the money he sent her back, and wondered why he would put her through this.  She searched for the note and found it in the top drawer of the computer desk.

She sat on the couch sobbing, wondering why he would do this.  She just didn’t understand the point.  He took off when she said she was pregnant.  There was nothing she did to him except try to collect the support.  Why would he play this game with her?

Brandon, who had gotten a ride from campus with Professor Tomlinson unlocked the door and she quickly tried to hide that she was upset.

“I know mom.  I know what he is doing,” he said first thing when he opened the door.  “He won’t get away with this.”

“How do you know?” she asked him, completely stunned.

“I feel things mom.  I’m trying to learn how, but I do,” he said to her in an attempt to comfort her.

By this point, she was pretty much used to the oddness that came with Brandon, and accepted what he said at face value.  She simply nodded and reached out her arms for a hug.  Brandon hugged his mom and grabbed a binder, a notepad, a pen, and then got on the computer and began printing things off.  His little fingers typing away at the keypad at speeds she could only dream of being able to do.  The screens flashing before him as he moved from window to window.

“I think our case is air-tight,” he told his mother when the typing stopped.  “I’m going to walk you through it now.”

They went over the case together.  He walked her through, step-by-step.  He had her feeling like a cold-blooded attorney by the end of the session.  She was ready.  She looked at her son and thanked him for being him.

“You are the best mother someone like me could choose, so I chose you,” he said in a way that made her feel as though he really had.

“Well, I am honored you chose me to be your mom.”

The court date had arrived.  She was nervous, but prepared.  As she sat watching the proceedings of other cases, she saw the asshole glaring at her from the other side.  His gaze cut right though her, and she began to worry again.  The door in the back of the courtroom opened, and Brandon walked in, and sat down next to his mom.

“I took time out of class.  I had to help you,” Brandon whispered to his mother.

“You are an angel.  I’m so lucky to have a son like you,” she said to him as a wave of peace swept across her.

“Thank you, mom.  I’m no angel though,” he said to her.

Then she saw him turn and look straight at the asshole.  She didn’t see her son say anything.  She didn’t see him change his expression.  She only saw the asshole’s reaction.  She saw the man glaring at her turn a pale white.  She saw the asshole become terrified.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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