Those Freaks Down The Street

Hello dear reader(s)!

Do you have a house on your street that you avoid?  Maybe the people who live there seem a little off?  They might always be there.  When they leave the house they are laughing hysterically.  The strange woman occasionally goes out in the front yard with a fold up chair and sits at the end of the lawn spraying the water onto it from the garden hose in her pajamas.  They go for short walks up one side of the street, laughing and talking funny and then turn right back and go back inside.  From the window you can see the man just sitting on his chair and staring out the window like a prisoner.

Today, those freaks got a package from UPS.  The man was waiting at the door for the UPS driver, who put the package on the porch, rang the bell, and hustled back to his truck.  But that weird man opened the door and shouted, “Thank you!” at the driver who laughed in surprise.

“That was quick!” he said in shock.

“I saw the truck pull up,” the weird man replied as the driver shot him a look like, “Why didn’t open the door before I got to it then, weirdo?”

Those freaks had the window open and the man and woman were singing and it looked like the man was trying to play a guitar.  The singing wasn’t great, until the woman got confident and sang at volume.  She actually has a pretty good voice, but the man should keep his mouth shut.

Then, through the wide open window, you could see those weirdos playing with a large cardboard box.  They looked like a couple of cats because they found the cardboard so entertaining.  Simpletons.

Well, we are those freaks down the street.  And we’re proud of it.

Count Sweatula!!!
Count Sweatula!!!
You go to beds!
You go to beds!

The box is what my new guitar came in.  A frivolous expenditure made when we thought money was arriving sooner than it is, but with the cancelling of the concert, we should be alright.  The guitar was cheap, but it plays surprisingly well and got great reviews from many sources.  It even holds its tuning well which is very much unlike most cheap guitars, and rivals more expensive ones if you restring it, apparently.  I had a mandolin once by the same brand and that also was a quality instrument.

So I tuned it up, and fumbled around with it as I got used to playing it again.  I am actually doing okay as the action on it is a little easier than the last guitar I was able to play.  Then we decided to play and sing a few songs together.  It was fun, although not anything I would call pleasant to listen to.

Today has been an okay day.  Some people fail to understand that we are going to be here a long time and so it isn’t necessary or possible to see everyone at once or do everything that we are invited to.  Even if we weren’t recovering from all we had been through, there would have still been plenty of days where we didn’t feel like getting together with everyone.  I wonder where all those invitations were before we left and came back?  Before I got sick, when we felt up for doing things more often.  Oh well, can’t please everyone all of the time, I suppose.  And we’ll try not to let it get to us.  I just naturally get defensive when anyone upsets Hannah but I need to let it go when people mean no harm and just don’t get it.  Because who would?

Anyway, the point of all this babble is if you see the weirdos in your neighborhood, try not to judge them.  They may be just two happy dorks trying to stay happy while dealing with a lot of stuff.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

20 thoughts on “Those Freaks Down The Street”

  1. Hahaha! And guess what I was doing a couple weeks ago, when I had a package arrive in a box of the same size? Had to see if I could fit, of course 😀 😀

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  2. Ah, good times! I think it’s nice you got a guitar. I have an antique ukulele I can’t play, but it’s too special to sell.
    I can only assume were are The LOUD Couple, she Uptight White Lady, and him, Scary Military Dude.
    People seldom invite us places, I think because 1) we’re breeders and 2) they secretly read this blog and realize we are happiest at home in our pajamas.

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    1. I like going out from time to time, but yes, there are many days where not only do I prefer to be at home in PJ’s, but it is necessary for my health and well-being and that of the Hannah.

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