Burning Churches

Black churches are being torched across the South in alarming numbers.  For anyone who thought that the Charleston shooter was a lone-wolf, or was not part of a long, deeply rooted culture of hate and discrimination, this should serve as a wake-up-call.

Throughout the South, in the open and with the support and cooperation of some in government and law enforcement, terrorist organizations…sleeper cells; have been waiting to strike against the people of the United States of America since after the Civil War.  These groups have formally disbanded, existed in secret, regrouped in public, gone underground, and emerged at various times throughout history.

With the election of the nation’s first black President, and the civil rights gains achieved not by his administration, but from the attitudes of the rest of the nation along with the demand for the just application of existing laws; these terror groups have activated once again.

The Tea Party, and the Republicans who embraced them, have actively courted these groups and stoked the fire of hate and fear of anyone different.  The homophobic, xenophobic, and racist elements within this country are not just talking in secret, but are celebrated in speeches by major party politicians, and given a voice in the mainstream media.  The Republicans are attempting to remain relevant as an opposition party and since the policies of the administration (most, not all) are so overwhelmingly favored by the people, they are actively pushing racial fears to draw people to their side.

Donald Trump’s inexcusable comments about Mexican immigrants seem like they would take him out of the running for the Republican nomination alone (not including the rest of his idiocy) but afterward he surged to 2nd among Republican contenders in the polls.  That is very telling.

The Texas Attorney General has called the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality illegal and is saying that Texas clerks can violate the Constitutional authority of the Supreme Court in interpreting law (and therefore violate the Constitution) by refusing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Now I believe very plainly that if you are against same-sex marriage you are a bigot, but that doesn’t even matter in this situation.  What matters is that the Constitution gives the Supreme Court the final authority in interpreting the law, and this is how they interpreted it.  Like it or not, it is not only legal, it is the supreme law of the land and there is no appeal process.  If you claim to support the Constitution, you must support the fact that even if you don’t like the decision of the Supreme Court, they have the final say.  If they didn’t, we never would have had the George W. Presidency.  Citizen’s United would have failed.  Corporations would be seen as state created artificial entities, entitled only to the rights under their charter granted by the state, instead of given the rights of people.  But that is not what was decided.  It is what it is, and you can’t have it both ways.

The only say we as Americans get is in the informed voting of those who represent us.  They appoint the justices, under the Constitution.  They pass bills and laws, under the Constitution.  We can lobby them, and hope they follow the will of the people, but they are purposely not required to, under the Constitution.  Go against that, you are going against the Constitution.

Make no mistake, the Republican party is giving material aid and comfort to enemies of the United States Constitution.  Under the law, we call that treason.  47 Republican Congressmen, sent a letter to Iran in an attempt to undermine treaty negotiations, a clear and direct violation of the Constitution.  The rhetoric is one thing.  It is protected under the First Amendment, the actions are quite another.  As law enforcement and Southern governments not only ignore their responsibilities under the Constitution, but openly defy them…they are in full-blown insurrection against the United States of America.

As churches across the South burn, and the National Guard is not activated to protect them; the governments of the South have made clear that they only support law and order when it serves the purposes of keeping power in the hands of white people.  Last night it was 8 black churches after the Charleston shooting.  I do not know how many it is this morning.

When a CVS is torched in Baltimore, the peaceful protesters are lumped in with the rioters and all are called “thugs”.  There is national outrage, the city is locked down under martial law and a curfew is implemented.


8 churches

No National Guard.  No outrage in the mainstream media.  No operations to root out the terrorist organizations.  No investigations into terrorist KKK members permeating the government.  No Congressional hearings.  No impeachment of the Texas attorney general.  No arrests.

Look at the not-so-subtle message in this tweet from Speaker John Boehner.

Official tweet from Speaker John Boehner, (R)
Official tweet from Speaker John Boehner, (R)

Now, the death of officer Kim was surely a tragedy.  And sending condolences to the family and comrades is certainly something the Speaker of the House should do.  In a separate tweet.  By incorporating the killing of a police officer at the hands of a black man, into a tweet about heading to Charleston to pay respects to the families and the community; Boehner is essentially making a thinly veiled argument that the two issues are linked.

And don’t think it is only me.  White Supremacists are jumping on this and citing this official message from the Speaker of the House saying, “If black people would not be so violent, these things wouldn’t happen to them.”  I will not post the tweet from the terrorists who said that, because they are not in an official government position, and I don’t want to give those people the attention they seek.

This wasn’t just a gaffe on the part of the Speaker.  The man is very good at toeing the line between the full-blown racists within his ranks and the public face he attempts to maintain as an opposition leader.  It is a dangerous game, with destructive and sometimes deadly consequences.

The administration can’t just go and arrest Republicans.  Not even the 47 who explicitly committed treason by attempting to undermine the US Government’s authority.  To do so would look like an abuse of power to eliminate the opposition.  They could, however, use the FBI and NSA to investigate the reach of domestic terrorists within the South, and arrest those card-carrying members of terrorist organizations.  They could nationalize the Guard to protect the property and rights of the oppressed, which the Southern states are unwilling to do.

And you can do something too.  You can call and demand action from your governments and law enforcement, especially if you live in the South.  You can refuse to vote for the party who supports domestic terrorists and undermines the Constitution.

Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses.” – Rage Against The Machine

Image of church arson credit to @UrbanCusp


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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    The burning of churches is domestic terrorism. This clearly meant to disempower and demean thru racism and ignorance. It’s time to uphold the law equally for every member of society. Your solutions are not only reasonable but practical. Thank you!

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