Making It Through

Hello dear reader(s)!

Yesterday we were in triple digits again, but today it is expected to be MUCH cooler.  Finally the cool down we have been hoping for is upon us.  Today’s expect high is a nice, mild, 98 degrees.  Easy.

I am of course, kidding.  Anything above 85 here might as well be 105.  After 105, it might as well be 15,000.  This is of course in the Farenheit measuring system, because I think 98 Celsius would be only possible after a hydrogen bomb goes off.  Still, we are doing our best to make it through.

A couple of days ago, my refrigerator started getting warm.  The freezer was fine, but the fridge was not.  I turned up the fridge and we waited some to no avail.  I turned it back down and it seemed to help, but it was warm again this morning.  Luckily, all of this happened toward the end of our refrigerated food supplies, so the waste will not add up to a back-breaking amount.  This morning, I looked for reasons this issue may be occurring and found that there could either be a bad fan between the freezer and fridge, or the vents between are blocked.  There was a tiny bit of ice slightly obstructing a vent, but I am not certain it would have been enough to cause a problem.  I can hear the fan (I think) running in the freezer, so I doubt it is that.  I cleaned off all the ice and am waiting to see if it cools down.  If not, I will have to call my dad to come over and assist me in diagnosing and repairing.  I just hope the issue is repairable.  In the mean time, we are holding off on buying any refrigeration required items which is not good for both health and the wallet.

So after the ice scraping, and warm water melting, I decided to head to the grocery store to purchase a small amount of cottage cheese, a some small fruit cup or something for Hannah, and some muffins, cherries, and a coffee for me.  I usually make my own coffee, but with no milk because of no refrigeration, I had to rely on the more expensive coffee shop coffee.  So I went to the store and they had a Peet’s inside, which was good because I could order my large, almond milk, iced, white mocha, with no whip and drink it while getting the rest of the items required.  After I order the coffee and go to pay for it, I open my wallet to find my debit card is not in there.  I had given it to Hannah the day before when she ran in for some water and ingredients for last night’s vegetarian chili.

Fortunately, I had my tax refund debit card on me with a total balance of $13 remaining.  I knew I could at least get the coffee, some muffins, and pick up a ginger ale because Hannah had an upset stomach.  The cherries, cottage cheese, and fruit cup would have to wait.  So I grabbed my trusty tax refund debit card and swiped it through the payment machine.

“It says it is the wrong PIN.”

“Um, okay,” I said as I swiped again.

“It says the PIN is still wrong.”

“No, this is the right PIN,” I said as I swiped a third time.

“I’m sorry, it still says that it is wrong.”

At that point I asked her if she could stick my iced coffee in the fridge while I called my card provider.  I think I knew the problem.  You see, Hannah knows the PIN on my main card, but (because I do not like the same PIN on everything, I made the PIN on the tax refund card different.  I told her, but she forgot one day and kept trying the PIN from the regular card.  I would have assumed that any lock would be off, but I guess not.  As I called, the automated system told me that, sure enough, the PIN needed to be reset.  After answering all the security stuff I reset my PIN and was finally able to buy the coffee.  But how would I pay for the rest?  Even with no cherries, cottage cheese, and fruit cup, I doubted the remaining balance would be enough to cover.  Fortunately, I had $4 in cash.

I get the items, totaling it up in my head, and go to pay at the self checkout so I can do a split transaction.  I started with the cash and was relieved when the remaining total would be within the balance left on the card.

On the way home, around a blind curve, roughly 35 feet from the end of the block where there is plenty of sight and cross walks, I almost hit a group of 4 slow-moving people walking diagonally across the street.  They did not speed up once they saw me, no, instead they glared like I was the one in the wrong.  By this point, the heat was getting pretty bad.

I finally arrive home and go to unload the groceries.  Thinking I am being smart, I angle the Beastess as much under the shade as possible and look for a car window shade in the back.  (I used to have 4 pop-up ones.)  Well, now I only have 1.  Not sure why, but, whatever.  So I put the shade in the window where the most sun will shine in, and hang the towel I usually put on the seat (to stop the sweaty back that comes with leather) into the window and roll it up to hold it as a shade for that window.  I then go back to the back to grab the groceries to go inside, feeling somewhat successful.

That is when I see, in what seemed like slow-motion, the ginger ale making its way out of the bottom of the bag.  I tried to reach down and stop it, but this only served to allow the break to happen halfway in and halfway out of the bag.  Glass and ginger ale were now all over everything.  I cleaned things up the best I could, picked up the larger pieces of glass, closed up the Beastess, and went inside utterly defeated.

We’re almost out of cat food, and due to the holiday, I will need to pick up another couple of cans before the case I ordered arrives.  That means I will have to go out again at some point.  Given my previous attempt, I am pretty scared.

We’re barely hanging on, and as soon as I can muster up some energy when it is cooler, I am determined to find some ways to keep us cool and okay in what is sure to be an awful summer.  Not yet sure what that will be, but we are going to make it through.  We’ve been though enough hell already, no fucking heat is going to beat us!


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

27 thoughts on “Making It Through”

  1. Josh, I think you are living my life. Our kitchen refrigerator warmed up on Sunday, even though the freezer kept on going. We called in the repair people on Monday and after an hour, taking the whole thin apart, it turns out there is an electronic part that went out, and would eventually take the freezer down as well. The total to repair this, part having to be ordered and reinstalled — hopefully tomorrow, was about $267. Meanwhile, we had to put as much as we could in the already full second refrigerator in our garage and ended up throwing out hundreds of dollars worth of food. Our Trane AC went out the week before and was only repaired last night. What’s next? I cannot believe this coincidence.

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    1. I’m so sorry. That repair is definitely not within my budget so if that is the issue with me, hopefully my family can help out. We don’t have real AC, just a swamp cooler, which helps a little, but not enough. We have a window AC but it is packed away at Hannah’s moms somewhere and it needs to be found. Even then, I’m not yet sure where to put it to make it fit into these windows.


  2. I’m sorry to hear about the string of unfortunate happenings. It seems many of my good friends are going through similar situations 😦 I know it’s easy to say ‘hang in there,’ but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating! My husband and I send you & Hannah are best wishes, and hope tomorrow will be a better day. As always, please continue to take good care of each other.


  3. Geez, what a day! I can’t believe you have the patience to write about it! My 20 year old fridge does this in hot weather, too, which we have plenty of. My hubby takes everything out of the freezer (side by side) and literally takes the blow dryer to the back panel of coils or fins? that get all iced up. That usually does the trick. Our ice maker stopped working too, of all weeks, and it had a melted chip that refroze preventing the water to spray into the ice maker. Hang in there!

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