Return Of The Plague

Hello dear reader(s)!

Today is the second day of a pretty terrible cold.  While yesterday I had it and thought it was actually going away a little, today I woke up and it has come back, stronger and determined to strike within the Josh.  However, my National Security Adviser has decided to ignore the threat.  Typically, colds don’t bring me down.  Today, however, just out of an abundance of caution, I think my activity level will be about a big fat zero.  I need to monitor it to make sure it does not develop into something worse or make certain I don’t get a fever; because then things get ugly for someone like me.

So far, I’m not really achy, so I don’t think it is the flu.  My doctor told me at my last appointment I should get a flu shot, even though she is not certain it would do any good because of my lack of B-cells (that we know of at this time).  Well, hopefully it isn’t a moo point (thanks Joey) and I can just take it easy today, watch some Netflix that is boring enough I won’t mind falling asleep to it, and feel better sooner rather than later.  I got a nighttime cold medicine to prevent me from getting bored and trying to be active, but I also got a pumpkin spice latte this morning so I think that’ll counteract it.

I can’t believe I have a winter cold in a stretch of days near 90 degrees.  I blame the schools.  If they hadn’t started so early this year, I wouldn’t be feeling this way for at least a month.  I know that sticking a bunch of gross, nose-picking, not hand washing kids in one place is going to lead to these kinds of things.  I also blame my friend Laura, because she should be doing a better job killing the germs at those schools.  That’s right Laura, I blame you!

Or maybe it was someone over at Brew Brothers, where I went to watch the Raiders win on Sunday.  Since that is really the only place I’ve been out to recently.  My guess is some employee went in sick and the next thing you know, the village is gathering the dead and building catacombs.  Anyone up for singing Ring Around The Rosie?

Every year we experience the same crap.  School gets back in session and everyone and their brother’s sister’s son’s cousin’s aunt’s uncle’s best friend’s former high school girlfriend gets it too.  Somebody’s little Johnny gets it from Diana because they were kissing on the playground.  Johnny, being the gross little boy he is, doesn’t wash his hands hardly at all, and goes home.  Mom then has to pick up Johnny’s shit because he is a spoiled little brat who can’t be told to pick up his own shit or have it taken away.  Mom then gets sick, but, not wanting to lose her job and have her and little Johnny and maybe dad if he is in the picture end up out on the streets, she goes into work.  In other words, the best argument in this country for paid sick leave is because I’m sick of getting Diana’s germs because she wants to show her friends she kissed a boy; even a disgusting brat like Johnny.  Paid sick leave is not only important to people like myself, it is also just a good idea to maintain productivity in the workplace.  One person goes home sick when they start feeling bad, before they can spread it, and you’re down one employee.  Otherwise, that person goes in and spreads it to all, and everyone is at 30% for a week, with a few call-outs when it gets really bad.  Idiot businessmen and their short-term thinking can’t see this, because they have no concept of long-game planning.

So you get sick buildings like my last job.  One person got sick, EVERYONE got sick.  And they got really sick.  Of course, no window doesn’t help anything, or a HVAC system that always smells like it is on fire when they first start running heat because they never fucking clean it doesn’t help either.  A friend of mine who still works there has strep.  They think she is playing hooky.  They always think that when someone is calling out sick, because they staff at base levels and freak the fuck out when someone is gone.  They also can’t seem to understand that when two employees live together (perfectly okay in different departments) they might both get sick at the same time and so there is nothing to be gleaned by both missing work at the same time.  A positive strep result and doctor’s note won’t necessarily do the trick either, because this is Nevada and employees have no rights.  The company over all is okay, the office and its management are shit.  Did you hear that Linda?  You suck on so many levels and all dysfunction there stems from you.  Or do you think that kind of supervisor and manager turnover is normal?  Or those many visits to HR?

So what about you dear reader(s)?  How are you feeling today?  Have you been making sure little Diana is keeping her mouth to herself?  Are you making sure Johnny washes his hands?  Are you going to work sick?  I would blame you, but I know sometimes there is no choice.  It isn’t you, it’s the system.

If I don’t have a post tomorrow…send help.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

30 thoughts on “Return Of The Plague”

  1. Get well sooon! Dengue’s what’s going around here so every time a mosquito lands on me, I awaken the inner ninja and start doing some serious moves. My whole body hurts trying to prevent getting infected with dengue that would give me joint pains. :$ I need to get my head examined.

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    1. I couldn’t think of anything that fit, so I just went the cute route. Then I figured they were fighting with a middle-aged claymore in the background (though about 300 years earlier than the plague) so maybe that could make it fit a little? HA!

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      1. No, you hit the nail on the head. That is the only part I’m concerned about, besides having to blow my nose and cough every 5 seconds. I just don’t want it to build to anything serious with how my immune system is.


  2. Oh my goodness, I always get a summer cold. My husband thinks I’m ridiculous, but I only get a cold when it is desperately hot outside. Having never had kids (well in school), it had never occurred to lil ‘ol dingbat me how I could still be affected by the rugrats many happy returns to school. How eye opening, though I always come down with my cold in late July. Please take care of yourself, and savor that scrumptious Pumpkin Spice. I only had a grande today. 🙂

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  3. I go to work sick, because I work at home. Rarely, I get really sick and can’t leave the bed, and then The Mister has to take a sick morning to get the kids off and a sick afternoon to be home for the kids. This almost never happens.
    The Mister has paid sick days, which means if he feels poorly, he can stay home and rest up. This also rarely happens.
    I agree with the need for employee rights and of course, paid sick days.
    I hope you get over your cold.
    PS: I make my kids wash up when they come inside from anywhere.

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