The Confrontation

Hello dear reader(s)!

Today I fired my psychiatrist.  Why do I say I fired him?  Because I was paying him to do a job, and because of the support staff he chose to employ, the job was not getting done.  Therefore, I did not decide to go to another doctor, I fired him for his failure to execute the duties for which I paid him.

I don’t think that people look at businesses they provide money to in the correct way.  Businesses, regardless of their size, and their near monopoly status are nothing more than our employees.  Without our money, they will not stay in business too much longer.

After you have made a few complaints (performance reviews) and the issue(s) are not corrected, you need to fire that business.

After attempting to get in touch with the office staff all morning, hours in advance, for something as simple as confirming my upcoming appointment time, and not receiving a response back, I was upset.  This particularly after an appointment was rescheduled on me a few weeks ago without me confirming it.  The receptionist actually lied and said she spoke to me, but in fact, she only left a voicemail that I did not receive until later.  Now, I don’t care your reasoning, but when rescheduling someone’s appointment, you should not be relying on voicemail.  You should confirm the change is okay with the appointment holder.

So after receiving no response, I tried calling again and got stuck in an endless transfer loop.  I don’t know if the bitchy receptionist saw my number on the caller ID and decided to transfer me back into the queue, or if there was a problem with the phone tree.  Either way, I don’t care.  I pay good money for the expectation that my appointments will be scheduled correctly, and done with professionalism.

So, after that, I decided to send this e-mail.

Hello Dr. 

I am afraid I will no longer be utilizing your services as I simply cannot communicate with your office staff.  Every time after the fiasco with scheduling a few weeks ago I have called to confirm my appointment times and nobody has gotten back to me.  Today I called about two hours ago and left two phone numbers, and neither one has received a call. 

I tried calling again just prior to sending this email but got stuck in an endless loop of transfers after hitting option 1 to say I was calling as a patient.  Then I was told to wait while my call was being transferred by an automated voice.  Then I went back to where I started.  5 times later, and this is my only option. 

With the attitude and unprofessionalism I have encountered from your staff I feel I have no choice but to sever this arrangement and find treatment elsewhere. 

It is too bad, because I genuinely think you’re a good doctor.  Your staff is simply an extra added stressor that I don’t need in a situation where I am trying to learn how to live with stress. 

Thank you anyway,

Joshua Wrenn

In the past, I would have just never shown up to an appointment again and hoped they got the hint, but I am done being abused by businesses who think they are in a position of power over me when I am paying their salaries.  I wanted this doctor to know exactly why I was not interested in coming back to his practice.  Maybe in the future, he will be more careful about who he hires.

I have no problems at all in confronting people who I think have treated me unfairly now; or confronting people who I do not think are doing their jobs well.  What especially irritates me about this situation, is that I am a psychiatric patient who is having to deal with the bitchy receptionist and other office issues they have.  With the attitude she has given me, and with the non-responses I have gotten, it makes me wonder how many people who are more vulnerable than me have experienced this kind of treatment.  Luckily, I consider myself fairly stable, but I wonder about those people who are not.

All of this brings me to a larger point.

If I ever do something to offend you, or you just do not want to deal with me, please don’t assume I will just “take the hint”.  Don’t be afraid to confront me.  How else will I ever know what I did was wrong?

And if anyone, or any entity wrongs you in any way, confront them as well.  Nothing will ever improve unless someone knows there is something wrong.

Unless of course your issue with the entity is that your “kids don’t eat green things” and that you don’t like people speaking other languages in an ethnic restaurant, and that you don’t know how to storm out of a door the correct way after telling someone “to get it right the first time.”

Then, you need to confront yourself.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

17 thoughts on “The Confrontation”

  1. Go Josh. Not enough of the time people have the guts to confront people who are making their lives unnecessarily miserable. I can’t say i’ve quite had the experience of your magnitude of lameness, but I’ve definitely felt like I needed to give a piece of my mind but hadn’t quite made the leap. Thank you for inspiring me to own it.

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  2. That video was everything. I’m sorry things didn’t work out with your doctor, but I’m glad that you said something about the poor customer service. I hope the doctor makes some changes!

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  3. I used to work in a simple chain-type optician (Specsavers) and if we had to reschedule due to actual problems (say, an optician couldn’t make it), if we hadn’t actually spoken to the person, she or he would be welcomed in any case, fitted in somehow, and we would apologise profusely for any trouble (say, being seen later than the original appointment because we had to fit more people in). Voicemail was as considered as not having spoken with the person at all. And that was even if their visit would have been covered by the National health System and therefore we made next to no money from it. That is just unprofessional and if more people did what you did, offices and business would stop taking the piss. You are right, ESPECIALLY when dealing with vulnerable people (in our case, elderly, mothers taking kids out of school, etc., in your psychiatrist’s case people with mental health problems) that is just not on.

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  4. My word. That woman. Oy.
    I hear ya on the dr business. Truly. My husband’s family has a great dr. He’s almost as great as mine, lol — no, really, he’s great. BUT he has such incredibly bitchy staff. When we moved back here, we tried to get sick Moo an appointment and they were all, “We’re not accepting new patients.” I repeatedly told her that the dr treated my son, my husband, my in-laws. I told her we’d moved away but we were back. I told her, “You tell him Mottern and he’ll make room for her.” I’d been to that dr’s office for many years before that woman worked there. Meanwhile I called my dr and made an appointment for Moo. We were at my doctor’s office when the lady from other dr called to tell me she could schedule an appointment. No thanks.
    Now, our family sees my dr.
    I cannot tell you how many dr’s offices are ruined by rude staff. Seems like they don’t want to work. I hear and read these scenarios all the time. The dr is not a celebrity and those bitches are not bodyguards!

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  5. M’s former psych did that when I was calling about him hitting a low several months after the suicide attempt. Call, page, call, call, email, etc. Buh-bye.

    My personal experience was the therapist who told me to treat my bulimia by eating less and exercising more because I obviously was overweight still. I did report her to my insurance company, that if someone called asking for eating disorder support to NOT recommend her. Not sure if anything ever came of it though.

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  6. I just figured out why I couldn’t comment before…never thought to scroll down to the bottom – doh! I just went through this with my DBT class…leaving messages that were never returned, unable to let the facilitator know she wasn’t being helpful by allowing participants to use the time as their personal therapy sessions, etc. I finally called the business office to ask for a refund or at least a credit (same clinic as my psych) for my co-pays, but of course they had to forward me to The Director’s voice mail (capitalized because she seemed to think he was so important). If that doesn’t work, I’ll call my insurance company, which probably won’t work either. But I digress…I have “fired” mental health professionals before for various reasons, but I’ve always felt guilty – like breaking up with someone. I think you did the right thing, and I’m proud of myself now for doing the same without feeling bad about it.

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