Allergic to E Challenge

Hello dear reader(s)!

Sophie has nominated me for the Allergic to “E” Challenge.  Now, at first I thought this had to do with someone’s inability to take E at raves and listen to house or techno music, but no…it is much more difficult than dealing with techno music and ravers.

So here’s what’s up.

First, here are the rules for this challenge:

1) Write a whole paragraph ( a paragraph sounds easy right?) without any word containing the letter “e” (still easy for ya?)
2) By reading this you are already signed up.
3) Challenge at least five bloggers to do the challenge. They must do it within 24 hours or it is considered as failure.
4) If you fail or pass, suffer in the Page of Lame.
5) If you win, wallow in the Page of Fame.
6) You can check your standings on my menu Your Standings.

Alright, I will start with this paragraph:

At morning, Tom said to Martha, “I want you right now!”  Martha, waiting for a laugh from Tom was cold at first.  Tom stood looking at Martha for what was probably an hour.  Nothing from Martha.  Tom was thinking about Martha all night.  Martha was not thinking about Tom.  Martha was thinking about Cindy.  Tom shook with panic.  Was Martha gay?  Finally, Martha said, “Tom what do you think about an orgy?”  Tom thought for a bit.  “I think that could work,” Tom said.  Martha was joyful.  “I’m going to call Cindy right now,” Martha said picking up an Android, “I want you right now…both of you.”  This paragraph is dirty, and no good.  

Wow, the letter “e” is very important.  Apparently, without an E, you can only do smut.  Maybe I’ve found my new direction.  I will write Rotica.  I guess I should say I will author Rotica so I don’t use an “E”.  Rotica, look for it at a book shop around you!!!!

And now, the 5 (five) nominees!!!

Nerd in the Brain

Fannie Frankfurter




There you go, a challenge for the ages!  Only you can’t say “challenge”, “the”, or “ages”.  Good luck.  <—  You can say that!


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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