Some Tips For Frugal Living

Hello dear reader(s)!

As you may or may not know, I am poor.  As a poor person.  And believe me when I say that poor people are poor.  As such I have had to adjust my lifestyle accordingly, while still attempting to maintain healthy habits and continue recovering to the best of my ability.  It is not an easy task, considering the high costs of healthcare, prescriptions, etc…

But since this is a blog-type-thing for the people, I have decided to share some of the things I have recently found in order to save money.  Your results may vary, consult a doctor before you begin any savings regimen, and don’t forget to bring a towel.

So here we go, in no particular order because order is for conformists and I am a non-conformist as evidenced by my universal anarchy symbol all of us non-conformists must wear to conform to the look of non-conformity.

  1. Ditch TV  TV sucks.  If there are shows that you really love and can’t live without, check the internet for rebroadcasts, or if you must, get a HULU Plus subscription or Slingbox or something to that effect.  It’ll still be cheaper.  I have Netflix, and while there is a lot of stuff I miss watching all of the time, it is also nice to remember there is more to life.
  2. Buy a lot of meat (if you eat meat) at once  Use freezer bags.  Double bag.  Portion, and freeze.  Then defrost when needed.
  3. Do not buy non-groceries at a grocery store  Toilet paper, toothpaste, deodorant, razors, shampoo, etc… are all more expensive at the grocery store.  Don’t bother.  It is worth the extra gas to go to some of the larger warehouse type stores (especially those that do not charge a membership) in order to purchase these items.
  4. If you have pets, buy better pet food  I’m not saying this will eliminate the possibility of expensive visits to the vet, but it will certainly cut down on the severity of issues, the frequency, and therefore the cost.  It is an investment, but the return is heavy.
  5. Do NOT eat very much fast food  Beyond the fact that it just sucks for your body, will make you sick, will make you unhealthy, will get rid of the biodiversity in your gut bacteria leading to a whole host of other issues that may not show up as fat, it is not as cheap as it seems.  You get hungry more often and aren’t paying for the good nutrition.
  6. Walk as many places as you can  I need to drive for my main grocery shopping because 1.  I couldn’t carry that much anyway.  And 2.  It is just too far.  That is when I get the meat, some dry goods, and other such things.  But then I walk to the store nearby and get my fresh vegetables there every day or two.  That store is a lot more expensive on most things, but when it comes to vegetables, a lot more expensive equals a few cents on the portions I need.  And I am getting it fresh.  And I am saving gas to do it.  And I am getting exercise.  Fuck gyms.
  7. Come up with a menu, and stick to it  This one is something I struggle with, but I have to do.  Buy what you need for the food and make sure you have it.  A lot of my food tastes are based off of the weather that day, and that is something I need to get over.  If you must, exchange food for days, but don’t forget about it.
  8. Make your own snacks  I love trail mix.  Love it.  That stuff is extremely expensive when it is bought.  I like to make my own.  I start with dried fruit and add the nuts.  I get a lot more out of it for what would normally be a pricey little bag.  If your store has good bulk-bins (the kinds where it is not easily contaminated or infested), I recommend using those to your advantage as often as possible.  Stay away from the barrel on the floor types because I’ve seen some nasty stuff crawling in a lot of those.
  9. Use coupons  This is another thing that I am having to push myself to do.  The best bet is to go get a Sunday or Wednesday paper from the week before now.  I have read two weeks before, but found that a lot of the coupons in those are expired.  You will get the paper at a discount (usually), and the coupons in it will still be good.  Additionally, stores never put items on special the week coupons come out, but sometimes will a week or two later, while the coupons are still good so you can get the special and the coupon price and it is cheap.  Just don’t get something you don’t want simply because it is a good deal.
  10. Don’t be afraid of store brands  Store brands are not generic so much anymore.  Often times they are actual brand name goods bought in large quantities by stores and sold for less because of lack of advertising costs, overhead, etc…  That said, don’t always assume the store brand will be the cheapest.  Always look at the entire section for the best deal.

There are more, but 10 is a nice round number.  Do you have any tips for saving money?  If so, I would love to hear them.  Really honestly, I need to save more, so any ideas…


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

44 thoughts on “Some Tips For Frugal Living”

  1. Adding onto the t.v. one: if you aren’t too picky about quality, watch series and 1 channel are great for streaming them for free. Just watch out for ads- get a free ad blocker and you’re set☺

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  2. I used to be all about the couponing. I’d get multiple inserts from each week, print the ones I knew I’d use online, match them up to the sales, and get a lot of staples 75% off or free. It was insane. Took a fair amount of planning, too, and I fell out of the habit around Christmas. Nothing like seeing your $50 weekly grocery budget jump back up to $100, grr.

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    1. Yeah, definitely to do the serious stuff takes time and work, but even the minor stuff can help a great deal. My friend was into it and stocked her whole house with non-perishables for like $20. She still probably has some left and gave it up a year ago.


      1. True, I still have about a two-year supply of toothpaste and dish soap. Maybe I’ll get back into it this summer for a while, that was always such a rush.

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  3. Great tips and welcome back:) I got nothin’…except, as a parent – buying sport-type toys and playing with them, instead of spending money on tons of spectator sporting events. Play the game- don’t watch the game!

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    1. That is a really good one. Not just for parents. Hannah and I walked to the park and tossed the Nerf around as best as we could in the cray wind. The wind sucked and made it hard, but it is still fun!

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      1. I swing the stick thingy, the ball goes exactly where I don’t want it to go. I suck at golf too. Except mini. I’m literally banned from a driving range here. Not even kidding about that one.

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      2. I haven’t and I never will AKA “you don’t play Ultimate? OMG” AKA attitude terdiness AKA obviously not including you..sooo ya, you’re signing up for production classes, and I’m apparently signing up for ultimate frizbee..

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      3. I’ve never met ultimate people with attitudes. They’re usually high hippies who couldn’t care less about anything. Ever seen PCU. That is who I played Ultimate Frisbee with. Seriously. Like I think some of them might have been extras.

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      4. You should see it, it’s kind of an Animal House rip-off but updated for the 90’s and is really funny. They were Dazed and Confused alright, but think the MOST Dazed, and the MOST Confused.


    1. No, I didn’t, but you are right. I am a white mocha addict, but buying my espresso machine (It is a cheap one, not fancy at all) and the coffee supplies has been great for not only my budget, but my health as well. Having been a barista, I can tell you my home made white mochas are much healthier. (and better if I do say so myself.)

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  4. Those are great ideas!!!!! I am poor, because my massive children are eating me out of house and home. One thing I have found that really helps, is we have a back-up store. We have replacements in a cabinet for everything we use. It keeps us out of the grocery store, because when you pop over to the shop you go for the one thing, next thing you know, the hand-held basket doesn’t hold everything you think you need. I like not having to go to the store more than once a week.


    1. Yes, those are a great idea too, if they are the right charity chops. We have a corporate chain one here where the quality of the merchandise is lousy and prices are high. I do better at irregular stores and overstock stores than those.

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  5. Great tips! Buying toiletry / kitchen type items in bulk is a great way to save. You can also buy in bulk with friends if you don’t have the storage. Also, sign up for Walmart Savings Catcher. It’s a free site that let’s you enter in your receipt number/date (up to 7 receipts weekly), price matches nearby stores and gives you money back on items it finds cheaper. It “saves” the money, then you can cash it out at any time and use like a coupon. Mine adds up a little at a time because of the stuff we buy but every penny helps! Other tips: pack your lunch daily, share a dinner when you’re out to eat with your spouse and tear the perfume samples out of magazines to use instead of buying the bottle (variety and free!). Great post!

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  6. I can relate with poor! I was a single parent with a mental illness with five kids living in a trailer. Some of my kids are biracial and the it was a racial area.

    One kid used to spit in my daughters hair and call her a nigger.

    I realized a lot about myself. I really grew in that trailer…

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  7. Ok…I am a frugality apprentice. I make my own laundry soap. It’s simple and effective. Vinegar is your friend. You can use white vinegar as laundry fabric softener. Also shake your clothes before putting in dryer. Soak orange or lemon peels in vinegar for two weeks, remove peels and you have a disinfectant cleaner. Clean your stove by sprinkling baking soda over it and then spraying vinegar. Hang clothes on the line, when you can. Swagbucks. Free account and you can earn gift cards. Ok, those are just off the top of my head.


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