Not Back But…

Hello dear reader(s)!

I am posting this from my not-so-smart phone, from a cot in my wife’s hospital room so please forgive me if this is riddled with Type-O’s.  I mean typos.  Tie Poe’s?

Anyway, I know I said I wouldn’t be posting because I needed to devote all of my energy to my wife’s recovery, however, I am lying awake on a cot and that doesn’t require a whole hell of a lot of energy as far as I know.

So I thought I would jump on here in order to update anyone concerned on her progress and also to scream into the void so perhaps I can actually get some rest.

First, her progress:  She is making some.  They didn’t expect that at first, so that is a win.  However, she is reluctant to accept an uncomfortable form of treatment that is shown to speed her recovery and get her out of the proverbial woods sooner.  (For those of you unaware, the Proverbial Woods are a forest somewhere near Jerusalem since that’s where so many proverbs seem to originate.)  Meanwhile, I’m losing my shit.

Now for the venting:

I am really beginning to lose any optimism that I ever clung to.  Remember when I wrote that I wouldn’t ever bitch about drivers here?  Well, I guess I am a liar.  Because…

On my way back to the hospital today after rushing home to feed my cats and try to get some rest as well as eat dinner, take my meds, & calm down my stomach, I encountered 5 separate vehicles who just did the most lazy, entitled, fucked up moves within a mile stretch.

Vehicle #1:  He is in front of me, & I am a good safe distance behind him as we are both doing about 5 over in the right lane.  Sounds good so far, right?  We approach an intersection and he switches to the left lane.  Doesn’t sound like a problem, right?  But he TURNS into the left lane to where his truck is actually pointed in another direction for a moment and in doing so, he comes inches away from hitting a car in the center lane waiting to turn left. His ass-end is now sticking out in front of me for a brief second before he corrects and straightens out.  “Okay, at least nobody was hit, & I was far enough behind that it didn’t even slow me down,” I thought.  But then I noticed he did straighten out, & kept driving on that road for as long as I was on it.  Why the abrupt change?

I let it go.

Until a block or two later when a car (#2) turns right in front of me blowing through the stop and this time I had to slam on the brakes.

Close call, dodged that one.  Breathe.  Let it go.

Another intersection, this one is a 4 way stop.  Guy is sitting at the line to the right of me.(#3). Oncoming left turn maker (#4) is in looking at him.  I pull up to the line last and wait for someone to fucking move.  Nobody in the crosswalks, no reason not to go.  But they sit there.  Finally, I decide to go out of turn since nobody else is and my attempts at eye contact are in vain.  As soon as I do, so does left turn guy.  I stop when I see him going, so about a half of a car length into the intersection to avoid the accident.  Then as he turns past he flips ME off.  Meanwhile, guy to my right has not moved.  I went through the intersection and he was still there.  Might still be there now, for all I know.

Finally, I am pulling into the hospital’s parking garage o’ claustrophobia and am met with someone (#5) leaving through the entrance.  It is on my right (which is the side we drive on here in the States), & has a big “ENTRANCE” sign over the top.  After I avoid the head on, the driver turns left out of the entrance adding the final insult to good drivers everywhere by not using his turn signal.

This story does not include the person crossing against the light with his earbuds in, the car that almost wiped out another group of pedestrians in a crosswalk crossing legally, & every other car that couldn’t ever be bothered to move the tiny lever on their steering column to indicate a turn or lane change.

Now here’s the thing.  I know we all make mistakes driving sometimes.  But how fucking lazy and/or stupid does one have to be not to be able to flick a lever to indicate a change?  Who got their license but doesn’t understand the rules of a 4 way stop?  Who walks across the street with headphones against the light at a busy intersection?  Who goes over to the completely opposite side of the road to exit through an entrance?

Libertarians.  That’s who.

Think about it.  All these fucks aren’t just stupid, they’re willfully flaunting the rules that keep society functioning.  The mindset that nobody can tell you what to do has infected people down to the most base level.  “The government wants me to know how to make a proper lane change.  Fuck that, I don’t let the government tell me what to do.  The government wants me to cross with the light.  Fuck that.  The government wants me to not run over people .  Fuck that.  The government wants me to use rules to get through a 4 way stop.  Fuck that.  Nobody rules me.”.

Look.  A lot of the rules of society and government are stupid.  I get that.  But if you don’t follow them, civilization breaks down.  If you don’t like civilization, go find some empty land and stay the fuck off our roads.

I hope everyone is well, if I get time again, & things keep progressing, I may not kill this blog-type-thing after all.

Also, thank you everyone for the well wishes.  Much appreciated.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

16 thoughts on “Not Back But…”

  1. You make a sound and convincing argument. I agree, the Libertarians are responsible for the chaos on our roads, in our economic system, and on our planet. They should all be branded with an “L” on their foreheads, so that no one is ever fooled by them again. Greed is only good in the movies.

    Thinking of you and Hannah and a recovery filled with special moments. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Given all that is going on, bitch away about the drivers. You definitely are not alone there!

    Glad to hear there is some progress. peace and best wishes to you and yours on this journey.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Glad to hear your wife is making progress! Sorry to hear about the road rage… I hear that’s been going around. Lastly, your “Libertarian” comment made me guffaw. Glad you’re back… sort of. I mean… I’m glad you’re back, but you’re only “sort of back” so… that’s what I meant there. Blar. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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