Cinco De Hannah

Hello dear reader(s)!

In honor of the most important day to my people (my people being me), I am taking the day off from the lovely world of blog-type-thinging.  I’ll try my best to catch up to your posts on the 6th of May, in my timezone.  I scheduled a post for earlier today, it might have seemed a little NSFW, but I hope you scrolled to see that it wasn’t really.  Unless you think that is NSFW, but then pretty much anything on the intertube webs would be, right?

Anyway, for those of you who do not know, Cinco de Hannah celebrates the time the army of the Hannah (in other words, Hannah) defeated the army of staying in the womb in the Battle of Delivery on May 5th.  It is not Hannah’s independence day as some people believe, but it is more significant in Hannah culture.

Also, it happens to fall on some other day that some country beat another country in a battle or something like that.  You might have heard of it.  It is an excuse for Corona sales to increase.

I’m just kidding, not trying to downplay the significance of Cinco de Mayo for my Mexican and Mexican American friends.

I wonder if the French celebrate it?  Probably not, I’d imagine.  That’d be like the South celebrating the surrender at Appomattox.  (Which actually, for all I know, they might.)  I guess I shouldn’t assume.

Anyway, with all of my rambling, I almost forgot the point of this post.  It was not to talk about the Battle of Puebla, but to host a Cinco De Hannah blog party!

That’s right.  Please leave links to your posts in the comments section.  Reblog as much as you want.  Invite whoever you want.  It’s a party, after all.  Have fun.  Please visit as many of the blogs as you can.  Don’t be that blogger in the corner doing a naked keg stand to get attention but refusing to talk to anyone.  Good analogy?  Don’t care.  It’s a party.  On a Tuesday.  So it might take a while to get going.  Patience, young Skywalker.

If your link gets hung up in spam, don’t despair, I will from time to time still check the notifications on my little phone to get them out and available for all to see.  Unless it really is spam.  “Hey, I just found an EZ way to grow my penis and make money from home while getting legal speed from overseas pharmacies!  Just click this link to infect your computer!”  Otherwise, have at it.  Just party responsible.  Don’t blog and drive.  Know your limits.  Oh, and if you do reblog, or invite others on your own post, just tag it CincoDeHannah so I can find it.  Use the hashtag if you want to share on the hashtag friendly sites.  (That’s the pound sign.  Hashbrown no filter.)


Author: Josh Wrenn

Cancer survivor, wanna-be artist, musician, author, and all around good guy.

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