I refuse to just exist, I want to live!

Another way this “war” on drugs hurts everyone! Pay special attention to the person on disability, because even if you are not a pain patient, it is still costing you! Please comment and like original post, not mine.

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Jerry loyd
Jan. 07, 2015

I have congenital spinal stenosis,sciatica and severe arthritis in my back ankles knees and hips. I take gabapenten Mobic and until 6 months ago norco. Now I have no norco. Why? Because I tried some marijuana last April after a day when I spent 10 hours in a car. The pain was unbearable and the weed helped. I’m 57 years old and haven’t played with marijuana since my teens, but when I tested positive the doctor said that she could no longer prescribe my meds per the federal government mandate. Why is the federal government involved in my healthcare? Because the evil weed though legal for med marijuana patients in my state( and yes I did have a Drs rx, though I hadn’t used it yet)is a schedule 1 drug the same as heroin. So here I am with the same physical problems as…

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Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

2 thoughts on “I refuse to just exist, I want to live!”

  1. I won’t register for the junk email from the medical site she is on.


    Ask for Dr Christpher Delorie
    He specializes in ending the pain by finding the nerves causing the pain and making them dead. He has a great track record and helped my grand father who said he felt like a new man after and no more pain drugs.

    Hope she reads your blog because I can’t even PM her without agreeing to their news letter and crap on that site.

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