McDonald’s Now Bans Employees From Buying Food For Homeless | If You Only News

McDonald’s Now Bans Employees From Buying Food For Homeless | If You Only News.

Hello dear reader(s)!

Now, keep in mind that the above story is disputed by the good folks over at McDeath’s and as of now, these are just allegations.  But think for a moment…who do you believe?

Do you believe the company that for years denied there was any sugar in their fries and then finally were forced to admit they were using dextrose, or do you believe the people who were or witnessed people who “looked homeless” being denied service as paying customers?

Do you believe the company that claimed it did not use the ammonia washed “pink slime” until the videos came out, or do you believe the people?

Poor people are under attack, and McDonald’s has been guilty of keeping people in poverty for years.  They do not pay their employees well at all.

They looked the other way when one franchisee of almost all the locations in my hometown was knowingly hiring undocumented workers for decades (until ICE raided, and only THEN, did they sanction him and take away his franchise rights).

(As an aside, that former franchisee was granted a business license to open a Fudrucker’s and a Popeye’s because money talks to corrupt politicians.)

Not many people believe that fast-food workers are worth more than the federal minimum wage, and honestly, some aren’t.

But some work their asses off.  Harder than any desk jockey pulling in 40K a year for data entry into a spreadsheet.  I know, because I’ve done both.  Sort of.  Not fast food, but the fast food of coffee.  And that was hard work.  Worth much more than I got paid.  And the job I made the most at…honestly?  No big deal.  At least the assholes I had to deal with in that job were the same assholes, instead of a different entitled feeling asshole who thinks they know about coffee but really have no fucking clue but want you to think they know.

I’m just going to throw this out there…If you are a regular customer of the major coffee chain (you know the one I am talking about) and believe you have any knowledge or taste about coffee…well, I will give you that sometimes they are the only place with a drive through.

Oh, and by the way…It is DRIVE THROUGH!!!!  THROUGH!  You do NOT drive THRU!  THRU is not a word, yet I notice there is no red underline for spelling.  Do you know what does get flagged for spelling?  Neutrophils,  Every fucking time.  Why?

Because we are all so stupid as to believe that someone who punches keys on a computer and sits on their ass all day long is worth more than the people making their food that they are too fucking lazy and/or stupid to make themselves.  Because we are so lazy and stupid and hate to think so much that we believe THRU is a fucking word, but don’t recognize neutrophils!!!!!!

Fuck, when I did telephone customer service and gave the same, dumb, scripted responses to idiots whining because they never bothered to reboot their cellphones, I made twice what I made in the fast food of coffee.

Okay Josh, breathe.

No, fuck that, I still have a couple of points here.

  1. Even if all of this is made up (and let’s be real, the strategy to win back customers by these purveyors of death is to make a live action Hamburglar, so I am inclined to believe it), it still doesn’t answer the question of why anyone would continue to eat there.  Their food barely meats the definition of food.  Anything they make, you can make in the same amount of time, only better and healthier.  Granted, you’d have to get your ass out of your car…or maybe if you go on your lunch you could, oh, I don’t know…PACK A LUNCH INSTEAD??  In this fucking society, where the people try to tell you what you can and can not put in your bodies, how is fucking McDonald’s still legal?  What causes more deaths, marijuana, or coronary artery disease?
  2. Rich people don’t eat at McDonald’s except during photo ops.  Do you know why?  Because they know that dollar menus and convenience food target the poor.  The workers pressed for time.  The rich eat at gourmet restaurants or have personal chefs.  They don’t touch that shit, because they don’t want to die.  Now I’m not going to go tin-foil hat on you and say this shit is designed to kill the proletariat, but I am saying they know that it is killing the people, and they are all for it.

There is a war on the poor, the middle class, and the workers.  There are obstacles put into place to prevent you from rising to power, unless you go into politics and take their bribes campaign contributions or entertain them like modern-day court jesters or gladiators.  And as long as you keep eating what they feed to you, nothing will ever change.

Boycott McDonald’s.  Not just for the sake of the homeless, and the workers…but for the sake of your health.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

44 thoughts on “McDonald’s Now Bans Employees From Buying Food For Homeless | If You Only News”

  1. I enjoyed and appreciate this rant.

    “The rich eat at gourmet restaurants or have personal chefs. They don’t touch that shit, because they don’t want to die. Now I’m not going to go tin-foil hat on you and say this shit is designed to kill the proletariat, but I am saying they know that it is killing the people, and they are all for it.”

    Reminds me of a time when I was walking home and heard what I think was a little girl’s first lecture on social division and what constitutes “trash.” She asked her mom why she’s never eaten a Happy Meal. I remember wondering similarly, having never drank Coke until I was seventeen, and not at home, for once.

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  2. I wouldn’t call that discrimination, i’d consider that a humanitarian gesture!! Perhaps Micky D execs are compassionate souls who feel the homeless have suffered enough, and shouldn’t eat their toxic waste! Uh, maybe not. It’s more likely they don’t want their corporate image tarnished by associating their $1 menu with the destitute. LOL, who are they fooling?
    Everything fast food is GMO, and YES it is a gov’t conspiracy to kill off the proletariat, and reduce the masses into gov’t dependent mindless sheeple. My 2 cents.

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  3. Great post as always!!! I cannot even remember the last time I went into a McDonalds, but I do remember what happened afterwards. Not pretty. I am sure they probably wouldn’t serve me either, because even my good sweatpants have holes in them. Oh well!!! Just the MAN keeping the rest of us down. We should boycott all those places – Taco Bell, Popeyes, Long John whatever (gross) etc, etc. That stuff is going to be the death of us!!!! Should boycott Starbucks too – got food poisoning from one of their pastries, called Corporate – they sent me a $50 gift card so I could go get more food poisoning. What sense does that make?

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      1. They’ve been hurting for a while lately. Closing stores, kicked out of Bolivia, banned from some cities in other countries, had bans attempted here but the states banned the cities from banning them. Which is fair, I don’t think it should be illegal, but I also don’t think drugs should be either. I think people should learn to weigh risks and benefits on their own.

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      2. I agree – it is like that minimizing the size of the soda cups in New York, so people will not drink so much soda. How stupid is that? If they really wanted the soda – they would just buy 2 smaller sodas.

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      3. Exactly. How can we sell alcohol and trust people so be able to determine the safety of that and ban soda, or marijuana, or make painkillers for people who genuinely need them almost impossible to get?

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      4. Oh jeez, it’s so interesting that you should mention pain killers – we have the worst time getting hydrocodone elixir for our kids after tonsillectomies because of all the restrictions and bans (codeine elixir is black-boxed) – it’s really awful (and it’s the kids that end up suffering).

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      5. It is really ridiculous how hard it has become to order pain meds for patients these days – especially in California (can’t call in refills, patients has to have hard copy scripts – some of our families live hours away from us) — I don’t know if it is the same in other states.

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      6. It is. I have to have a hard copy on any controlled substance, pain killers or not. I take a benzo for anxiety (for which sudden stoppage can be fatal) and like many cancer survivors, a small dose of Ritalin to combat the fatigue as I recover. Running out of Ritalin is no bid deal, but the benzo? That is terrifying!

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      7. Things have just gotten completely out of control. It is so hard to do anything for patients anymore because of the rules, regulations, paperwork, money-grubbing insurance companies – and the patients are always stuck right in the middle of it all. It sucks!!!!!!!

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      8. Yeah, seriously, don’t get me started on the insurance companies. As someone who benefited BIG time from the ACA (because of the no denials for PEC rules, and the no lifetime max rules) I still hate it for the simple reason it allows insurance companies to run the game. A simple expansion of Medicare would have been cheaper, easier on doctors and patients, and simpler to administer. And, being on Medicare, I know it doesn’t cover everything so that is where if people really wanted to, they could still obtain private insurance to cover the gaps, and those Medigap policies would be better and cover more with less cost due to the extreme competition.

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      9. Back when I first started in Pediatrics – we never, ever worried about getting things approved, we just ordered what was appropriate and what was best for the patient. Now we have to do all these sneaky little tricks just to get the right medications and therapies. It is NUTS!!!!

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      10. Definitely. My doctor may end up having to diagnose me for something that I may or may not have so that they can prescribe a medication that has multiple uses but is only covered for one.

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      11. I know. We couldn’t get the $250 ear drops approved that we needed to clear up an ear infection, submitted all kinds of appeals, ended up having to schedule a procedure to clean and treat the canals that cost thousands of dollars. Just doesn’t make any sense at all.

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      12. WHAT?!?! Banning it? I could see educating people about it, encouraging the practice to stop, no longer using it in certain training…but a ban? What’s next, are they going to ban people from not getting a full 8 hours of sleep? Seriously, what is with everyone’s desire to enforce safety on everyone else?

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  4. I agree with almost every point, except for the war on the poor thing. I started in fast food and worked my way up out of minimum wage in less than a year, eventually making my way into salary management as soon as I turned 18. The job SUCKS, but there are opportunities available if you work hard. Not every fast food employee is doomed to a life of poverty it just takes a little extra effort. Granted when one is stretched between kids, or doctors appointments, or other family commitments it is MORE difficult than me, single, high school kid, not interested in much else aside from making a living, but the opportunities ARE there.

    Entitlement works both ways. Those who give minimum effort because they “only” get minimum wage will never see the same opportunities as those who work hard regardless of pay because they believe they are entitled to more completely forgetting that they have to work for it.

    Even the majority of upper middle class people had to work their assess off to get where they are today. The mega rich who were born into money are a different matter entirely, but they are the minority.

    There is so class war, only a frustrated, jealous and defeated majority who have forgotten that 98% of people start from the bottom and work hard for their success, only a handful stumble into it by accident or birth.

    But, again, I agree with everything else you said. Spot on and well written. 🙂


    1. I disagree. I am talking about the mega rich, The ones who had families that left inheritances or properties to build from. The playing field for the rest is not level. With legacy college admissions no tax on capital gains, but taxes on income worked for, the system is set up for the rich to get richer, and the poor to remain poor. Not to say it is impossible for anyone in poverty to make it out, just unlikely. The deck is stacked against them, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t win every once in a while.

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      1. Ooooooooh. Okay. Yeah. I agree. The mega rich do need to step down a peg or two, but a lot of the times those in the better off but not mega rich category get lumped into the “evil rich people” and more often than not those people worked hard for every penny they have. That’s what bothers me.

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      2. No no no. People who do NOT bring in most of their money from investments made by hiring savvy tax-dodging and loophole seeking money managers using money their grandparents or great grandparents actually earned and then blame poor people for being lazy or stupid, and then buy politicians to further entrench their status are fine, no matter how much money they have. It is the people who do those things that are waging a class war. Hell, you made money? Good for you. I lived pretty comfortably too once. Of course, even then, I made sure to try to help others instead of blowing it on useless crap, but I had my fair share of luxuries. No hate to people who work for the things they want and have a line somewhere.

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  5. I actually do like your point and always, I appreciate you sharing. However, in my view:
    I’ve often offered “the homeless” meals from fast food joints and often my offer is declined because they really want money, not food (or food substitute).
    The only people who were ever intended to make money from a McDonald’s, or other fast food “restaurant” were the franchise owners who put up the original capitol investment; and the parent companies. The people who filled these jobs were always expected to be part time– mostly teens and college students–the jobs were meant to be stepping stones into the work force or supplemental income. It is the invasion of the government on our society that has made it necessary for adults to work these jobs. The class warfare is really coming from the government of elites that want everyone but themselves to be poor and working class. The minimum wage was originally put in place to ensure that “the poor, less educated, under-skilled” are not taken advantage of by unscrupulous business owners…it is not and was never intended to be a living wage.
    As far as the food goes…I do not partake because I find it disgusting at the least (McDonald’s and Burger King–I will admit to liking Arby’s and Wendy’s).
    In the society in which we currently exist, boycotting a business that is tightly woven into the very existence of that society will only hurt the ones who rely on that business for jobs, a cheap product, and/or various other contributions to said society. The idea is great, the practicality doesn’t always make it through to the desired results.
    Definition of THRU
    variant of through
    adjective \ˈdrīv-ˌthrü\
    Definition of DRIVE-THROUGH
    : drive-up
    Variants of DRIVE-THROUGH
    drive–through also drive–thru \ˈdrīv-ˌthrü\

    thru fits with socially accepted fast-food joints

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    1. Dictionaries add words AFTER they become part of the lexicon. It doesn’t make it anything but a lazy version of a real word. It is not a valid contraction, the word is not real. Def (as in cool) was in the dictionary too. Merriam gets together every year to add words and take words out depending on the way people are talking. Bae isn’t a word either, but you can bet that’ll be or already is in the dictionary too.
      And yes, boycotting may temporarily hurt those workers, but the ultimate failure of companies like McDonalds will lead to the growth of better companies and smaller businesses in their place. A perfect example of a fairly large business that both treats their employees and pays their employees well, serves better quality food, (even though it is still fast food), and seems to like their customers is In n Out. If they can do it, so can McDonald’s. And if every McDonald’s shut down and was replaced by a company like In n Out, or a small business…? Even Taco Bell is known for etter treatment of their employees and customers (although they pay low wages too).
      Finally….you are thr government. If you vote for people who are in bed with the very corporations who push for trade agreements and tax loopholes for moving good jobs overseas…only to leave the low wage service jobs, labor jobs, bust trade unions, and replace them with tech jobs and “paper” jobs yet do not provide the people a solid education to be able to obtain those jobs, and then bring in people on visas from countries that do….
      this is what you are left with.

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  6. It’s a drive-thru. I get why you’re bothered tho. <— also a word
    I rarely eat McDonald's. I'd say twice a year, I get a craving for the little cheeseburgers in yellow wrappers, and in the summer, we go for chocolate shakes, which are delicious. We are fortunate enough to have real food and do not eat there expecting nutrition.
    I will always be a fan of Starbucks. I'm not saying it's the best coffee ever, but it's definitely good for me. Like you, I was paid a good wage, and overall I enjoyed working there.
    In contrast, via a part-time position as a secret shopper review editor, I became far too intimate with the requirements of working for McD's and the demands placed on their employees. Expectations do not meet up with wage at any point. I would rather collect trash, or stir sewage, or diaper babies for a living than work at McDonald's. I mean that.

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    1. I was not paid a good wage at Starbucks. At all. On top of that, I had to tip share, which is BS because I ran that place in the mornings, made the coffees and did the register at the drive-THROUGH, and the customer service at the window, which was THE source of revenue. The foot traffic was nothing by comparison. And there is a reason I was on window and the window bar. My tip box was overflowing, and the inside registers were nothing like mine, even when they did have the rare inside rush. On the days I wasn’t on window, revenue was down. Yet my tips had to go to everyone, I made the coffee, made the teas in the morning, made those stupid frappucino crap drinks, and provided quick service with a smile. I ran my ass off at that job and got aid virtually nothing for it. Maybe I could have advanced if I had hung on, but the politics were not something I could play because the manager and the district manager were buddies outside of work and they likely would have never given me a position higher up had one opened up, even though I was the customer favorite, because I dared to not kiss ass. Living in Seattle, the birthplace of Starbucks, and American coffee culture in general…and getting to go to the small coffee shops who had skilled, happy employees with better product…that was really what cemented my hatred for Starbucks. We have a place here in town…even here…that makes amazing coffee. The baristas are allowed to show their tattoos on their arms, or their piercings, and have different colored hair, and they still make great coffee, and are far nicer and just as fast as anyone at any Starbucks I’ve ever been to. You just have to get out of your car. Wow, that was like a whole other post. Sorry, guess I’m still bitter, like Starbucks coffee.

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      1. LOL! Well surely you feel better now? I took home about $300 a week for fewer than 20 hours. We didn’t have a drive-thru, it was in a business park, and I always opened, usually with Susan, who had fuchsia hair. My favorite Starbucks barista here has tattoo sleeves and gauges the size of my eyeballs, which intrigues me.
        Local coffee shops aren’t much a thing here, although we used to have a fabulous one downtown…

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      2. My district didn’t allow tattoos, or different colored hair, and we got paid like crap. I’m finishing up a post about it. The good and the bad. With a disclaimer that some of it may not have been corporate but rather district issues.

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      3. Yes, I had to cover mine on my lower forearm. Which is so stupid, because one time when the manager wasn’t there and I forgot, I was at the window with a customer who happened to have roughly the same tattoo and he became a regular after we talked a bit about it.

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