An Open Letter to Democrats

Hello dear reader(s)!

As you may have noticed from reading many of my posts, I lean to the left in most areas.  Particularly when it comes to paying money for infrastructure and helping each other instead of oil subsidies, farm subsidies, corporate welfare, and unnecessary military spending.

That said, I am definitely not a Democrat.  Oh don’t get me wrong, especially against this Republican clown car, I will be voting for the Democratic candidate for President, and in many other elections I will likely choose the Democrat over the Republican due to the major right-wing swing the party has made in my lifetime, and also given the fact that I absolutely detest the idea of living in a theocracy.

However, I know why the Democrats might not win.  The three issues I disagree with them on are not only issues where the majority of people disagree with them as well, but they are so strongly felt that voters will ignore everything else for the sake of those three issues.

  1. Gun control.  I am not a gun freak.  Aside from my barely functional BB gun I will not even say whether I own a gun or not.  None of anyone’s business.  I don’t go around parading military style weapons, wearing my deep woods hunting camo in the desert pretending I’m in some army, or waving any guns in anyone’s faces.  That said, it is time to realize that guns are so ingrained in the minds of this country (as if they defend their other rights they are willingly giving away) that some people will vote against a candidate solely on the basis of whether or not they are an NRA member, and whether or not they have ever supported a measure as simple as requiring background checks for private party gun sales.  Even if they hate everything else about the other candidate, and agree with everything else that candidate has done, if that candidate has ever supported any type of legislation that could potentially restrict any gun, those people will vote against said candidate.  They are called single-issue voters, and they are the ones who vote in EVERY election.  What is worse, (and I honestly believe this) by attempting to pass or propose any gun control measure, no matter how reasonable it may seem, you are only making the already paranoid that much more paranoid, and that much scarier.  It is my honest belief that if people didn’t think the government was coming for their guns, they wouldn’t stockpile them, be wanna-be military members (and by the way, regular military…don’t these impersonators piss you off?), and they wouldn’t be so in love with their guns.  The Ammosexuals.  Sure some would still exist, there will always be the scary and the scared, but I don’t think the hate would be so evident.  So drop it.  Pandora’s box is open.  Love guns or hate them, you can’t put them back in the box without some serious scary shit happening.  Your police and military will always have better stuff and always be able to react appropriately if necessary anyway.  Quit making the paranoid so jumpy, because now they’re scaring everyone.
  2. Money  The TPP?  Seriously?  I mean, even without the fast-tracking the secretive nature of this agreement is simply a giant red-flag.  If Hillary wins the nomination, she may lose based on this issue alone.  That and that she was on the board of Wal-Mart, accepts campaign contributions, and has really not gone very far on the record of saying that the big banks need to pay more for the fraud and treason they have been committing on this country.  The emails, Benghazi…yeah, all that isn’t really anything more than Fox News attacks but her serious vulnerability lies in the fact that the progressive Democrats do not like her ties to business and corporate interests.  If the Democrats want to start winning again (on more than the Presidential level…because I think that even with Hillary’s issues she still might be the saner choice over the GOP thus-far), they would attempt to distance themselves from the special interests and big money.  They would paint the GOP as the party of the corporations and themselves as populists, and the base would come out in droves.  As it stands, many people believe that no matter who is elected only the big-money will be represented and they stay home.  And while they stay home…the single issue voters show up and elect this awful, worst-ever Congress, as the Democrats wonder why they can win national elections but can’t get people to show up anywhere else.
  3. Continuing the drug war  Have you heard the term nanny state?  This is what Republicans say about you.  Yet it was the Republicans who started this war, this intrusion of big government into the people’s lives, and your continuation of it makes you look like the bad guys.  The prescription crack-down that is intimidating doctors and is so over-reaching and reactionary is something I am waiting for a candidate to address.  That person might just be able to convince me, regardless of party (provided they’re not crazy like the GOP candidates thus-far).

Yes, there are other issues that voters may go against Democrats on, but those issues are not quite as set in people’s minds as the three above.  Yes, most Democrats will never win over the staunchly anti-abortion crowd.  Yes, most Democrats will never win over the people who hate immigrants or anyone who isn’t of their religion.  Yes, the Democrats may never win Texas, but they could make real gains if they just got their shit together on the three issues above.

Remember, during the Eisenhower administration, the highest tax bracket was 91%.  The national highway system that made America the huge economy it is (also the war, but he channeled the war energy) was done under Eisenhower.  Eisenhower was a Republican, and today, would be called more liberal than President Obama.  Not that Ike was perfect or anything, but he was a much better leader than anyone running in either party today.

Give up the gun control issue, give up the drug war (started by a Republican, emphasize that), give up what is in effect bribery, and give the government back to the people.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

30 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Democrats”

  1. Back in the early 90s I think (before the Internet was really accessible to everyone, so you cannot Google this quote and find it) Hillary was quoted as saying ‘Nurses are overpaid handmaidens’. If she is elected, I will move to another country!!!!!


    1. Seriously? Harsh. I don’t like her one bit, but I am terrified of the GOP side. I wish there was a moderate in that party, or a viable alternative for the Dems, but sadly, I think they have anointed her thinking it is her “turn”.

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      1. True. You could not vote, or write-in if that’s allowed in your state, but sometimes I feel I need to vote for one bad to keep the other more bad out. Honestly, if she gets the nomination, I’d have a very tough time if any of the GOP field in it so far gets it for that party.

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  2. Democrats have already given up on the gun issue, like years and years ago. (Except maybe in New York.) But Republicans are keeping science from studying the issue of gun violence, and while that’s par for the course for the anti-science crowd, it doesn’t really address how many people die from guns (including domestic violence and suicides). And since it’s the Republican base (white males, including veterans) who are mostly dying from suicide-by-gun, I’d say it’s not a very good long-term strategy.

    And I don’t know how we fight against the TPP and the drug war when both parties are on the same side. Not to mention they’re both on the side of corporate corruption, including the banks and insurance companies. I guess it will take another economic disaster before either party decides to join the side of the people. (But probably not.)

    Bernie for President! (Because Jon Stewart won’t run.)

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    1. I wish Jon would run! The Stewart-Cobert ticket really could happen if they’d do it. And democrats don’t push much gun control laws anymore, but they talk about it too much. They should just talk about encouraging safety.

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      1. I know that! He’s smart enough not to do it….but he has encouraged places to after major tragedy and has said he wished people would be more open to reasonable gun control. So do I, but it isn’t happening and just freaks people out.

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  3. I’m so far left I fall over. I, too, am voting for Bernie Sanders in the primary, although I think his chances are nil. I really like your perspective, and it clarified some issues for me. Thank you.

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  4. I like what you wrote about Ike. I’d like to know how the right got so far to the right…sometimes it really freaks me out. Like, if my father’s parents were alive today, would they still be Republicans? I can’t imagine.

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  5. I am an independent who leans Libertarian. I like two unlikely candidates…Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders. They both have original thoughts and do not tow the party line. That is what this country needs. The end of the corrupt political class and the two party talking points.

    They might be unelectable due to money interests, but many of their values resonate with the American People and their ideas need to be heard.

    Not jumping into expensive wars and protecting the liberties and privacy we have is the reason why our great soldiers died for our country. Let’s remember that before the government chips away at our freedoms.

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    1. You are the government. It is the corporations who really infringe on our rights, and the people’s fear of each other that allows them to willingly shred the 4th, some places to shred the 2nd, and many places to shred the 14th. I can’t stand Rand Paul for his statements about broken families and bad fathers causing Baltimore’s protests, and small fringe rioting the very week his son gets arrested for assault. I like Bernie, I will vote for Bernie in the primary and hope he makes it to the general.


    1. Keep in mind that McCain-Feingold was passed but struck down by Bush’s Sexual Harasser and Neo-con John Roberts. Money is speech, Corporations are freedom. As long as that holds in the court, no campaign finance reform will ever pass, and that court will hold as long as conservatives are in power.


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