Refugee Status

Hello dear reader(s)!

By now we’ve all been subjected to the terrible images of refugees either dying or risking their lives to flee the entity we created by insisting that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction (An official CIA report put that one to bed, for anyone who still believes) and was worse of an adversary than the serious religious extremists his brutal regime kept in check.  Let us not forget our destabilization and arming of Syrian rebels because we didn’t like Assad, without thinking about the ultimate goals of said rebels.

Now, Syrians naturally want to get the hell out and we sit by and watch them attempt to reach refugee friendly countries in Europe and think about how tragic it is because we saw the picture of a boy washed up on a beach.

Where was the fucking outcry when we created this crisis?  Where were all the posts about our policies of starting a war that would affect millions of innocent lives in a half-assed attempt to change a regime of a sovereign nation because we didn’t get along?  Where was the outcry when we took out Saddam because he tried to kill Dubya’s daddy?  Where is the outcry when children across the globe are killed fairly regularly by our foreign policy in defense of our “interests”?

Is it because there wasn’t a picture of one of the children who looks like it could be any one of your children face down on a beach?

I think of these refugees, and I wonder why we don’t just start having flights out straight to the US in order to show some apology for the suffering our fucked up policies have caused in their lives.  We should let them in, feed them, house them, and buy them all new Tesla cars.  This is our fault.

But also, fuck Abbott.  It isn’t their fault, but this reef destroying, greedy slime-ball sociopath has no business running a country.  If we were going to try to initiate regime change, I say we start with Australia.  Let those refugees in, and then send them here to be taken care of.

However, then I think about it for a second.  And I think, “Who in their right fucking mind still wants to come to the US?  With our xenophobia, racism, classism, Oathkeepers, Christian supremacy movements, and Donald Trump?  When we have officials who are willing to shut down the government and cut off funds people need to live because they don’t want to fund women’s health?”

As someone who lives off of the government in large part, I am extremely concerned for my future ability to prevent starving to death.  With the openly Randian philosophies of many of our politicians, I worry that eugenics will come back to this country.  As someone with two diagnosed mental health disorders, and an immune system that prevents me from making a profit for other people, I am seriously concerned I have a giant target on my back.

Which is why, should Trump get elected, or should the government get shut down and I will not receive my Social Security Disability; I will be applying for refugee status in nations more concerned with civilization.

I am thinking places in Europe.  Preferably The Netherlands, Ireland, The UK (should Labour make a comeback), Sweden or Iceland.

As someone whose ancestral line includes immigrants, I am certain that the rhetoric being spewed by ignorant and hateful fascists, makes a pretty good case for why I would need it.  Additionally, as someone who relies on the assistance of others due to my physical and mental health issues, I am certain my very life is at stake from the policies of my own government.

That, then, is the whole reason why one would become a refugee.

So please, other countries, I am begging you.  Take me.  I don’t want to be around these devolving, hateful, sociopaths any longer.




Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

11 thoughts on “Refugee Status”

  1. Dear Josh,
    Sadly, the EU will collapse long before this shithole does, our psychopaths in Washington will see to that. As long as the US bullies the rest of the world into accepting the almighty $$$ as world’s reserve currency, destructive policies like regime change and resulting humanitarian crises go on.
    There is nowhere to run really, name one country that’s truly sovereign and immune from US foreign policy? Every nation that trades with the US relies on US dollar, which means their sovereignty is compromised, along with their leadership.
    It’s possible to live off grid, uncompromised, in Siberia or Mongolia… but that’s a huge shift in lifestyle. We have a better chance taking a stance and making changes locally, starting with local farmer’s markets, creating our own underground resource network, bartering, time sharing, becoming communally self sufficient and less dependant on the “system”.
    God help us all!


  2. Very well said. I feel this way about every human rights bandwagon-awareness that goes on as the cause-du-jour. Once these refugees are settled, what will all those speaking up now do next to help others still or keep this from happening?

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