Mmm Girl

Hey A’ight Uh. Uh.  Yeah.

Mmm Girl, I want you to be my Bae
Thinkin’ ’bout yo body is what gets me through the day
I ain’t frontin’ yo and I ain’t gonna play
Hit me up girl and I’ll meet you ’round the way

Mmm Girl, you makin’ me so hard
Pushin mo sets thinkin’ bout you in da yard
Dreamin’ of you when I’m tryin’ to dodge the guard
I’m da urban poet they call me Homie Bard

Mmm Girl, want to take you to my bed
It’s the bottom bunk ’cause the top belongs to Ned
Keep on thinkin’ back to the words that you said
Why Homie Bard you gots to shoot him in the head

You waitin’ fo me, or you find you a sancho
Goin’ to the drive-in with him off El Rancho
Playin’ in the rain like two kids in a pancho
I’m hotter like a chili a ghost no pussy ancho

Did I mention that I’m 12 and I ride a bike
I rap shit like this cause that’s what my friends like
My name’s not Homie Bard, but my mommy calls me Mike
Unless in 3rd person then I’m her little tyke

When I said in the yard, I meant out in the back
Ned is my brother who says that I act black
Waste that punk-ass bitch in a nerf gun attack
Cause I’m a hardcore kid who ain’t afraid to pack

When I be sayin’ urban I forgot to add the sub
You wanna come over ’cause my mom’s makin’ some grub
We can hit my treehouse that my friends call da club
Mac n cheese for dinner ‘fore I gotta hit the tub

Careful of the guard ’cause he ain’t afraid to bite you
Just ’cause he’s a Pom don’t mean that he won’t fight you
Ain’t he freaking cute, you can pet him if he like you
Be careful he inbred so don’t know what he might do

Mmm girl, really wanna tap dat ass
Don’t know what dat means ’cause my mommy says it’s crass
Maybe we could kiss since we just shared a glass
Mommy likes you, we upper middle class


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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