Can We Deserve It

Freedom should be all that matters
Does freedom include the right to enslave
Does freedom mean sending some to their grave
Our notion of civilization in tatters

Terrorize people while quoting your rights
Does your right to free speech give right to intimidate
Does your right to bear arms give right to annihilate
Do your rights help you to more restful nights

I’ve long thought that people could be armed
I’ve long believed but as the numbers mount
And as bodies pile up and I’m losing count
I think our notions of freedom have been far too harmed

If we were stronger and could withstand the pain
Instead of using them to harm innocent others
Or just using them to defend our brothers
Perhaps our right to them should remain

But as sadistic hordes take away lives
And stockpiles gathered putting people in fear
And nobody tries for their sanity here
No notion of freedom surely survives

And bullies post pictures designed to unnerve
Of bibles and bullets in cheap camo gear
I ask myself what is happening here
Perhaps it’s a freedom we do not deserve

What’s so bad about a background check
Remember honor in fighting by hand
Last line of defense for you and your land
Not a go to threat from every red neck

One on one, no kicking when down
And I always thought that you could carry
If you could use when just necessary
Not taking vengeance for times pushed around

Obviously it’s something people can’t do
As large swaths of the world start to devolve
Too many people with problems unsolved
Thinking their guns are ways to own you

I wouldn’t say I’m completely converted
Guns could be useful for freedom’s preserve
But perhaps it’s a freedom we do not deserve
When out notion of freedom has been so perverted


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

10 thoughts on “Can We Deserve It”

    1. Thank you. I still don’t know how I feel about gun control (except universal background checks, always been in favor of that), but I just want us to get past the point where we need it. Pipe dream, I’m sure.

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