The Worst People Ever

Hello dear reader(s)!

Guess what I did today?

No, besides that.  No, guess again.  Okay, really?  Just stop.

Today I went to the doctor’s office and found out my counts are still doing good!

HOORAY for me!!!!

Okay, now for the story.  I need two prescriptions that I regularly get but can’t just get refills, instead I have to get hand printed prescriptions and then take them down to the pharmacy, wait for the pharmacy to fill them, pay my co-pays on them, and I should be set.  My doctor prints the prescriptions and I am on my way out the door.  All seems just fine.

Driving through crappy traffic I end up getting to the pharmacy in what is still a relatively good mood.  I go to the counter to drop off the prescriptions, and then the fun begins.

“We are out of _____ and won’t be getting any more until Tuesday.”

Um…what?  Do you not realize that this is a medication that I probably need.  And because of the ridiculous drug war and DEA targeting of prescriptions of all kinds, I couldn’t have just called a few days ago and had them send the prescription over, no, I had to wait until my appointment so I could get a prescription by hand, unless I wanted to make two trips this week.  Besides, the insurance would not have let me fill the prescription that early anyway.

I was thinking of making them give me back the prescription, and taking it elsewhere, but it was on the same page as another one I thought they were going to fill.

So I am told Tuesday for the one medication, and 10-15 minutes later for the other.  Okay, whatever.  So I do a little shopping and go out to the Beastess when my stomach decides that I must go to the bathroom.  Great.  So I drive across the parking lot to a Jack in the Box and use their bathroom which was disgusting (as usual for public restrooms) and get a lemonade to let them know I don’t just use their bathroom.  Okay…crisis averted.

I go back across the lot and walk into the store pharmacy and up to the counter.  Ready to pick up.  And that other prescription I was waiting on?  Well, it turns out that my doctor apparently did not list the strength, so the pharmacy put in a call to verify it (I know it, but that isn’t good enough), and the doctor’s office is at lunch so they might not know until later.  THEN they will run it through my insurance to see if they will cover it without authorization.  I have regularly been on this medication, but never under this plan.

So, basically, I went there for nothing, used a Jack in the Box bathroom for nothing, wasted my time and energy in this 90-something degree bright-ass sunshine for nothing, and drove a bit out of my way only to have to do it again.

Health Insurance Company decision makers are the worst people ever.

Pharmacies that do not stock medications are the worst people ever.  (I will be changing.)

The bastards who took insurance company money so as to prevent single-payer health in this country are the worst people ever.

And finally, cats are the worst people ever because it is obvious they are cats, and shouldn’t try pretending to be people.

Dobson and Piedmont
Dobson and Piedmont

Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

31 thoughts on “The Worst People Ever”

      1. This isn’t about the ACA. This is abut the DEA trying to justify their existence after marijuana raids were all but taken off their plate, and an attempt on their part to seem worth the hassle of the international scandal, waste of money, and suffering they have caused. If the hard scrip requirement weren’t law, this wouldn’t have been as big of an issue. I’d just have my doc fax or e-send it to a different pharm.


      2. Also, while the ACA is not great because it puts too much power in the hands of the insurance companies, I still say it is better than what we had. We need SINGLE PAYER!!


  1. I am glad your counts remain stable. Pharmacies suck. Getting prescriptions sucks. I tried to go pick up Vicodin at Rite-Aid the other day for my son after his surgery on his hand. They said I wouldn’t be able to pick up the medicine for him because he is 18 – he has to come pick it up. I said he lost his Drivers License, he just had surgery and then asked them if I could get it for him. Nope – you know what they said. Have your son make an appointment at DMV to get a new license, then he can come pick up his medicine. I said, that could take days. He said that’s the rule. I said – what if he was 18 and developmentally delayed, and didn’t have a Drivers License. He told me – I guess you would be in a pickle then. What the hell!?!?!?!?!?!?

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    1. Your first problem was that you went to Rite-Aid. Second, pharmacies have been burned so many times with similar stories that they are cynical of any story. And if they dispense a medication without verification they can get fined big time and the pharmacist can lose his/her license.

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      1. I didn’t go, nor did I say that I went to Rite Aid. And I totally understand WHY it wasn’t good enough that I tell them the strength (though really, I think it was on the scrip and they just failed to enter it into their computer, but can’t be positive) I just think it sucks. And the hard copy, DEA laws and not ordering enough of things because they are so paranoid of a robbery (despite the giant safe they keep them in) is leading to gaps in my prescription use. That is the issue. The pharmacist isn’t bad, the techs are a little bad, the company is awful and I hate their system, and the DEA “prescription crackdown” since the 1st of the year to justify their continued failed existence is the biggest issue of all.


  2. Oh I have had this experience several times, mostly on post, when the dr’s write several scrips on one sheet, but the base pharmacy doesn’t have it, and they can make notations and keep your scrip til it’s in, but you can’t take the scrip elsewhere, because somewhere, someone is probably selling Cipro for $45 a pill, or crushing it up or wtfever.
    Anyway, my doctor here, my long-time dr, puts them all on separate sheets, but I haven’t had a single problem with my pharmacy 🙂
    So sorry for all your troubles.
    Did you know in Mexico, prescriptions are delivered to your door?

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      1. It really would. I have a friend in Mexico City, and when we first spoke, she was astonished that there are sick people waiting in the pharmacies. “Even children? Even the elderly?” she asked.

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      2. It is crazy. With my messed up immune system standing among a bunch of other sick people is not my idea of staying healthy. And thanks to the fucked up DEA, we can’t just have our family run in for them, no…we have to bring our own ID.

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      1. Can they do that with controlled? When I delivered for Kindred, I would bring controlled and regular to nursing homes and such, but we never delivered to private parties and that was years ago when doctors prescriptions were trusted over idiot politician’s fear-mongering.


      2. Usually for controlled meds the caregiver had to drop off the Rx so they picked it up then. For other stuff there was never an issue.


  3. I hear that one often from friends. Luckily the two meds I am on I can order online and get them delivered. And cats are cool! My mom keeps wanting to see our cat Jimmy on Skype. I don’t get where this love comes from all of the sudden but whatever she wants 🙂

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  4. Yep. Cats are the worst people ever. But they’re pretty good as far as cats go.
    Do you hate me when I say your wriring makes me smile? Because it did. It was a pretry good smile too. ‘s Far as smiles go…

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  5. I would definitely find a new pharmacy. No pharmacy should ever not be able to at least get you a few tablets to get by for a few days. Also, they can order from McKesson if needed and get the medication the next day. We used to do that on occasion.

    Too bad your doctor did not write the strength on the Rx. Unfortunately the law is that a pharmacy has to get the clarification from the physician. If you heard the physician wrong or anything else had gone wrong with your Rx you could easily sue the pharmacy for malpractice and they definitely don’t want that. A minor inconvenience is better than a pharmacist being out of a job or a technician getting fired because of an easily avoidable error.

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      1. That’s actually impossible that the strength was on there because the pharmacist has to check the filled Rx against the original copy. Doctors forget to write the strength on an Rx all the time.

        If this was a C-II then it couldn’t share the same sheet as the other medications anyway. Be thankful that they changed the laws a while back that the pharmacist can now call to get the strength on the C-II rather than having to send the patient back to the doctor and write a new scrip.


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