Sunday Funday

Do you know what today is?  It is Sunday SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!!!

Time for the most intense Monster Truck MAYHEM that has ever been to the convention center!!!!

Some see all the high-flying, car-crushing action from



And many more!!!!!!!

Kids tickets are just five bucks with coupon on the back of CrappyFastFood receipt!

Doors at 9 am!  Fun all DAY LONG!!!

Hello dear reader(s)!

Do you like monster trucks?  Did you as a kid?  I did.  I loved them.  I have no idea why.  When I look back on it now, I find them kinda boring.  But as a little boy growing up, all I wanted to do was drive a monster truck.  And be a rock star.  And the President.  I remember going to our events center and watching the trucks crush cars and jump right over them.  I remember the mud-bogging, which actually was my favorite.  I think I’d still kind of like that, but you don’t see it as much.  Mud-bogging, (for those of you who aren’t in the know) is basically where deep mud pit lanes are created side by side and the trucks drag race through the mud and whoever gets across and out first wins.  Even with the monster trucks, sometimes the trucks don’t get out of the pits at all, and have to be towed out.  So it would be like an ordinary drag race, only slower, and with HUGE chunks of mud flying everywhere, sometimes even getting on the people in the first few rows of the crowd.  THAT was fun!!!

There isn’t a monster truck show going on in my town right now, but something about the weather and time of year made me think back to all the times I would go to them as a kid.  By the time I was a teenager I thought they were downright stupid.  The cars weren’t really getting crushed as much, because the races are set up that flying over them instead of driving over them will obviously get you through faster.  Instead of races, they should judge the winner based on number of cars completely crushed.  Because face it, if you’re going to see trucks that are big enough, high enough, and heavy enough to crush a 1979 Cadillac, well, you want to see some cars get crushed!!!!

I know, I know, environmental concerns, blah blah blah…but those things are fun, and sometimes…dare I say, fun is worth it.  Besides, running those massive trucks may put out a lot of noise and emissions, but it is still a blip on the radar compared to all the people who drive on short trips they are capable of waking to (obviously, I’m only talking about those capable) but choose not to, and is only a small blip compared to coal-fired power plants, and other industrial polluters.  Especially when fossil fuel prices are artificially fixed to keep people working in those industries, instead of shifting jobs to the now totally viable and possible (and very, very soon to be) cheaper and storable renewable energy, I’m not going to feel bad about watching some beasts of trucks display power and put out a tiny fraction of the real issue by comparison.

NASCAR is hugely popular, though I find it pretty boring unless there is a high-flying crash (where nobody gets hurt, hopefully) or a fight between drivers afterward.  Otherwise, I don’t really like it because even though they are going fast and are so close together and the control of those drivers and endurance is an awesome feat, with them going around in circles it doesn’t look as exciting as it really is.

I love NHRA.  Specifically the top-fuel dragsters.  My dad, brother, and I have been to see them at Sears Point Raceway, CA a couple of times and one time we even had pit passes.  When those things went by you could feel the heat from their exhaust, and you had to plug your ears because there was so much power.  Joe Amato in the Valvoline car was my favorite driver, and that guy was FAST!

Even though I haven’t ever really liked working on cars, or have gotten good at anything but basic maintenance, and even though I categorically reject most unnecessary displays of power…I must say that I really do love cars and motorsports.  Not to the point of wanting to drive everywhere I go, but cars are pretty awesome machines, and the power they can put out and the speeds they can achieve are just exciting.  And yes, I get it macho, BS blah blah blah, but it is fun.  And here is the point to this…it isn’t macho blah blah blah.  Girls like them too.  And they are not mannish for doing it.

Girls like cars, trucks, racing, car crushing, powerful engines, and mud.  And when they do, honestly…kinda awesome.

I often use rednecks as an insult.  But when I say that, I’m talking about the willfully ignorant, homophobic, paranoid, anti-gubment types.  I’m not big on the xenophobia that is associated with many rednecks.  But I do love the, “I don’t give a fuck!” attitude of some of the rednecks I’ve met.  The not needing the designer clothes.  The having fun and not caring what others think about you.  So I guess maybe using the term redneck isn’t right, and I should just remember that there are plenty of people who truly don’t give a fuck about what others think or do, who define themselves that way.

And there is nothing cooler than someone who does what they want and doesn’t care, and allows other people do what they want and don’t care either.  Redneck, yuppie, hipster, goth, punk…whatever, as long as they let other people be themselves too.

Hope you have fun today!  Do you like motorsports?  Boonie bashing?  Mudding?  Would love to hear your thoughts or fun stories.  I’ll have one later about a time in high school we went boonie bashing in a Ford Bronco II that was NOT equipped for it!


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Funday”

  1. Mudding was quite the endeavor as a teenager in west Texas. My ex bf’s baby brother was quite the enthusiast as he owned an old shitty lifted Bronco solely for the sport. That still did not keep him from giving it a go in his brother’s old firebird. Quite hilarious to show up to tow a tiny black sports car out of the center of a giant muddy field….Or at least I thought so.

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  2. A long time ago, I dated a guy who took me to a car race. Round and round they went, with no apparent destination. Yes, it was boring. But the worst part was how loud it was. And as much as I dislike Tom Cruise, Days of Thunder was a pretty great movie. 🙂

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    1. Yeah, it wasn’t as bad as one would think. Nascar and baseball are about the same to me. You know that there is a lot going on, but it never really looks that way and so it seems boring.


  3. Monster truck shows are fun! We saw the same ones as you- Grave Digger, El Diablo, etc. in March.We’re Grave Digger fans. I have a 9 year old son so he always wants to go every year. We’ve gone three times now.

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