Hello dear reader(s)!

Have any of you had a comment that was pretty rude, perhaps pushing their fire and brimstone views into your comments?  Have you then blocked their site and IP address only to have that same person leave a hate comment on your post after they deleted their site and signed on from a different location?  No?  It is just me?

Or how about being sent a message on social media that told you that because would never enter into a race war (that will NEVER happen) and that even if some factions did, you sure as hell would not be on the side of the white supremacists; you are a non-white white?  Some asshole took the time to make up a certificate and send me an award for being the non-white white of the day.  Well, if ignoring the construct of race while acknowledging the reality of racism makes me a non-white white….so be it.  At any rate, not wanting messages from white supremacists I immediately decided to block this person…but the chicken shit beat me to it.  He made up a certificate, sent it to me, and then blocked me.  What a little chickenshit.

I’ve always been relatively open to debate and disagreements, (barring hate speech, because I am not the government, and did not grant anyone First Amendment protections on my site), but otherwise I think respectful debate is healthy.  But when someone comments on my post that is not pushing my agnosticism, but simply letting people know that I do not really subscribe to the beliefs of organized religion and appreciate if people recognize that for me as I recognize their right to their beliefs provided they do not infringe upon me…a post written months ago…that says, “you have already condemned yourself” I am going to dump that shit right into Spam.  I do not go onto Christian’s posts and tell them of all the contradictory bullshit and different interpretations of their book.  I don’t do it to Jews.  I don’t do it to Atheists.  I use my blog-type-thing to express my opinions and thoughts on things.  If you don’t like it…move the fuck on.

This is not a forum I have set up for your soapbox and hateful opinions.  I do not run ads or charge fees for your right to participate.  This is MY soapbox, or echo chamber, or practice sessions.  I created it, and it is mine.

I have been hearing a lot of talk about how many (not all) Christians are under attack because the court of public opinion is turning against their right to discriminate based on that religion.  They have been saying they can not worship and believe as they choose.  They say they can not speak their mind and beliefs without getting called bigots.

They are full of shit, on everything but the last part.  You can worship, you can believe whatever the fuck you want.  The government can not stop you from holding those beliefs but as always (just ask Satanists) they will attempt to stop you from hurting someone in the name of your religion.  They will uphold the rule of law (most of the time) over your theocratic beliefs.  You will not be thrown in jail for being a racist homophobic asshole.  That is a First Amendment guarantee.  But guess what…that shit does not trump MY right to exercise MY First Amendment beliefs either.  You discriminate against gays?  I call you a bigot.  You tell me I’m going to Hell.  I say if being around people like you would be Heaven, then I am ready to meet the devil.  This isn’t infringing on your right to free speech, this is exercising mine.  I’m not constraining your religious freedom by calling your beliefs a fairy tale, I am stating my beliefs.  And we are protected in doing so…from the government.

From the government.  From the government.  I am not the government.  If you say something I don’t like, I will not allow it on my page.  I don’t have to.  Show some fucking respect.  This is my house, and I don’t let rude ass people into my house telling me that my views are condemning me to an eternity of suffering, which sounds so much better than the eternity of suffering hanging around you.

If we were at my house, face-to-face, and said that to me…you wouldn’t because you are a chickenshit.

Keep running your mouth though.  I’m not a violent person (typically) and likely wouldn’t start something over words.  My cancer has somewhat weakened me too although much of my physical strength is returning.  At any rate, I’d probably just tell you to leave and slam the door in your face, rather than getting violent.

However…just because I wouldn’t start a fight over something like that does not mean that someone else won’t.  The next person you go at might not be as forgiving as I am.  And no matter how strong or great you think you are…I can guarantee that at some point you will cross paths with someone quite a bit stronger, faster, or more aggressive.

So by all means, keep going onto people’s creations and talking shit.  Do it.  See how that works out.

Maybe you should channel all that excess testosterone into getting laid, rather than being a dick to people you believe differently from.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

27 thoughts on “Chickenshits”

  1. Someone told me I was going to hell just the other day to my face because I am an atheist…..I just smiled and thought about what a good person I am because I would never dream of saying something like that to someone…….love is the answer. Meet love, kindness and compassion with hate….it’s disarming.

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    1. True. After going back to block whatever IP he changed to from the last time, I realized that he was responding to my response of another rude comment on my post within a day of it being written. How sad is it that someone stews over a comment reply to a rude comment for months? Dude needs a hug.

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      1. I had someone stalk me to my Facebook page because I defended someone they were harassing…..I wrote a post about it called- People wit too much spare time….people love being aholes when hiding behind a computer…in their Mom’s basement

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      2. Yes they do. And if someone wants to be an asshole, that is fine, just do it in your own space. I read something today that I strongly disagreed with, to the point I lost all respect for that person. I didn’t comment, I didn’t whine. I just unfollowed and moved on.

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  2. “the court of public opinion is turning against their right to discriminate based on that religion”… It always makes me shake my head when people say someone is going to Hell, etc. based on their interpretation of what God wants. Now I do believe in God and I am sure He sees everyone differently than we do and I am glad I don’t have to go to the Heaven I often hear described by those who discriminate based on their own interpretations because I wouldn’t want to be surrounded by souls who judge. Oh, wait, I don’t think those who judge are supposed to get into Heaven.

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    1. Prefect. You stated your beliefs respectfully, in a non judgmental way, and did not attack me for my lack of beliefs. You just gave eveyone a lesson on commenting, even when you do not agree with everything the author of the post says. Your respect and kindness is much appreciated, and your point about judgmental people not getting into Heaven is certainly something I can endorse.

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  3. I just never understand the people.
    I read what you write, and if I don’t like it, I don’t click Like and I go on my merry way. (Yes, my way is merry.) It has never occurred to me that I should freak out on you and try to convince you that you should write what *I* think.
    I once got caught up with a blogger I thought needed some education, but she didn’t want education, so I broke up with her blog and went on my merry way.
    I’ve been trolled a few times, but I just never take the bait. Some people really want a fight. I never want a fight. I want love and peace and the right to stay as fuckin merry as possible.

    PS: My MIL thinks I will go to Hell, but I don’t believe in Hell. If she’s right, she’ll be there too, for hypocrisy, judgement, materialism, and gluttony. People are careful to exclude their own sins, aren’t they?

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    1. One of my better friends who is religious just said something similar on Facebook yesterday. There is no hierarchy of sins. Everyone sins according to most religious texts, and everyone is also not supposed to judge in those texts as well.
      BTW, you think your way is merry? Just wait until Christmastime when I start posting how merry we make things. Hannah said the other day, and I quote, “It is going to look like Santa, his reindeer, and ALL the elves threw up all over this house.” For not being Christian, I LOVE Christmas.

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      1. I do not love Christmas. I love the tree…You’ll need to share pictures, if your holiday is as merry as Hannah thinks it will be!
        I love Fourth of July! Oooh, aaaah!
        I’m not sure I even believe in sin. I believe in my own conscience, which I assume is a social construct and not universally aligned with that of others.

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      2. I do not believe in sin either, but she made a good point according to the actual religion. I love 4th of July in Seattle, and I used to love it here, but they cane;;ed the best fireworks show. Last year we got to watch the fireworks over the water of Lake Union in Seattle and it was amazing, despite the crowds!!! I am torn between Halloween and Christmas for my favorites, however.

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      3. Seattle’s is amazing. They are launched from barges in Lake Union which is right in the city. You watch from Gas Works park with downtown and the space needle right in the background. Before they start, they play the national anthem and a Chinook flies a MASSIVE flag lit up by searchlights around the edge of the lake and back to the park. And the fireworks themselves are pretty freaking amazing. Plus, they like to make it Seattle, so they sync them to Seattle music from Hendrix to Heart to Nirvana to Macklemore. Since Jimi Hendrix is one of my favorite musicians of all time, I just about teared up when they were going off to Little Wing.
        Also, I grabbed some photos off my phone for a Christmas in June post tomorrow just so you can see how into it we get.

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  4. I haven’t gotten. Those exactly, but have gotten some that are definitely from what I would term “whackos.” I leave the comment if it disagrees with me, but it, has to be relevant to the topic at hand and not hurtful. The ones that are crazy talk with nothing whatsoever to do with my post, I spam.

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  5. One thing I truly hate is hate. WTF is a “non-white white”? Obviously, someone who does not believe in hating others because of the color of their skin. Therefore, I suppose, it is a compliment. I especially like this paragraph of yours:

    “This is not a forum I have set up for your soapbox and hateful opinions. I do not run ads or charge fees for your right to participate. This is MY soapbox, or echo chamber, or practice sessions. I created it, and it is mine.”

    Yes! Great post.

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  6. One time some blogger reblogged my post. He/she said something about me and my classmate because he’s a rapper and African American and Muslim. I blocked them and didn’t allow them to reblog the post. I forgot what they said but they were being very rude. It stopped there unlike your ‘fan.’ That really sucks that you went through that. Some people are just ignorant and mean.

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    1. Water off a duck’s back, or whatever. I write a post to shake it off, and then let it go. I just think it is weird that so many people have taken freedom of speech to mean, I can say anything I want anytime with absolutely no consequences from anyone and will get mad if they say something back.

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  7. This has been maddening and will probably make it into a future rant post. All of the posts about how “they say they don’t like being judged but judge me for saying something” or “they’re saying bad things about ALL Christians.” OMFG. I told a relative that maybe the “good Christians” would’t get such a bad rap if they would open their damn mouths and say something when the “bad Christians” are busy comparing homosexuality to bestiality all in the name of the Lord. Yeah, that didn’t go over well.

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    1. Well, to be fair I do know plenty of “good” Christians who do. The problem is that they are not the spokespeople for a major political party, or don’t have TV shows and mega-churches.


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