Horribly Awesome

Hello dear reader(s)!

Have you ever had one of those days?  One where within literal minutes of waking up you are already questioning that decision?  One where you’re wondering why you bother to wake up at all, ever?  One where every single part of your body is sore?  One where you slept so lousy the night before you just want to stay in bed but your body won’t let you, or you have things to do?  One where you decide the next day you are going to start too many sentences with the word “one”?

Well, that was my day yesterday.  I slept like poo.  Except since I have never seen poo toss and turn, I guess I slept not like poo.  I slept like a stormy sea.  Only not as cool looking.  I slept like someone on the business end of a TASER.  It sucked.  When I sleep that bad, my stomach generally hurts the next day and yesterday was no exception to that rule; which really makes me mad because I petitioned for an exemption with the City Council and seemed to have support at the meeting, but ultimately I did not get my way.  My legs were sore from never being able to fully relax, I had a sinus headache from all the allergies, and I was whiny.

So I came out onto the chair to start my morning battle to attempt to do something.  I opened my computer after I made my coffee for myself (which offended Hannah) and sat down to see what was happening in the online world since last I left it.  And I was shocked to discover the biggest news of the day.  That news was, “not much”.

So I then decided to check out the book of faces to see what kind of crappy advice and pseudo-science my formerly intelligent friends were spreading that day.  And Hannah called to me from the bedroom, saying that our ride to the bay area on June 4th, was no longer available for the Walk Off the Earth concert we were supposed to go to.  Without that ride, we can’t go because I could not make a trip that long due to both the state I’m in, and the state of the Beastess.  (The girl needs new shoes.)  We only bought the tickets after discussing it with the person who said she would drive us and on that condition as I knew there would be no other way.  We bought her ticket, and when she tried to pay us for it, I said to take it out of the gas money we would have to pitch in.  So all was set, until yesterday.  We had agreed to pay for a portion of a short-term rental house to stay there, but since our ride was off, so was that.  We transferred the tickets to the friend who was arranging the house (not the same person who promised the ride) so that she could hopefully find someone to make up our share.  Luckily, I think she did.  Hannah was in and out of napping state as I relayed to her what I was doing because she also slept poorly.  All in all, it worked out okay, but still was a major disappointment because we were really looking forward to it.

We decided to try to put it behind us, but having slept so poorly, and with the cold weather, and my stomach, it was difficult to get going.  We decided to go out for a walk and got as far as the end of the block before Hannah’s stomach (not mine, for once) told her that perhaps it would be a good idea to return home.

Hannah had intended to go to her sister’s orchestra concert that evening, but wasn’t sure she’d be able to get a ride and then started figuring the way she felt, she did not want to be packed in with a bunch of high school kids and parents.  We tried to take a short nap, but were having no luck sleeping.  I got up and did some dishes, and tried to be productive, but I just wasn’t able to.

Then I come out to the living room and hear Hannah laughing hysterically.  Hannah was talking to her bestest friend in the whole wide world, Ariel.  Of all of Hannah’s friends, Ariel is my favorite, and hopefully, considers me a friend too as I consider her, and her husband Will, and even her daughter Christina as my friends.  And all of the people I have met through them are also great people, who I would likely want to be friends with if I knew them better.  It is like an adopt-a-Josh charitable program or something, but being the recipient, I like it.

So Ariel and presumably Will, invite us to game night.  And even though we are dead tired, feeling lousy, and are kind of in a bad mood, we decide to do it (especially after Ariel tells us she is making a less spicy dinner portion as she knows of my stomach issues).  We took another short nap, (which actually turned into a solid half-hour or so of sleep, of course then it was hard to get up), and get ready and go out to their house.  We were so tired we got deliriously stupid on the way and were talking in our worst accents (worse than the ones in this post) and when we arrived, I got the feeling we were annoying them, but when the excellent dinner they were making was done, the mood seemed to lighten.  We were joined by two more of their friends who were intelligent and funny and had a great dinner and great conversation.

After dinner, we played a game called “The 5 Second Rule” which sounds easy but is not.  You have to name three things in the category you are given in 5 seconds, and you’d think you could do it but you trip over your words.  It is family friendly but still fun for adults so if you have kids, I highly recommend picking it up.  I was having so much fun, I lost my cutthroat, super-competitive gaming nature and was actually rooting for everyone else to get their answers.

After Christina went to bed, we played Cards Against Humanity.  You can guess by the title, this game is NOT family friendly.  It was the first time I have played it, though I have heard many times of it and seen posts about it, and it fully lives up to the hype.  If you get offended easily, do not play this game, but keep in mind, it is an equal opportunity offender.

So yeah, another journal type post from me.  Sue me, this is my blog-type-thing.  Whatever, I do what I want.  But as with most of my posts, there is still a message in this one.  That is, even if your day is sucking, even if everything is going wrong, even if life is treating you horribly…hang in there, because you never know when cool people will call you up and help turn it into awesome.


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

21 thoughts on “Horribly Awesome”

  1. I’m so glad the day turned out well in spite of the rough start. Hubby & I can relate, as we’ve had similar experiences. But as you say, somehow, some amazing folks manage to show up in the nick of time! Hope you both can get some quality sleep tonight.

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