My Final Post

Hello dear reader(s)!

The time has come to call it quits on this here blog-type-thing.  I have had an extraordinary time and met (figuratively) what I believe to be some fantastic people.  I’ve tried my hand at serious subjects, funny ones, poetry, songs, some of my experience with cancer, some personal stories, and even a little fiction.  And in all that time I’ve been pleasantly surprised that anyone at all has responded, let alone so many of you.  For that I will always be deeply grateful.  I wish each and every one of you the best, and hope that you enjoy great success in whatever you do.

Like all good things, my blog-type-thinging must stop.  I need to focus on more important matters and need to spend more time working on other aspects of myself rather than just writing these posts.  I still need to start working on my book.  I need to rest more and sleep more, and try anything I possibly can to speed up my body’s recovery, if at all possible.

I want to spend more quality time with Hannah and my cats.

And while I have never been anti-technology, or anti-computer, I feel it is necessary to step away from the screen for a while in order to remember all of the interests I have outside of Word Press.

Before I go, I just want to thank all of you.  You have given me support when I have needed it the most.  You have provided lively and respectful discussion, even when we disagree.  You have given me great things to read when I was starved for entertainment.  I will truly miss that.

Never the less, I feel this has to be my final post.











Until Tuesday when I start blogging again.  I decided to take a couple of days off is all, not going to do anything awful like stopping altogether.  That would be ridiculous.

I might schedule some for the next couple days, might not.  Won’t be checking or responding to comments for a bit though.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the good moms, their good moms, the good moms they know, the good moms those good moms know, good women who chose not to become moms, good women who can’t become moms, moms moms moms moms moms, and moms moms moms moms mothers.

Until Tuesday….


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

92 thoughts on “My Final Post”

    1. Hahahahaha! Glad someone would miss it besides me. Yeah, I will enjoy the break. Starting in about an hour, no tech at all. Phones get turned off unless emergency too. Looking forward to it!

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  1. Enjoy your sabbatical…I’ve taken a week off and have to say although my stats have dropped from 40 or 50 to 10 views a day I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the rest and time with my mother and daughters. 😉 I’ve actually considered calling it quits all together this week…for a while anyway…realign some priorities…

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  2. I was thinking it’s not April Fool’s Day so he must be kidding…and then I thought I only just found him, he can’t be leaving. Then I got to te end and I was relieved. The problem is that blogging can be all consuming so we do have to figure out the right balance.

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    1. Things in my case were pretty bad before the break, so I just needed to absolutely stop anything that might cause any stress for a few days and it totally worked. I’m glad to be back though!


  3. Oh my goodness. I was so sad! I honestly felt as though I was losing a friend! Phew. I’m speechless with happiness that you were just joking. See you Tuesday!

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  4. Real nice, Josh. I should have expected this from you by now, but I was really, really sad for about 30 seconds until reading your post all the way through. 🙂 See you Tuesday!

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  5. Crikey I had an utter and complete awwwwwh moment there, replaced by a wave of relief and a big smile. You totally had the Blog poker face nailed, I swallowed it hook line and sinker! Well played!

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  6. And there was me, mentally composing a ‘Don’t Go!’ message!!! But it’s important for everyone to get a little break from the blogosphere too… Somehow, real life is running alongside, and yes, it needs our attention too! Have a good few days and look forward to Tuesday, when you’re back!!

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  7. Heya, Josh, sorry I didn’t get to your blog again sooner. It is good to be back and to be catching up on all the work you’ve been posting. I do remember seeing this post pop up and just going, “Noooooo, he was one of the good ones whyyyyyyyy” in my head and then reading through it to find that you had trolled us.

    …Well played, Mr. Wrenn, well played.

    Thank you so much again for taking the time to read my blog. It means a lot to me and I send you my best wishes.

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