Just Stop

Hello dear reader(s)!

Stop saying the shooter was mentally ill.  I would like to see your psychiatry credentials.  I would like to see your social work degree or your psychology degree.  I would also love to know how you feel you can diagnose someone after their death.

Mentally ill people are far more likely to be the victims of violence as opposed to the perpetrators.¹  These assumptions that any of these mass shooters was mentally ill is simply offensive.  People are attempting to justify the things they can’t understand by assuming the people must be mentally ill.  I have read posts today about depression being involved and how these shooters just “snapped”.  Snapping is not a symptom of the mentally ill.  It is a symptom of the mentally weak.  It is also hard to say that someone snapped, when they premeditated a murder.  If depression were the reason, how come depression overwhelmingly affects women, yet these shooters are nearly always men?

I also do not buy any arguments that the media is to blame in these.  If people were seeking attention, they could find it in other ways.  My stupid blog-type-thing gets me plenty of attention.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but there is always attention.  If I bought into the blogging gimmicks and marketing, and if I followed people for numbers, I could have even more.  When I play drums I get attention.  When I dress a certain way I get attention.  These people do not seek attention, they want to hurt to people.

Pure and simple, too many fucking people in our society (who are not mentally ill) are just simply sadistic.  Sadism is not a mental illness.

I feel so strongly about this, that I don’t think there should ever be any Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity pleas.  This, coming from someone with two mental illnesses.  And it is simply because when I fight the battles within my own mind, I am fighting myself.  When I fight battles outside my own mind, it is always started by someone else.  I’ve never even thrown a punch without being threatened, and I never will.

Anymore, when I see shooting after shooting after war after war, I am beginning to wonder if I am actually mentally ill.  Maybe I am one of the few sane people left in our society.  Why is it so hard to believe there are just some evil fucking people who do not belong in our society?  We’ve only been killing each other since our species came into being.  Whether it be because you are a failure in life and blame everyone else for it, or because your neighbor Ugh has a more spacious cave than you; people sometimes go out of their way to hurt others.  Those people are fucking evil.  They are not necessarily sick.

“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

And why should we be surprised when these things happen?  When our own governments kill innocents it is justified as “collateral damage”.  The bottom is line is that innocent people are still being killed.  Sometimes the excuse is security.  Sometimes the reasoning is ideology.  Sometimes it is dismissed as faulty intelligence like when we killed an innocent man in a drone strike because he was tall and so was Bin Laden.  (I’m not making that up, though I wish I were.)  Why should we be surprised when it is visited on innocent people close to home?

These random mass shootings aren’t even the most common type.  Nor are the gang related mass shootings.  The most common type of mass shootings are domestic.

Your mom, dad, girlfriend/boyfriend, brother, or sister have a higher likelihood of killing you in a mass shooting than a stranger in your school.  Only one in six of the mass shootings are public massacres.  You do not need to worry nearly as much about the schizophrenic stranger as you do your own “normal” seeming family.  If you’re going through a divorce, or your parents are, (particularly if there is a bitter legal dispute involved) that is when you might want to think about that bullet proof vest and concealed carry permit.  The man walking down the street talking to himself is too concerned about the voices to bother with you.

It is a fact, some people are violent.  Some people are just plain evil.  Most of those people are not mentally ill.  Some are.  Most people who are mentally ill are peaceful.  Some aren’t.  It is about the same for both sets of the population.  I would go so far as to say that the capability for violence and evil exists within all humanity, if we give into it.  Mentally ill people have usually had more than their fair share of suffering and do not want anyone else to go through what they went through.  Or do you really think you could see someone like Robin Williams hurting anyone but himself?

Just stop trying to excuse the behavior of weak and evil people as being ill.  Quit making excuses for the darker side of humanity.  Quit looking for reasons other than, “Yes, the shooter was a fucking waste of DNA.”

By doing so, you are letting people off of the hook for their actions.  You are also adding to the already incredible stigma people who are legitimately mentally ill face in trying to get help to win the battles they must fight within.



Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

18 thoughts on “Just Stop”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. I have been trying unsuccessfully to market the idea that some people are evil, and evil is not a mental illness. Every time one of these mass killings happens, the press turn into armchair psychologists and hint darkly at the shooter being a “loner…obsessed with video games…” which describes a large percentage of young males, most of whom are not mass murderers. The result of this kind of irresponsible reportage is that those of us who ARE mentally ill find ourselves more stigmatized, marginalized, and less likely to let it be known, because the public at large equates mental illness with mass destruction. Great. Just what we need.

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  2. Reblogged this on Bipolar For Life and commented:
    Josh has hit the nail on the head. He has put words to the thoughts that rage through my brain every time one of these horrible massacres occurs, and the press and its hand-picked interviewees start up the old saw: “Mentally ill..he must have been mentally ill…”


  3. I hate armchair psychologists, from everything like the shootings to just daily interactions (coworker issue there… Ugh…)

    so, thank you for thos.

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  4. I have a problem with thinking people are evil, as evil is a religious creation, like sin. There are so many things we don’t know about the brain, and I think sometimes people aren’t able to help themselves, like with drug addiction. And those who suffer from traumatic brain injuries also have problems with controlling aggression and violence.

    If some of these shooters were mentally ill, then the problem seems to be in the lack of mental health care services and undiagnosed conditions. There is also a connection with the military, especially since they began accepting soldiers who were mentally ill, and all of the drugs they hand out to make better soldiers.


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      1. I think killing each other is too long in our history to be a symptom of society. I also believe we have evolved out of the necessity to do it, but some of us don’t want to use the reasoning side of their brains they have evolved.

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  5. Can we even classify these mass shootings as “random”? When you seek your fellow classmates as prey to shoot like fish in a barrel as that guy did in Oregon (and now there’s been two more shootings since then), it doesn’t sound so random to me.

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  6. I hear you. No. The normal people are killing babies by the drove and using there bodies for research under the name planned parent hood. However they walk scot free and the government forces us to support them.
    Tony R


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