No, It Wasn’t

Hello dear reader(s)!

Recently a lot of bloggers have been responding to a prompt about why they write.  It might have been one of those Blogging 101 or Daily Post things.  I don’t know, since I don’t do either.  However, I am sort of following this prompt tonight because I just had something recently come up which I feel needs clarification.

I am often asked (because I share my blog with friends and family) if any of my posts (particularly songs and poems) are about anyone in particular.  The answer to that is…well yeah, sometimes.

I can think of two things that I wrote for specific people that did not have their names right in it.  Two.  One for one person, one for another.

The poem The Frightened One was written about someone specific.  I think she knows who she is.  I have been very upfront in that regard.  The poem Refinished was inspired by and half-written for someone else.  It was actually written more to try and help someone else.  Occasionally I will write about real events in my life, but my poems and songs are usually meant to be fairly general.

For example, I finished a song (that I had been working on since January) recently and posted the lyrics to it either yesterday or the day before.  I was immediately asked by 4 girls who apparently think they wronged me at some point in the past if it was about them.  The answer to that is a definite, “No, it wasn’t.”

So why am I telling you this?

Because I am trying to write here, and this shit is affecting my personal life.

Do I write from experience?  Of course…generally.  I think a lot of the things I write about or the stories I tell are universal in nature.  They are meant for people to relate to them, but from my perspective.  That is kind of the point.  Who hasn’t felt the feelings we read about?  At some point in your life, haven’t you felt like you were deeply affected by someone?  Haven’t you felt lost or unsure of yourself?  Haven’t you felt you were wronged in some way?  Haven’t you felt you blew an opportunity you should have taken when you got the chance?

Okay, so maybe I’m lying.  Maybe they are about you in a way.  Maybe they are a combination of feelings and questions and thoughts taken from combined experience through my eyes and imagination.

And this post?  This post is definitely for you.  It is to let you know, that if you really read the words, you would know that what I wrote does not apply to any of our situations on the whole.

So please, do not worry.  I am not about to trash you in my little blog-type-thing.  (Not that it would matter, because of my HUGE follower count.  (That is sarcasm.))  If I send a message through my writing without specifically naming you, it will be one that is meant to show you that you are important to me in some way or another, and you will know exactly who I am talking to.

This isn’t Facebook.  I am not vaguebooking in here.  This is a place for me to write.  If you inspire me to write something nice about you, you won’t even have to wonder who I’m writing about.  If you inspire me to write something cold about you, I will name you (example:  Congress).  Otherwise, if you have to ask if a post is about you, you can answer with…

“No, it wasn’t.”


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

7 thoughts on “No, It Wasn’t”

    1. And the only two times it has been specific about someone (unless named, like when I’d tell stories about Hannah and I, in which case I was reading them to her before posting) was pretty clear to that people and left them unidentifiable.

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  1. I have that same thing, regularly, when people read my fiction. All I can say is that good art, in any form, should be easy to identify with. It isn’t good art if people don’t come away feeling something personal. Universal is the concept, absolutely.

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    1. Right, I mean, I want them to feel something, to connect to the words, but in a universal sense. Except those two I mentioned, those were both very personal and upfront to the people written for, but hopefully done in a way that would appeal broadly as well.

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